User Experience Lead Sought for Google TV, but Where Are the Apps?


Google is searching for a User Experience Lead to head up work on third-party integration with Google TV. The position would directly relate to the apps and web services designed for Google’s smart TV platform, items lacking from the Google TV we know today. At its launch we were greeted with a collection of Google TV-specific web portals, though few new ones have popped up since. We have been promised the Android Market sometime by the end of 2011, though any definitive timeframe is loose to say the least. Could this new job opening hint that the Android Market could launch soon?

Insiders are saying the upcoming Android Ice Cream release will focus on streamlining the source code between Google’s various Android projects, making updates for Google TV, tablets, and smartphones more timely. We expect to hear a lot about this at Google I/O, which might not be a bad time to expect some Google TV news regarding apps. We won’t hold our breath just yet.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Oh Google, almost any news about GTV is good news. Stop teasing, its been out long enough.

  2. I hope they combine all of them, and make Android’s UI change depending on the screen you’re using: phone, tablet or Google TV. Perhaps they could make these UI’s as addons, separated from the core. So when a manufacturer picks up AOSP, they can choose to add the phone UI addon, or tablet UI addon or the TV UI addon. Either way, they should make it be the same OS underneath. Google TV shouldn’t be a different OS than the phone/tablet one.

  3. Google TV: The Next Google Wave? Probably.

  4. It’ll be great to see 2.3.3, 3 and gtv integrated in 2.4; quad cores, and 3d are an improvement to!!

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