Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Samsung Denies Speculation of Tablet Inventory Build-Up


MoneyToday reported rumors on Wednesday that Samsung, who has just announced the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a revamped Galaxy Tab 10.1 at CTIA, is experiencing a stock backlog reaching into the several hundred thousands after selling a meager 3 million units of their 7-inch Galaxy Tab since it’s launch last fall. In typical fashion, Samsung is denying the reports. Spokesperson for the mobile manufacturer James Chung said, “We don’t comment on market speculation, but such talk is absolutely groundless.”

Along with the irony of the two halves of that compound sentence, Chung offered, “Our tablet strategy is offering a broad product range with different sizes to support wider customer choice.”

Whether that “choice” is actually leading to a build-up of stock in Samsung’s warehouses we may not know for sure, but remember this isn’t the first time confusion has arisen from Galaxy Tab sales. Quite small or quite smooth, that is the question.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Don’t know if I’d call 3 million units meager. For a tablet, that’s not too bad. Doesn’t compare to the iPad, but Samsung doesn’t have a cult following like Apple does, so 3 million for an entry device is pretty good. What is an acceptable backup inventory for a product like this?

  2. Everyone is hateing on moto right now for stopping production of the xoom in june… this is what they are trying to avoid so all the xoom haters saying its has already peaked as a device and is on its way out can stfu.

  3. They need to be cheaper than the iPad, simple as that. A lot of people aren’t looking at the OS, they are looking at the price.

    What drove the sale of HD tv’s wasn’t HD content, it was simply the fact that they looked great, were bigger than CRT’s and took up less space.

    A tablet will sell if it is priced right, the interest is out there.

  4. If they want to drop the price to like $150 I’d go buy one in a heartbeat.

    My guess is that nobody wants to buy one at these prices primarily because of their horrible track record of updating things. I played with one of these the other day at Best Buy and it is a nice device. It is just never going to get 3.x and anyone who would buy one knows that.

  5. I don’t know about you, but me in Hong Kong i can’t go in the subway without seeing some people playing with their Galaxy Tab. They are just everywhere, even my apps download on GT represent 12.2% of all, making it the first device.

  6. Motorola has denied that they are killing or cutting back on production of the Xoom. They already stated they have a smaller tablet in the works. I would wager that Moto will update the Xoom with the Tegra 3 when it’s available.

    Now we get this FUD about a Samsung tablet.

    It sounds like Apple FUD to me.

  7. I will never buy a tablet. Much less…a shitty Samsung Tablet. Samsung makes great TVs. But that’s as far as it goes. They can go fuck themselves in the mobile world. Oh wait, they already have done that by pissing off all the Samsung Galaxy S owners in the US.

  8. Simon

    I agree I see TABs everywhere and get a lot of positive comments regarding it. It’s great little device that does not really need anything above 2.2 right now. When I’m ready for 3.0 I’ll upgrade to one of the dual core models and hopefully the apps I use for work would have already been ported over.

  9. Being a Captivate Galaxy S owner, I wouldn’t believe Samsung if they told me the sky was blue.

  10. @ricklman

    I’m sorry you feel that way, but you have only your anti-competitive carriers to blame for demanding ‘unique’ handsets that only serve to prolong the time it takes for Samsung to process and push out updates. Samsung does its best, really, but it doesn’t help one bit when your carriers try to fragment their product line even further.

  11. yeah, if 3 mil is a real figure, i’m impressed, it would mean that collectively android tabs aren’t getting their asses kicked by the iPad the way the media would have you believe!

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