Mar 23rd, 2011

I’ve had Groupon downloaded for several months but have yet to pull the trigger on any offers. The one that got away? I’m currently in Hawaii and last month I passed up a Half Price Honolulu Helicopter Tour that I would have definitely put to good use.

For all you Grouponers out there – chime in with the following:

  • Best deal you’ve got and used (and the city)
  • Best deal you regret passing up (and the city)
  • Tips and tricks for fellow grouponers

In related Groupon news, President and COO of the company took a Groupon offer called “immediately stepping down from your job”. Reasons for the decision are absent and considering Groupon’s rise to success and possible IPO, I agree with Kara Swisher in saying the sudden move seems bizarre at best. But who knows… maybe the brother just wanted to cash in his chips and enjoy the rest of life.