Mar 23rd, 2011

We know AT&T is in the process of buying out T-Mobile for some $39 billion. We also know AT&T is getting their own version of the LG Optimus 3D under the LG Thrill 4G title. But could the newly acquired TMo network — the one already receiving the Optimus 2X as the T-Mobile G2x — get their own version of the glasses-free 3D handset? A new FCC filing is suggesting as much, as the LG P920, otherwise known as the Optimus 3D, has passed through the checks and standards board with AWS 3G bands at 1700MHz. That would happen to be TMo’s location on the network spectrum.

As mentioned before, T-Mobile has a good working history with LG, having already scored the G-Slate as an exclusive version of the Optimus Pad along with the dual-core G2x. We’d say it is likely we will see the Optimus 3D hit the magenta carrier. Will we possibly see it released as the myTouch 3D?

[FCC via UnwiredView]

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