Samsung Galaxy Player 4″ and 5″ Confirmed to be Coming to America

We’d long known of Samsung’s plans to introduce an iPod Touch competitor – the Samsung Galaxy Player – to market, but they didn’t have anything official to show until CES where the 4-inch version for Korea was on hand. At Mobile World Congress, we were treated to a look at a 5 inch version that had the same internals of a Samsung Galaxy S sans 3G radios.

At that time, they had nothing to announce as far as availability in other regions, but Electronista has heard that the device will be coming to the United States. The only timeframe Samsung had to offer was Spring, but no specifics as far as early, mid, or late season.

Both models of the Galaxy Player will only have 8GB of internal storage, but it can be expanded by up to 32GB thanks to the inclusion of microSD card support. Pricing has yet to be announced. Take a look at our hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Player here.

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  • deceptacop

    40gb total and not even all of that will be useable. Not going to cut it for me.

  • Aeok18109

    soooo a vibrant without phone capabilites….riggggghhhhht. go fuck yourself samsung

  • Robbzilla

    Hey, it worked for Apple… It’ll depend on the price, but a 5″ “tablet” would be sweet.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Finally a true mp3 to player to replace my ZUNE HD that MS turn down for support.

  • PSkeptic

    This is pretty sweet. I’ve been looking at an Archos 28 to make a cordless SIP phone for the house.

    If this is priced competitively, might go with that instead.

  • dazedbugz

    @deceptacop external sd slot means how ever many gig bcuz 3 x 32gb = 98gb its not very hard to swap out sd cards lol

  • ari-free

    They should’ve built in game controls like the xperia play so that it would be more than just a better ipod.

  • zorxd

    good but should have released at the same time as the iPod touch

  • Richard

    It’ll be interesting if the next gen iPod touch upgrades to the iPad’s specs. But man, this is sure as hell tempting. I’ve been waiting for a quality android pmp for ages.

  • Len

    I dont think the iPod will get teh same specs as the iPad.. It will likly continue to follow the iPhone. Safe to get this if the price is right, that said.. Archos has some amazing devices for low price point.. always over looked. Would like to see them get into the Mobile Device game…

  • iKing

    Samsung: ” Well fellas, we make fake iPhones; we make fake iPads; we may as well complete the trifecta and make a fake iPod touch…..”

  • ACR

    I don’t need this. Have Galaxy S with Voodoo Sound :). Voodoo Sound on Galaxy S destroys all those music players.

  • MyNameIsColeB

    @InspectorGadget80 That’s exactly what I’m going to do

  • Android Fan

    Thos people who say Samsung just copy crApple don’t know history. Samsung been in the phone business for 20 years and crApple only been in phone industry for 3. All crApple designs have been direct ripoffs of Samsung and HTC. This why crApple lose in the end…too many companies to choose to copy and they make their phone seem more like homer simspon car. This why Android rocks. Go Android!

  • B2L

    @acr it will probably be rooted and have custom roms and kernels. So therefore it might be compatible with Voodoo. I’m loving Voodoo sound quality on my Nexus S it’s absolutely the best sound quality.

  • ari-free

    Samsung has all this cool tech such as the Wolfson DAC but they don’t how to do software to take full advantage of it. Good thing there are others who aren’t afraid to push it to the max.

  • ari-free

    FYI Voodoo sound website for SGS

  • dork

    hahaha @iking.
    thats a funny name.