HTC Flyer Now Available for Pre-Order in the UK for £500.00 [Clove]


Retailer Clove has announced that the HTC Flyer is now available for pre-order over in the United Kingdom. The base price looks to be £600, but they’re offering it for £500 starting out. (It’s worthy to note that Clove could change the price as the launch date nears.) Speaking of that launch date, though, they’re confirming it’ll be out sometime in mid-April. Not an exact date, but what more can you ask for? Check this link out if you want to pre-order the tablet. [via Android Community] [Note]: This is not the WiFi only model. It has 3G/HSPA radios for use with most UK carriers.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is going to fail so hard….

    HTC used to have a bit of a grip over the Android handset market, but they are in a real fight now to keep up to date with Samsung, LG and Motorola these days. (from a specsheet point of view anyway)

  2. yeah this is going to fail like the Nintendo Wii.

  3. They have a great shot this isn’t bad and one thing HTC DOES WELL IS UPDATES those others SHOULD LEARN FROM THAT

  4. We quote prices including sales tax in the uk. It’s 600, same price as the 3g xoom.

  5. That should make for a great WiFi only model price. This is the only Android tablet I want at this time.

  6. @ Richard Yarrell:

    Are you blind? This tablet is not on honeycomb yet, and the hardware is outdated. No duo core.

  7. Htc does NORMAL with updates. Samsung does just as normal.

    That price is what I would expect…

    It’s worth bearing in mind the galaxy s was the phone of last year, htc haven’t had it all their own way

  8. Nothing beats the iPad.

  9. Except your mom

  10. unicorns are real

  11. Brother leak face you can’t be serious. Samsung is the worst with updates bar none. HTC and Motorola are good but Sammy is slower then elderly drivers in Florida. (You wont get that joke being a dirty foreigner)

  12. Nah, In europe samsung much better than moto, and equal to htc.

    In the UK, the samsung galaxy s got froyo last year… And the official gingerbread update has already been leaked!

  13. Sojonboy: Richard is blind to anything not htc or sprint, and stupid to boot, if it was th xoom or anything else he would be talking how fail this is, been watching him do it for months. He only likes EVO, and sprint had the best 4g and wireless services period, must be to poor to afford Verizon.

  14. Well I live in the capital of the world aka USA not tea n crumpets land like you. And here Samsung is molasses slow. Like the Spica and behold and behold 2 and captivate and fascinate and vibrant and well you get the idea. Don’t give me that carrier excuse either cuz Motorola and HTC have to go through them too but they don’t take 6 months like Samsung. Also, rfs is a great way to screw up android.

  15. USA capitol of the world?? Lol, time to wake up and smell the coffe dude. The chinese own your behinds… Perhaps what you meant was that Beijing was the capitol of the world and perhaps they got the updates fairly quick?

  16. one reason samsung has a problem with the US is because they made 4 different versions (captivate, fascinate, Epic and Vibrant) of SGS for the 4 carriers. And just one version, the standard SGS, for the rest of the world.

  17. @Dan way to get a joke dude…

  18. I am waiting for this tablet to come out for business use. The 7 inch screen plus true stylist will be nice. The hardware specs are fine though not cutting edge, you only need the specs to satisfy your needs.

    On a side note I find it funny how some are quick to say a device will fail based on specs. Not everyone needs cutting edge specs/hardware. The number of people wanting cutting edge technology and who can afford it makes up probably less than 2% of the population. So if all a company did was work to make products for that small percentage would probably miss out on a large amount of money. Only very few companies have successfully be able to stand the test of time by only making high end products that sell in small numbers…example ferrari, rolex or mclaren.

  19. Being able to use your tablet for, you know, ACTUAL WRITING because its called a TABLET. This is the only reason for Tablets. Tabs are toys, but being able to enter text into them with a stylus will be super useful. Good bye paper!!!

  20. I like the 7″ size, can hold one handed. I had a galaxy tab but couldn’t hack android without the sense overlay but found the size perfect. I am not convinced that the sort of use for a tablet will make a dual-core CPU essential although maybe min spec for honeycomb…

    As for updates it is usually networks that slow these up by adding bloatware before releasing them. Cannot comment on the experience you have out in the colonies tho ;) are American providers bad for that? We have Vodafone at work & both handsets that I have had thru them ran like crap until I flashed them back to stock firmaware…..

    Nice to see the flyer won’t let providers customise the OS.

  21. it may be hard for some fanboys to understand but there are still lots of people who want to DO things with their tablets and not just watch crappy movies from netflix

  22. Honestly, I love this product alot. And I love HTC alot.

    BUT the Asus MeMo is what this product should be. It has the 7″ screen with stylus AND it has Honeycomb and the dual-core processor. Tho HTC Sense for Tablets is probably more suited for the stylus. Gonna try out both but leaning towards the Asus.

  23. Anyone can get honeycomb eventually. That’s not really an issue. But not everyone will get time mark, palm rejection and all the other things that make this thing work. I have to really see how memo will stack up to the flyer. And Dell is also supposed to come up with their own handwriting tablet.

  24. I actually want this. Im an HTC fan, and I don’t need a dual core. Im not really that interested in mobile gaming. Its 1.5 ghz cpu will be fine, I love the form factor, the styling.

  25. nah, I could get a WiFI XOOM or iPad 2 for this price… not that I’d ever get an iPad

  26. I didn’t know about the MeMo. So now I’ll want to try both to see how the pressure responds. I’m leaning towards the HTC though, because its stylus seems more useful.

    Anyways, I want a tablet that’s actually useful and not just a limited-coffee-table device like my iPad, which if not for development I would have never bothered with.

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