Benchmark Shows HTC Pyramid’s Dual-Core Snapdragon Can’t Best Tegra 2


The HTC Pyramid (that we saw pictured yesterday) is rumored to be among the first devices to use Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon chipset in a field of phones and tablets opting for NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform. Over the past year, the Snapdragon chip has set the standard for processing power in mobile devices, but supposed benchmark scores gathered by the folks at Smartphone Benchmarks tell a slightly different tale. Their tests confirm that the Pyramid indeed houses a dual-core chip, but the popular Smarbench 2011 shows a CPU and GPU that simply don’t hold up to the Tegra 2 chip found in the LG Optimus 2X and Motorola Atrix 4G.

In the above graphic, “Productivity” speaks to the phones CPU processing power while “Games” refers to the GPU, the more disappointing of the two results.

Now there is no telling how accurate these scores will hold without a finalized version of the Pyramid on hand. There is a good chance the device is running an unoptimized build of Android or that hardware hasn’t quite been finalized, so results could change drastically in the future, but these initial benchmarks give us the feeling NVIDIA and their Tegra chips may become the new standard down the road.

[via SmartphoneBenchmarks]

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  1. First thing is first, first! Hahahahaha to all the people who love hating on moto and samsung! This thing can’t even keep up with the original galaxy s phones, rich, bahahahababahabahabababababahahahajahahajajajajajajajajajahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. couldnt this be very easily faked?

    especially considering the phone is still just a rumor?

  3. and @sizzle… productivity it does games it doesnt

    no need to turn into some crepper

  4. and the search continues. Vibrant you and your shitty GPS still have a home for now. fuck.

    sent from Bionix V 1.3.1 & Overstock 1.5 kernel flavored Vibrant

  5. I don’t believe the benchmark… sounds to me like the pyramid is not a ready product. I bet when device arrives on carriers it will be ON PAR with the Tegra devices. I don’t doubt that NVIDIA has the advantage in technology though

  6. The cpu benchmark is so pathetic that I’m doubting it’s legit. What? Is it on 2.1 or something?

  7. That was to be expected. Qualcom GPUs suck compared to PowerVR (and now Nvidia)

  8. Don’t forget that these chips will have onboard DRM, which means Netflix!

  9. I remember correctly from CES, the Qualcom chipset can turn on and off its processors to save battery life–something the Trega 2 is incapable of. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. guys, there’s some info we’re missing here. for instance, what dual-core snapdragon is being used? i’m guessing it’s a second gen snapdragon still based on Cortex A8, which would explain it being killed by Tegra 2. third gen dual-core snapdragons are the ones that will give the others a run for their money.

    with that being said, TI OMAP4 is the current leader over those anyways =)

  11. This smells of BS.

  12. And that’s not all, it also lacks a trackball and physical buttons. Shame on you, HTC.

  13. Doesn’t the Galaxy S have an Adreno 205 chip? If so, the Dual Core snapdragon will not be rocking anything less then at least 205 , if not 220. Hence he results should be taken with a pinch of salt in my opnion.

  14. sorry SGX540 – for Galaxy S, which in terms of performance should be much nearer Adreno205

  15. @mobi, no, the Galaxy S has a PVG SGX 540 chip, which is extremely powerful.

    That’s why the games are so high. But the hummingbird innards are a little less than 1ghz goodness…

  16. Im sure Richard will have something to say about this.

  17. I’m sorry but these tests are worthless. My Captivate(a galaxy s phone) was sluggish and even though theses tests showed it was super fast…..In daily use it was sluggish and couldn’t compete with my Aria. I now have an HTC Inspire and it absolutely SMOKES the Captivate.

  18. It’s still pretty powerful. And pretty.

  19. @jim Yeah, but that was caused by the crappy RFS filesystem. The Hummingbird can still play HD mkvs, something that even Tegra 2 is incapable of.

  20. I seriously doubt this is real or reliable from a handset we’ve only heard rumors of and only seen renders of. If HTC shows one off next week, then I’ll consider the idea that a site like smartphonebenchmarks.com MAY have gotten their hands on a prototype. Still, pretty unlikely.

  21. remember the xperia play first neocore benchmark result? as I recall it was 27 fps but now look at the xperia neo in it’s almost final product status scored 65 fps! (2 sony xperia phones with the same cup/gpu and version) so maybe it’s better to wait for the final result before judging anything ;)

  22. Check this out. Pocket Now found some benchmarks for a phone codenamed the HTC Shooter. qHD display, Adreno 220 (same GPU as the Pyramid), Android 2.3.2.

    Atrix 4G GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt Score: 19.4 fps
    HTC Shooter GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt Score: 22.7 fps

    Very interesting. Let’s wait till these phones come out to judge them.

    Here’s the link: http://www.glbenchmark.com/phonedetails.jsp?benchmark=glpro20&D=HTC+Shooter&testgroup=overall

  23. Common sense would say it’s not optimized yet. Just look at the xoom’s jump in numbers after the little software update. Clearly the chip in the pyramid will be up there with the best and a lot of neurotic people here put way too much weight in numbers. This is my next phone…..no question about it.

  24. Hmm, are we sure its dual core? If those scores are correct it could be that its just running a more optimised single core chip. Factor up the desire z by 50% to account for 1.2/0.8GHz and you would be far off the supposed pyramid score.

    Otherwise it could be as others have said that the chip hasnt been optimsed. The tegra has been around for months now i cant see Qualcomm comming with anything dual core that performs below it. Unless the battery life is epic.

  25. Folks should be more concerned that the Thunderbolt uses a GSM version of the same chipset that is being smacked down by the Tegra 2.

    Even overclocked, the 8255/8655 is a lot slower than the non-overclocked Tegra 2.

  26. I refer to the mature devices and NOT the Snap dual core. I agree that it is too early to BM it. Not the case though for the 8255. TB’s GSM brother is wimpy compared to the Tegra 2.

  27. LOL omg look at the Galaxy S….score for gaming it’s already on par with the Tegra 2. And this thing came out LAST SUMMER!

    p.s yes you’re right mij, Hummingbird can play HD mkvs whereas tegra 2 can’t. >_<

    Guys imagine when Galaxy S II with Exynos chip comes out.
    That thing will own A L L

  28. It all depends on which one overclocks better :-)

  29. Darkly,

    That is the gpu and not the CPU. Unless a 3D game, most function is all cpu driven. Yes, though: Tegra 2 video support sux compared to Hummingbird. STILL no decent drivers.

  30. Snapdragon single core and dual core chips are a FAIL. Single core Snapdragons do 22 million triangles of graphics per second. Samsung’s Hummingbird single core chip in the Galaxy S phones do 90 million per second.

    Samsung’s single core is still good. The bench scores for the Samsung in this article are for stock. With custom rom, my Epic has a 2011 benchmark score of 2562 for graphics!

    Samsung’s dual core Exynos will be DUAL WINNING

  31. I would’nt worry to much about these benchmarks when the device is in hand we will find out. My guess is that the new Evo2/3d will probably have an MSM8660 PROCESSOR adreno 220 cpu for smoother 3d performance either a 1.2 or 1.5 dualcore snapdragon and since this will have 3d then I would suspect that various other things will exist in the handset.. ie… 1080P hd video out via hdmi at 20mbps, a synchronous core clocking 3d video out and 3d video capture hdmi mirrioring mode for playing games and web browsing the games should run at 60 fps as well as encoding and decoding 3d video as well as support for video playback mpeg4, h.203, h.204, divx, wmv, avi, and 3gp. When it’s showtime on Tuesday we will all see exactly what sprint has for the world.. 6 more days and counting….

  32. My epic is still a bad ass phone with a custom rom and once we get unlocked framerates and hardware exceleration watch out cause i know my epic can do 1.4 ghz already and it is super fast on my custom rom. To badmy gps sucks but i can work around that. Hahahaahaah

  33. also realize that snapdragon’s dual core is asynchronous whereas the tegra2 is NOT. That means both cores of the tegra2 have to run at the same speeds, whereas the snapdragon will be more efficient and less power hungry.

  34. Looks like I’ll be getting the g2x.

  35. This just made me realize I need to start paying more attention to the Optimus 2X. I assumed the Atrix was the fastest.

  36. There is no way in hell Richard posted that. I watched him post for a few weeks that shit is copypasted. that or dj was right when he said he is either on some hardcore psych meds or needs to be with his church of evo rants. whatever you took today Richard, stay with it!

  37. I love how you guys rely so much on benchmarks. At the end of the day, the really don’t matter in real life use. The attrix can score a 2900 all day long but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s full of lag and on par with last gen phones.

  38. I call BS. First it’s lame to put out supposed BM’s for a phone that is still in development against a completed phone already on the market. Second we have no idea the specific version OS the supposed Pyramid is running in these tests. It may be unoptimized older version strictly for development etc

  39. how can anyone call BS? everyone ive ever known has always said that TI Omap and Hummingbird are by far the best processor, how come this doesnt seem real? i love snapdragon phones but they always lose on benchmarks, they run great, and JOEY, notice that richard did have something to say about this lol. he cant stand the thought that his precious new EVO wont even hold a candle to the OLD EPIC 4G, everyone knew that though, as there isnt a single core 1ghz processor that even comes close to touching the graphical prowess of the Galaxy and its SGX 540

  40. BTW, agreed with one of the above comments, the galaxy S II will own all, now if they can just get their american carriers to actully update their phones they would easily be the best avilable

  41. PowerVR f t w…

    I dont wanna cause an uproar, but just look at the benchmarks of the iPad 2…

    And I agree with benchmarks not being so important. Like someone mentioned about the Galaxy S line, it scored better than anything else in most benchmarks last year, but the lag due to the file system hurt it.

  42. I have a HTC phone, but I won’t buy a new HTC again until they start using Tegra or other chips. HTC will not only be late to the game with dual core phones and tablets, but theirs will actuall be weaker. Also, remember these will be in phone and tablets around June. This means they only have 2 months before Tegra 3 tablets start showing up, which will leave these dual core Snapdragons in the dust. HTC need to realize that their customers matter more than their partnership with Qualcomm, and they need to keep delivering what’s best for their customers. If that means they need to build phones and tablets with someone else’s chips, then so be it. Their relationship with Qualcomm is becoming too unhealthy for them.

  43. And…

    I feel 20% better about buying my atrix.

    OOT AT 60FPS!!!

  44. ^ I called out HTC for this same type of thing last year. First, they kept using 65nm chips when Motorola and Samsung were using 45nm chips.

    Then, even this year, they STILL use the smallest batteries in their new and upcoming phones.

    I dont understand it sometimes. Is it to save money?

  45. What are they using to benchmark it? I use Quadrant and my Desire HD scored 1750 almost 700 points higher than what they said my phone’s productivity should be and just as high as the Pyramid scored. Is that not weird to everyone?

  46. Oh. BTW It’s not rooted or overclocked.

  47. A8 vs A9…. Duh.

  48. The Atrix is pushing 40% more pixels than the HTC, LG, and Samsung in these benchmarks also.

  49. The Atrix is pushing 40% more pixels than the HTC, LG, and Samsung in these benchmarks also.

  50. I love HTC and it’s hard, but I’m trading my Desire Z for an Atrix. I’d love for the Pyramid to have more RAM and a faster processor.

    HTC knows where it’s at but all their new offerings are just mid-range. I want to see bleeding edge technology for their next release. I’ll put them on the back burner for now, but I’ll hold out hope :)

  51. What’s the new Samsung chip that’s supposed to be better than the Tegra 2? Its name escapes me at the moment…

  52. i call BS. my mytouch 4g beats the galaxy S in the quadtrant scores, so this cant be right. I wont believe it till its out and official.

  53. Samsung’s Exynos! That’s it! Isn’t it supposed to be better than the Tegra 2? I’ve seen people argue for Exynos and for Tegra, and I’m not sure which is better.

  54. Wtf is this fucking shit. Throw this shit away son.

  55. @jawman Exynos is not better than Tegra 2, but it’s pretty close. It was only speculated to be better than Tegra because Samsung said at an even that it has 5x better graphics than single core processors, and most people thought they were referring to PowerVR SGX540 in Galaxy S, but they were actually reffering to Adreno 200 (in Nexus One, Evo, etc). But there were never any benchmarks or facts that showed Exynos/Orion is better than Tegra 2. It was all just initial speculation.

    @lucas Maybe because Qudrant is heavily favoring Qualcomm chips? I’ve never seen anyone say a HTC phone outperformed any Galaxy S model in games, but I’ve heard plenty of times of Galaxy S playing games better than HTC phones. Also, it’s not really surprising that the dual core CPU’s from Qualcomm underperform compared to a dual core Cortex A9 chip, considering Snapdragon cores are still mostly similar to A8 rather than A9. Btw, Smartbench 2011 is also the first benchmark tool to have dual core support, so I’d still trust it much more than Quadrant.

  56. eh, I’m willing to have a little less power for an unlocked bootloader

  57. Heard somewhere about tegra3 supposedly its quad core .

  58. so many dumb people out there -> Jhae. :D

  59. @lucas, quadrant means nothing. Galaxy S can get really high with a lagfix. If you want to benchmark GPU, use Nenamark1 or GLBenchmark 2.0 (both OpenGL 2.0).

  60. I think this is a fake – because noone ever has really seen this phone. I doubt there would be benchmarks before someone even posted some photos or an unboxing video.
    I mean that person would have easily gotten shitzillions of views and clicks if he was the first person to post a video of that phone.
    If this actually IS true – then it is a huge disappointment.

    Now to some of the comments here:
    Yes Tegra2 definitely can switch off unused cores.
    Here is the proof:

    No, according to anandtech Samsungs Exynos is NOT faster than Tegra2 (tho that might change with better drivers and software. Even then I still doubt it will surpass Tegra2 by more than a bit.)

    What you all should have in mind is that benchmarks are only a tool to compare specific abilities.
    The Tegra2’s GPU is the geforce ULV.
    It is not as fast in spitting out triangles and pixels as the latest Power VR SGX543 or even 540.
    And this is what these Benchmarks test.

    But drawing triangles is not what modern graphics is about. The geforce ULV offers some rendering features that it shares with desktop GPUs.
    It is like comparing the old Matrox, Nvidia and ATI graphics cards to the first 3dfx cards.

    Read here:

    If optimized properly, it will be more capable of bringing console like graphics to the devices than any other competitor announced or launched yet.

    This is why Tegra-Zone and all the major players team up around it. This GPU will make porting of console anc PC titles to tablets and smartphones possible.

    I don’t say that Tegra2 is the best of all SoCs – it has its weaknesses – but much optimization (Honeycomb reference!) happen around it, and I believe it will be very capable of statisfying its users.

  61. Samsung have better gpu htc have better cpu, in opening apps and web browsing mu desire beats my freinds sgs but the gpu blows the desire away. We have ps3 for games also the ngp so im sticking with htc

  62. Take these BENCHMARKS AND SHOLVE IT.. When the Htc Evo 3D comes out very soon and we get hands on Tuesday we will see what these benchmarks are like…

  63. @Ksizzle9, oh, really?? Just look at the productivity rating on the CPU compared to the Galaxy S. THAT’S the one that matters. Who gives a crap about the GPU? Some of us don’t just play games. But that Optimus is smokin’!

  64. Its qualcomm u think there gonna come in dual core game late and release shit u crazy and Netflix we will se once everything is optimized and nvidia problay made this

  65. I take back what I said, the galaxy s 4g kicked my mt4g butt in smartbench bad

  66. maybe htc is trying for battery life. we all know that is thier biggest issue. im sure it will be snappy and a pleasure to use. i just dont think qualcomm has it in them to make a heavy hitting processor like nvidia does. plus htc doesnt need the best processor. people will still buy them regardless. like richard and the other htc/sprint trolls. u make us htc fans look like idiots sometimes bro. maybe you should by an iphone.

  67. This constant focus on specs and not on quality will be the death of Android. Case and Point the Vibrant/Captivate had great potential but there is now way it should have to customer’s hands with the gps flaws.

  68. @sqiddy20…. stupid samsung moment phone talk about ancient times I’ll give you my old evo if you need help or a something new

  69. I might believe it it there were pics of the phone, and other proof to show they actually had this phone to test.. more likely ?.. didn’t happen.

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