Lay Off the Doughnuts, FatBooth for Android Now Available


Ever wonder what you might look like if you keep up your binge diet of delivery pizza, fried fast food, and sugary soft drinks? Yeah, I don’t want to face that reality either, but if I did I would use FatBooth. If you have a friend or family member with an iPhone you have no doubt been subjected to the whole routine. “Here let me take your picture….” A few minutes later your bloated face has triggered a few chuckles and probably even a few thoughts of “Bro, dat phone iz so kewl!” Thank heaven the super popular app has been ported to Android. People may finally be impressed with Google’s OS!

Sarcasm aside, the app actually is worth a few good laughs. The facial recognition and manipulation works pretty spot on, if we could even rate such a thing as how well a face can be bloated up. So go ahead, add a few pounds and share the result with your friends via your favorite social networking site. Then show up at a party a few weeks later and let everyone congratulate you on how much weight you have lost and how good you look.

[Direct Market Download Link: FatBooth]


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  1. First for the sake of fatness!!

  2. Considering how many American’s, and people worldwide are now overweight, is this app really appropriate? What they need is an app showing what you would look like if you lost weight, and help motivate people to do it.

  3. I don’t know… this could be a good scare tactic. lol.

    Gotta agree with the avoidance of fried fast food and soda though. I personally went vegan (waaaay easier than I thought btw. Food actually started to taste better after removing all the crap from my diet) and dropped from 280 to 195 at 6’7″.

  4. Mike C is completely right!!

  5. Josh, who exactly are you agreeing with? No one said a word about fast food and soda.

    Gotta love the vegans, and their need to work it into every conversation.

  6. Awesome app :D .

  7. Wow this app kills my Vibrant. Had to pull battery twice.

  8. It’s just a fun app. Lighten up.

  9. @Derek, Quoted from the article, not the comment section, “Ever wonder what you might look like if you keep up your binge diet of delivery pizza, fried fast food, and sugary soft drinks? Yeah, I don’t want to face that reality either, but if I did I would use FatBooth.”

    That is what Josh is agreeing to.

    @Derek, gotta love douche bags who want to jump down everyone’s throat because they are too fat, lazy, or dumb to read the article. They just come in to comment on the comments, as opposed to the article. You are a dumba$$.


  10. @Derek,

    Yeah, vegans are worse than Porsche owners. Everybody just HAS to know they’re a vegan.

  11. Don’t bash Porsche owners just because you can’t afford one yourself. If you’ve ever driven one, you’d know why people buy them!
    As for the app, I can’t imagine that many people actually needing this in America with the obesity problem we have, but it’s pretty cool regardless.

  12. I dont like vegans..they eat the food for my food…

  13. Fatty Booth has been available for a long time!

    Kinda odd the app only has 1000-5000 downloads..

    Is the real Fat Booth any better?

  14. Probably not, but everyone knows an app that started on iOS is always better right? /s


  15. its funny since 60-70% of all Americans are considered obesed and 30% of those are over obesed. anyways i’ve played with this app on my friends’s iphone because it was pretty funny and finally it comes to android!

  16. lol there is a video of it where charlie sheen is the subject

  17. Great I needed app to make look like Jabba the Hut.

  18. This just came out? I swear I bought an app called Fatty Booth with the exact same model pictures, and now it has disappeared from the market. I was pretty mad the other day when I went to install it.

    Also… What happened to all the SMS Bomber apps? Thank god I backed up a pro version of one! I Love ’em!

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