URLs For New Sprint Devices Are Live, But Not Ready [Confirmation]


Yesterday, rumors began of new Sprint devices that’d be unveiled at CTIA later this month. Those phones included an EVO 3D, an EVO View (HTC tablet) and a Samsung Nexus S 4G. If the rumor itself didn’t do anything for you, then perhaps recent placeholders for those phones on Sprint’s own site will.

Heading to now.sprint.com/nexus brings you to a placeholder page saying that something will be there soon. Replacing “nexus” with “evo3d” and “evoview” simply redirects you to Sprint’s main site – a usual sign that the URL will be used for something in the future. Be with us starting March 21st as we’ll be in Orlando covering the event where these are expected to be revealed. [Engadget]

[Update]: Looks like they are now forbidding access to those URLs. We’ve got you, Sprint. We’ve got you.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just tried the URL.. 1st time, I got same as about, when I hit re-load, I got:


    You don’t have permission to access /nexus/ on this server.

    Looks like they pulled that down while I was looking at it.

  2. URL worked earlier this morning. Looks dead now. Slick way to spread viral info though. They did the same thing with the WP7 Arrive.

  3. Ready for the big show.. Silence is golden. Everyone made it a point to dismiss sprint dump on sprint cause nothing was being announced. CES passed nothing, MWC passed not even a peep, TURNS OUT EVERY GOT PLAYED.. Now where is the DAILY DUMHEADS that populate this site??? WHERE IS @Dj??? WHERE IS @Ksizzle9??? WHERE IS @Yourissues??? WHERE ARE THESE FOLKS NOW all you silly thunderbolt followers where are you now… Guess verizon can take there thunderbolt and LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF.. Matter of fact there whole LINEUP CAN BE LEFT ON THE SHELF.. Us sprint customers will have this SUMMER 2011 LINEUP… Htc Evo 3D, Nexus S 4g, Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4G, Htc Trophy,… TABLET LINEUP… Htc Evo View 4g, Blackberry playbook, Samsung galaxy tab.. Looks to me the best SMARTPHONE LINE FOR THIS SUMMER BELONGS TO SPRINT.. Just like it did in 2010… Great time to be a sprint customer NOW ISN’T IT

  4. If the Nexus S 4G has dual core potential, I’m buying it. Then again, if it has potential to not be running on a overlay, I’m buying it.

  5. @Big_Z I wish there was a way to like/promote/thumbs up your post

  6. I’ll take whichever one that is dual-core, thanks.

    But I’m guessing neither the evo 3d or the nexus s fauxg is dual-core. Nexus S will be the same old nexus s with a wimax radio and htc will use the same processor as the flyer, unless sprint is rebranding the LG Optimus 3D as the Evo – which would bring the best performing mobile processor today to sprint. I wouldn’t be using the 3d feature much though. But I doubt it’s not HTC, which means single core fail. It’s Qualcomm’s fault!

  7. If they at least keep the free tethering on the Nexus then I might really take a good look at going to Sprint. Sprint has always been number two for me because I wanted the premium Android experience but now that may change. Battery life is also a big factor because I don’t want to have to keep WiMax off all the time, right now I get 5mbps on T-mobile’s 3G.

  8. Seems sprint is getting some more top of da line phones I wish I could get that nexus or evo 3d but it hasn’t even been a year yet :-(

    Oh well the Evo is still doing me fine

  9. @Richard, rofl. You’re such a fool.

  10. Sry, still waiting for a Nexus X that has a dual core cpu to replace my N1… don’t care what carrier has it first, I’ll buy it.

  11. @CHANGE3D…. Qualcomm will SURPRISE YOU THIS TIME.. People who sleep on them just don’t understand the WAIT WAS WORTH IT

  12. Assuming these new phones are what everyone has been hoping for, Sprint will still lose customers.

    Sprint’s charging $10 extra now and WiMax sux! Verizon has launched LTE, TMO has HSPA +, as does AT&T. Speed is now part of the game and Sprint is behind the 8 ball.

    They’re behind the 8 ball because there are now alternatives to WiMax and the speeds on the other carriers are faster with building penetration. WiMax drops a signal like there’s no tomorrow and it seems to only work when one is outside, stationary. It just sux! Not only that WiMax build out has stopped because of the Clearwire/Sprint fight and Sprint might still go to LTE.

    So unless someone wants slow data on a possibly great phone, why would anyone want to stay on Sprint?

  13. As soon as Sprint eliminated the only meaningful Sprint Premiere perk — upgrade discounts after 12 months — they made it that much more imperative that their phones be ahead of the curve. If they really think people are going to sign up for 2-year contracts on a phone that reaches its EOL 6 months after they buy it, they’re not just dumb, they’re suicidal.

  14. summer always belongs to sprint sprint winter and fall belong to the rest LOL

  15. agreed. they can keep the wimax. unless I’m outside, it is not noticeably better than 3g. so I keep 4g off my evo to save battery.

  16. @Richard: “TURNS OUT EVERY GOT PLAYED..”

    Yeah, including shareholders. Silence is not always golden in business. Especially when consumer confidence is a requirement.


  18. About damn time. Looks like Sprint has an opportunity to keep my business.

  19. @Big Z, if it’s a Nexus, it won’t have an overlay. Nexus is Google’s phone and they won’t let the manufacturer skin it.

  20. All I can say about sprint getting the NEXUS S phone is…. THANK GOD! Here I was waiting for the nexus one to come to sprint, that got axed, now sprint is getting the latest nexus, fuck sign me up. Thanks to sprints premeir member status, I’m upgrading to this is august

  21. I seriously don’t get this 3D kick in mobile devices. I hope they do something to the EVO other than just make it 3D (a feature that will be about as useless as the built in HDMI port is for the majority of users). In any case, their latest announcement was a huge letdown with their phone/tablet hybrid contraption. Here’s to hoping they deliver at CITA.

  22. Nexus line also sounds neat, but again, it is last summer’s phone. If this means Sprint is going to get the new Nexus phone when TMO does, I am happy. IMO it would be foolish to “upgrade” to the Nexus S this late in its lifecycle.

  23. @crab,
    To be perfectly honest, Sprint in my area is as fast as ATT and faster than Verizon. TMO barely has a presence here. Point being, speed is all relative. People are touting LTE like it’s the best thing since sliced bread but we have no real world speed tests with any sort of strain on the network. I am not here defending wimax, but the majority of all major carrier’s customers are outside a ‘4G area’. As far as the $10 fee, I agree it is bad marketing. If you add it all up, that same plan is still cheaper on Sprint than any other carrier even considering the $10 fee. What they SHOULD do is just incorporate that fee into their everything unlimited plan.

  24. My wimax connection rapes tmobile and At&t 4G in my area. While all my friends struggle to get 2mb download speed, I am usually at 4mb, but get 7-8mb at home

  25. @Sucklefish…Your so funny…Dont cry to hard my friend..It is what it is..Just look at the circumstances and come to the conclusion that yes sprint rules all carriers

  26. @Brian…Sprint customers have always had consumer confidence on this network we know what exist. Most of us are true HTC device users and followers we know what we have in the best manufracturer in the industry. The combination of Htc/Sprint/Google is one team that WILL NOT BE BEAT..


    calm the fuck down ppl. opinions are like assholes.everyone has one and they all stink. it doesnt matter at the end of the day what your carrier is or what phone you have. all that matters is that you can buy said phone and do whatever int he ratfuck you please with it and not have to worry about the douchecannon who made/sold/allows you to operate it to completely crippl it with price,performance, or whatever hogwash they can think to smudge on the phone/tablet.

  28. I will gladly replace my Epic for the Nexus S.

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