Mar 7th, 2011

Ever since Nokia laid their Windows-clad blueprint out on the table for all to see, they’ve come under a lot of criticism which – for the most part – always sounds like this: “they should have chosen Android.” Now one of Nokia’s direct partners – Intel – have jumped in to throw even more fuel onto the fire.

It’s an interesting sentiment from their CEO as the two have partnered up on Meego, an operating system that was supposed to blow the pants off of Nokia fans everywhere but is taking forever to materialize inside of an actual product.

I don’t blame Intel for feeling a bit slighted as Nokia chose to speed things up with a modern operating system. It also doesn’t surprise me that Intel would have liked to have seen Android second to Meego instead of Windows considering Android is partly based on Linux.

Despite what everyone thinks, though, Meego isn’t dead. Intel and Nokia are still partners. They still want Meego to make it to a final release. And with that, an Android-based Nokia isn’t totally dead either. I’m sure whatever deal Microsoft and Nokia have isn’t for the extremely long haul, and once it expires you better be sure Nokia will reevaluate their stance. (Whether Android comes up in those reevaluation discussions or not.) [Manila Bulletin]