Sprint to Have Blockbuster Outing at CTIA? [Nexus S 4G, EVO 3D, HTC EVO View Tablet]


I don’t know why I titled this story as if I am surprised, but I did. Sprint is said to be showing a considerable amount of new goods at CTIA – the same show where they introduced the original HTC EVO 4G. That makes the show historically big for Sprint and new rumors are suggesting that history will repeat itself.

Firstly, a Nexus S 4G is reportedly in the works. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a Nexus S with 4G radios.  It’s the high-end stock experience Sprint fans have been dying for as the Samsung offerings came up a bit short in the “oh my god this phone is totally awesome” tests.

Secondly, that long-rumored EVO 4G sequel looks to be a 3D-filled affair: Sprint’s said to be calling it the EVO 3D. It’s a trend that – as far as smartphones go – was quietly sparked by Sharp and further ignited by LG. We’d assume HTC will be the manufacturers behind the sequel, but who’s to say LG isn’t? They’ve already got the Optimus 3D ready for adoption and Sprint never said that the EVO series would be exclusive to HTC. (Don’t take that as law, though. I’m just speculating at this point.)

Finally, a device called the EVO View will supposedly be shown off. Its angle? It’s a tablet by HTC and is supposed to be Sprint’s version of the Flyer that was introduced at MWC. CTIA is just around the corner (about two weeks to be exact) and even if all of this isn’t 100% true, we expect Sprint to come up with just as big a slate of announcements. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sprint is dead.

  2. Found the to replaced my aged G1, Nexus S 4G.

    @Alec: Why do you say “Sprint is dead”?

  3. you should die

  4. Richard will probably die if the next ECO isn’t HTC made.

  5. When’s the date for CTIA?

  6. I mean EVO, stupid auto-correct.

  7. and just another reason why the thunderbolt will be a fail if this is true. fail verizon

  8. I believe it’s March 21

  9. Everybody keeps debating and Android/Verizon keeps raking in the profits/customers. Keep talking Tmob-Sprint-ATT while your profits shrink and customers flee.

  10. Where’s Richard?

  11. I was just wondering the same thing


  12. So Sprint doesn’t even have fresh idea’s to showcase for the show it seems. Just sequels and remakes of preexisting phones with some tweaks to them. Sprint is super lame and is sadly going down. 4G service is jacked up right now and they are falling behind everyone else trying to get it fixed, and now the rehash phones. Sucks….

  13. Tmo FTW. Pyramid + G2x = ownage.

  14. I have been waiting for sprint to release a next-gen phone to switch. I was hoping that they would announce another HTC Evo like device w/ a 4.3” display, dual-core chip(1.2 or 1.5 ghz qualcomm) and hdmi out along w/ all the other bells and whistles. But come on…..3D?!?! I’m so tired of this 3D craze….I cannot see myself ever wanting 3D on a phone. Now I’ve never used one personally but I’ve thought about it alot and cannot think of a single reason 3D would be useful on a phone screen……Here is to hoping they release a slim form-factored dual-core 4.3 display phone w/o the GIMMICKY 3D

  15. Yeah, an EVO sequel with all the bells and whistles would be very nice, but here is what I want the EVO sequel to be, starting with NO 3D:
    4.3″ screen or better
    1.2GHz Dual-core processor or better
    8GB internal memory
    1GB RAM
    8MP Camera with dual-flash and full HD video recording.
    LED notification lights
    Front-facing Camera
    HDMI out

    All of this, made by HTC, and I would be the happiest camper of all time.

  16. @Chris the Thunderbolt was announced over two months ago and will be released before these phones are even official. I’m confused as to how this is a fail in anyway.

    @all of you who will complain about 3D; there’s the niffty feature that lets you turn it off so there’s really no reason to complain, eh?

    Here’s to hoping that HTC blows us out of the water again this year like the did with the Evo last year.

  17. Go Sprint
    Go Android

  18. And what if the EVO 3d has a depth slider? Am I hearing you complain about something your not forced to use?

  19. Wtf? Seriously?! 3D? God damn it Fuck u sprint and htc.

  20. Verizon fail? Look up the numbers chris an you will see how sprint fails all together!!! I left that pathetic service an some customer service guy named peggy from india an ill take my rooted droid x over that crap anyday : )

  21. @sam
    it wasnt announced as their still is no release date not to mention it is launching with outdated software bring on the bionic or stealth!

  22. YourIssues… Your face is jacked up.

  23. wow u guys will complain about anything when it comes to tmo or sprint “oh thats lame its the same phone” stfu please last time i checked the droid, droid r2d2, and droid 2 r the same phone, the droidx and droidx 2 look exactly the same. but when the galaxy s 4g came out all u heard were cries its the same phone even though they added a camera and up’d the speed to 21mbps from 7mbps during a fucking 4G war, and ya’ll also complain tmo doesnt get good phones but on the latest benchmark chart that came out the mytouch and g2 were mostly placing 5th and 6th on a chart that included the atrix, optimus 2x, and optimus 3d. so stop complaining and pay attention to the facts

  24. Ill still take my rooted droid x with a touch of honeycomb over them phones any day : )

  25. 3D = Tri-Core

  26. kidding btw ^^^

  27. t- mo service rapes sprint here so im happy with my nexus S

  28. In the words of Bart Scott….”CANT WAIT!”

  29. Just as I expected… After investigation of many hours this announcement with sprint will be the biggest yet… SOMETHING MANY PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER FOR A LONG TIME TO COME… I will make another post later concerning specs that will exist in the EVO3D.. Where are all the HATERS NOW

  30. The Evo isn’t the best phone out there, yes, it is a great phone, just not the best. The Evo 3D will be outdated a couple of weeks after it is released. Peoples memory isnt as good as you think. They will forget soon enough… We’re not haters, some of us do think positively of the Evo and its successors.

  31. Nexus S 4G nice it will get all the updates first than any crappy Droid

  32. I dont care much for 3D but I’ll take an Evo with a dual core processor. kthxbai.

  33. Specs in the upcoming EVO3D… 4.3to4.5 inch screen, 2.0 front facing camera, Super LCD screen, 1.5 dualcore snapdragon processor, 10megipixel Camera, 1080P video recording, 1800to1950 mil amp battery, internal phone storage 8gig, 32gig microsdcard, Near field communication, Dnla technology, mirroring technology, hdmi out, New htcsense,… This will be the best device out for the summer of 2011… EVERYONE REMEMBER THESE SPECS… Come march 22nd we will see how right I am… Where are the normal HATERS @DJ… @Ksizzle9… @Yourissues… there are so many.. GUESS I GOT THE LAST LAUGH.. Sprint 2011 summer lineup.. Evo 3D, Evo 4g Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4G, Nexus S 4g, Htc Trophy,… Dam name a CARRIER WITH A BETTER LINE UP not to mention The Tablets Htc Evo View 4g and The blackberry playbook, and the Samsung galaxy tab… DAM THIS IS STUPID KOOL

  34. Yeah I do not know why everyone is dogging on Sprint they are a growing network constantly aiming to please their customers. If these rummors are true then Sprint will showcase the best most popular newest fastest awesomest phones over any carrier. Last year HTC EVO 4G on Sprint was number 1 Android phone how can you say that Sprint sucks???? Now they are going to do it again…. Come on people think before you type. Not to mention I pasy 80/month for unlimated everything what do all of you pay on Verizon and or AT&T? Oh thats right over 100 dollars/month. And as far as Tmobile goes well yeah thats all… <<<<<<<>>>>>>

  35. @richard
    If those specs are close to what the final build will be have fun paying $350+ for phone on contract

  36. I picture Richard standing on top of a mountain when he says “Dam name a CARRIER WITH A BETTER LINE UP.” It’s quite comical.

    Personally, I’ll just be happy if Sprint just comes out and says 50 markets will be getting WiMAX 4G this year. They haven’t added a single 4G market this calendar year. As an Epic owner it’s a discouraging. The Froyo thing was a little bit annoying, but the WiMAX situation is valid reason to be angry.

  37. I hope you are right Richard. I’ll be getting EVO 3D on day one just like the original EVO if you are correct on your specs. Who cares if you like 3D or not. Imagine having an atrix 3D, even if you didn’t care about 3D you would get it for the specs alone. 3D is just an added bonus. Dual core snapdragon guarantees NETFLIX.. another bonus.

  38. Dude, you guys seriously need to catch up on your mobile news. First off, EVO is a line of phones and not tied to a single brand aka HTC. This means, as previously rumored weeks ago, the Evo 3D is the Optimus 3D from LG. It happens to have a dual core and dual channel processor and is the fastest phone available in the smartphone market. That includes all the other dual core phones that have been introduced (bionic, atrix, optimus 2x, etc.) So those of you complaining about the hopeful announcement of the Evo 3D are seriously smoking crack for criticizing the most advanced and fastest phone we’ve ever seen thus far! Do some research before whining!

  39. why do you have the bing search in your blog at the bottom of every post? what does it offer for the consumers ? crap. Does microsoft pay you to put up their search engine.

  40. @Austin… tmobile is kool but rapes sprint??? That’s VERY DOUBTFUL… Tmobile will always be the #4 carrier in the US nothing more. I also like there lineup of devices but they WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN SPRINT

  41. @jbn… You can keep your rooted Droid x it was NEVER BETTER THAN THE CURRENT HTC EVO 4G IN THE FIRST PLACE… I know Verizon didn’t sell to many of those that’s for sure. Even the upcoming Droid X 2 can’t compare to the current Evo 4g or the upcoming Evo 3D… Heck the Droid x isn’t even the top device on Verizon today what do you have to say about that?????

  42. @Yourissues… You must be 2 CANS SHORT OF A SIXPACK… Rehash phone’s where do you see rehashing on sprint??? The htc evo family is a BRAND just like Apple is a brand I’d love to know what carrier your on you probably on metropcs or prepaid simple mobile cause your statements ARE SIMPLE.

  43. Richard Yarrell= Tony Little

  44. @Richard
    You never fail to be one with the most opinionated post. Out of all the thousands of comments i have read in this site your name is the only one I will ever remember… And it isn’t because though make good points but because of dumb and one sided you are. Sprint is horrible in orlando and Kissimmee… All my sprint friends hate it. The Evo its a great Device but certainly not the best.

    I sense butthurtness in the Article’s comments.
    Ahhh, for those of you hating on any carrier… I honestly think AT&T should be getting flame out the ass. T-MO isn’t bad imo, Sprint isn’t bad at all, EXCEPT I HATE THAT THEIR ONLY GOOD DEVICES ARE THE FUCKING EVO AND EPIC. Verizon… Verizon… I’ll let someone else get to ya on that one.

  46. Sprint should own the show.

    I can’t imagine Verizon and T-mobile have much to show for the next 6 months beyond the iPhone. They blew all their ammo at CES. T-Mobile might have something up their sleeves, but overall this show should be all about Sprint.

  47. *Mark out Moment* Omg EVO in 3D will be amazing! Ah, finally happy to be a Sprint customer. And for all you guys whining about there not being a new phone, just tweaks to old ones, I guess that renders the Xbox 360 obsolete just because they kept the name “xbox”. Come on, get serious. What does it take to please you guys? Were actually getting an EVO sequel! The phone that reinvented smartphones last year, and should do it again. GO SPRINT!

  48. @34.Aztec

    Sprint is far from horrible in Orlando. I always get great service when I’m there and in Winter Park. All my sprint friends there(Near Conway, Downtown, and Winter Park) get good service too.

  49. @OtisFeelgood
    I am was just going from the great amount of Drop calls (more than At&t) and missed text they were reporting.
    Sorry all 5 of my friends happen to be the only ones with problems. :P

  50. People should only complain about the 3D display if they are concerned about it jacking the price up a bit more than without. It but i am sure it will be an option to turn it off. Which i think 3D would be cool to show off but i dont see myself using it too much.

  51. All I want is for a device to say in its specs sheet that it will give you a bigger e-penis than any other phone on the market.

    I’d say 90% of carrier arguing would disappear, give or take

  52. I’d love another HTC Evo, but I’d take a Nexus S in almost a heartbeat. If it’s an LG phone next in the EVO series, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass.

  53. @aztec… Sounds to me your JUDGEMENT is clouded by your LOCATION your real world experiences based on sprint are YOURS AND YOURS ONLY.. Just like mines are mines only I can say that where I live sprint is one of the best here in THE ONLY PLACE THAT MATTERS NEW YOUR CITY…. Verizon and Sprint are side by side in my neck of the woods.. The htc evo 4g was the best device in 2010 nothing beat it and for 2011 all carriers and devices. WILL BE PIMP SLAPED AGAIN.. Rather you or anyone else agrees with me I COULD CARE LESS in this industry i am well known and appreciated in my huge circle of technology enthusias we love android and support the best the platform can be and my ties run within related areas of htc/sprint so that will always be what I will support to “HELL OR HIGH WATERS” Others exist in this world and our thoughts of sprint and it’s service DOES NOT MATCH YOURS same goes with htc evo 4g We are HARCORE USERS and understand exactly what the EVO 4G represents to those who my request to you is GO BUY ANOTHER DEVICE ON ANOTHER CARRIER AND BE HAPPY.. Verizon or At&t can use alot more followers… GO JOIN THEM…

  54. The Nexus S 4G would be a seriously tempting phone. I’m going to stick with Verizon and wait it out for the Bionic, but a Nexus phone on Sprint would be pretty good.

  55. @richard, last I checked, it was sprint that was behind in the “followers” dept. And by “followers” I dont mean douchebag fanboys, but rather those willing to put their money where their mouth is. By a large margin.

  56. I hope thet nexus 4g is dual core prolly isn’t I’ve been waiting for this forever maybe an evo 3d not that id use the 3d but dual core is what I want for better battery &,performance plus I mobile game alot a nexus s prolly cannot handle so much gaming and tweeting on its battery my evo lags on complex games and gets hot on use of wifi tethering and gaming at thet same time dual core maybe the way to go

  57. Sprint might not be the best company, Ive had it for over 9 years I cant complain, plans still no matter how you look at it are better than any company, internet fast, I rarely get any drop calls. People really love to whine and complain. First off Verizon just shit faced themselves. Sure they have a nice line up of all these devices. Droid, Dorid 2, DroidX, Droid bionic or w.e it is. Than when the Iphone came out they barely had any sales, thunderbolt coming out wont have as many sales either. Just like ATT domintaes with Iphone why because it was their first line up of the sickest phone. other phones don’t sell as much because majority want an Iphone.

    All those who are bitching that sprint is not introducing new 4g markets.. Well if you did your research Sprint is in a feud with clearwire, and starting next month they will be investing $5 billion into foursquared or w.e the company is called to have LTE network. so Dual 4g networks WiiMax and LTE. Hmmm.. Research the rest…

  58. yea the evo was a big phone but spec wise was it that much better than the nexus one maybe a little but the N1 is still faster, really the mytouch 4g is a better phone spec wise, but the truth is all HTC Cameras suck…….a 5mp camera on a samsung phone is way better than a 8mp camera on an HTC phone but i like HTC more

  59. The thing is, all phones have plusses over others. And all phones have areas where they are beat. Same with carriers.

  60. You people who are always knocking Sprint are pathetic.
    I am sorry that you over pay your service.
    I am also sorry that we are getting a prequel to the phone that set a standard for smartphones and is still relevant today, a year later.
    Suck on that, Haters!

  61. @Richard the great :)
    I never said sprint sucked overall i just said in my location it did.
    And like others have stated some phones are better than others in some areas. But to say that the Evo is the best phone ever is like steve jobs admitting ios is behind ANdroid. Both are from reality :) the evo is an amazing device and i am glad you like it. But you talk as if god himself created the damn thing.

  62. We dont “overpay” for our service, we pay more for more service.

  63. Any evo/epic with better battery life will be all I require.

  64. As for the “prequal”, you do realize, spec wise, the tb blows the evo oit the water in EVERY category?

  65. The Thunderbolt doesn’t ‘blow the EVO out of the water’ in every category. Though when you compare it to a 9 month old phone, the Thunderbolt better be a better phone.
    It has a more efficient processor, but the same speed, and more ram and internal memory.

    Otherwise, the exact same phone.

    EVO has aged, but still stands out as a competitive phone all this time later. And it should, as it debuted as the best, by a long-shot, phone on the market.


    I would like to see a newly announced EVO allow live hotswapping of a spring-loaded battery.

    That would make it’s high output, high drain tendencies irrelevant with extra batteries.

  66. If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s blog articles starting with the author saying he’s not surprised about something.

  67. @aztec… God did create this one… Only current Htc Evo 4g owners would know what I mean. Your on the outside looking in how’s the view??

  68. No, the tb blows it away. They might have the same clock speed. But clock speed meens nothing. Look at the G2 for example. The g2 blows it out the water as well. Now, dont forget to mention the screen res, ram, rom, internal memory, software, lte>wimax, new sense, coverage. Like I said, in EVERY category. The tb is not the prequal to the evo. Not even close.

  69. Ohh, and the 40gigs of stock total space.

  70. @NIsme… You should put something else in your mouth instead maybe it will help you to have better judgment.

  71. What did you say douchebag? Ohh thats right. Nothing. Btw, please make some new youtube vids.

  72. @NIsme One would hope that a soon to be released phone would have better specs than a phone released early summer of last year.

    @Aztec AT&T’s constant dropped calls in the Orlando area is the reason I left them for MetroPCS and then Sprint. In the 3+ years I had Sprint I only had a dropped call twice and that was when I was in Englewood, FL(the boonies where there are coyotes).

  73. I know right, but tell that to richard. The one claiming otherwise.

  74. @OtisFeelgood you are more in northern Orlando and plus some, so definitely can be a lot different then southern Orlando.

  75. @OtisFeelgood
    yesterday alone my friend had 3 dropped calls in our approx. 45 min conversation :(

  76. Sprint is on there way up again! as there phone selection begins to equal Verizons and AT@Ts The only 2 things to complain about will be price/mo. and reception . Sprint cost the customer less money with superior reception in most areas,,,,,,once they improve the quality of the phones they sell,,,,there only competition will be Straight talk

  77. Did you really just claim they had better reception in most areas? Or their 2 phones brings them in line with everyone elses offerings?

  78. O’ I understand now, your mommy pays your bill

  79. Ohh, change the subject. Wrong 3 times now.

  80. Richard…your fan boy isem is still funny and all but, you need to get a life buddy…imean your in flames about Sprint and your little EVO phone….last I heard that phone had enough complaints…I mean iknow Sprints your wife and but maybe its time for some time apart.

  81. I agree with alot of people here. Richard takes his fanboyism WAY too far(and this is coming from a fellow Sprint customer/Evo owner). Reminds me of Xbox 360 and PS3 fanboys in their prime.

  82. Now if we could cut to the chase,,,,,which phone and what carrier offers the best wifi routing capabilities(fastest Mbps). Is it possible to actvate an Evo or an Iphone,,,etc to an unlimited data prepayed plan,,,and be able to power the ipad2 ,, Motorola Xoom,or laptop at no extra fees.My goal is to carry the finest smartphone and pay as little as possible a month for its service…and as a super cool feature allow it to become a wifi router on command at no extra charge,,,,is this possible?

  83. Now if we could cut to the chase,,,,,which phone and what carrier offers the best wifi routing capabilities(fastest Mbps). Is it possible to actvate an Evo or an Iphone,,,etc to an unlimited data prepayed plan,,,and be able to power the ipad2 ,, Motorola Xoom,or laptop at no extra fees.My goal is to carry the finest smartphone and pay as little as possible a month for its service…and as a super cool feature allow it to become a wifi router on command at no extra charge,,,,is this possible?

  84. sorry for the double take ?????

  85. If this phone has the specs of the optimus 3d or better i will own it…

    For those that are hating on 3d all i can say is wtf is up with you? Though i do not use 3d on a day to day basis I can say its nice to game in a 3d environment and adds a flair to cartoons I watch with my kid… Dont call it a gimmick just because you hear others say it and do not have a 3d set to find out for yourself. The price of 350 for those specs I would jump on in a heart beat, if its too much for some people there is a whole line of other phones available.

    The only bad thing is my verizon contract is soon to be up and I want some new tech NOW.

  86. @ryan=DING BAT

    @MensahWatts…I love those views on youtube…keep em coming brother one day I will teach you the technique.

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