Are You Going to Download the Bill Cosby App? [Video]


Bill Cosby is considered an icon and will soon be considered a legend in his field of comedy and entertainment. He’s also one of the greatest motivational speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to in person. He’s getting up there in age, though, and it’s no secret that a few screws are starting to loosen up.

That hasn’t stopped him from getting an official app built, though. Bill Cosby wants to “connect” with you and “tweet you better than anybody’s every tweeted you.” You can look at photos, buy tickets to his shows, watch videos, catch the latest Cosby-related news, and more.

I’m not sure he does the greatest job promoting the app in the video above, but it’s worth checking out if you want a good laugh. (Or if you haven’t seen him a while and want to see how far Bill Cosby has come since the Cosby Show.) He says the app is now available for all things Android and you can find it in the Android market right here.

PS: I’m personally not downloading the app because the icon is a creepy picture of Cosby. Otherwise I would have been sold. Who wants that sitting in their app tray 24/7?

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  1. Picture Pages, picture pages, time to get your pages, time to get your crayons and your pencil. Picture pages, picture pages, open up your picture pages, time to watch Bill Cosby do a picture page with you!

  2. No

  3. I’ll pass. I still have my parents old comedy records of him from the 60s and early 70s. He was, and still is, one of the funniest comedians ever, but I dont need an app – especially one with a creepy pic of him. I converted the LPs to CDs years ago, and I’ll continue to enjoy those.

  4. Downloaded. Very well designed app. We need more apps that are this well designed.

  5. this is pretty creepy not going to lie

  6. Haven’t had any issues with it. Worked fine so far. Lets you stream audiobooks, etc. Good stuff imo.

  7. Bill Cosby is an asshole. Just because he was nice on a doesen’t mean that he’s a nice person in real life. Nobody wants a Bill Cosby app at least I don’t. He’s a jackass

  8. He may or not be nice but what matters is that he often says the truth. We need more people like that these days.

  9. I think its time for Bill to stop making appearances like this. He’s looking pretty bad now days and I dunno…it just seems to ruin his rep. He should just let his name carry him. I saw him on Letterman one night and it was almost sad to see him so out of it.

  10. Not a chance

  11. @Paul if you had a personal experience with the legend of comedy, that made you make that bitch ass comment please share with us. Because you’ll never accomplish the things that man did in you lifetime. I can tell just by reading your comment. Now on a better note, I will check the app out and see what’s its all about.

  12. I don’t want that racist on my phone

  13. @Paul Monroe Jr…. Your truly a SAD PERSON just another one of these ASSHOLES there always seems to be so many of them here on this site I especially won’t mention any above names. I loved Bill back then and I still love him now and will support his application he has earned that much.

  14. Did he code this app himself?

  15. Best commedian ever, and a top 5 TV show also.

  16. @Gio, you need that “racist” on your phone. My guess is that of all the people out there, you need him the most. It is interesting, when people of the majority speak in ways that try to belittle or oppress people who are in a minority status, that is clearly racism. But the people in the majority try to label people who are in the minority, who are trying to raise their own people up out of a crappy situation, and up to the level of the majority, as racist. Come on Gio, really.


  17. I downloaded the app just to check it out; it is surprisingly good. There is a lot more content than I expected. I’ll keep it around for a bit. The icon really is creepy though, the author wasnt kidding.

  18. I sat next to Bill @ JFK 20 yrs ago. He’s a genuinely nice guy, funnier than hell too. Gio’s racist comment just demonstrate his lack of intelligence, we all have met wangs like him.

  19. You sat next to him 20 years ago and all of a sudden you know him. Get your head out of your a$$, pathetic.

  20. Bill Cosby is a legend who transcends race. He’s also an intelligent, thoughtful, and hilarious dude. Oh, and “Storm14K aka Phil,” just because you can’t handle the sight of a man growing old doesn’t mean he should stop making public appearances. He’s still great to watch. Why don’t you listen to him and maybe you’ll learn something, fool!

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