Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Headed to Sam’s Club, Priced at $539.99


Who cares if Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said the Wi-Fi-only version of the Motorola XOOM would be priced at $599.99? The friendly folk of Sam’s Club are telling a different tale at their “Year Beginning” meeting. As you see in the image above, they very well look to be selling the XOOM for $539.99. Still no clear indication of when the Wi-Fi version will be available in the States, but if this is any indication, it might launch along with the European version in April.

I shouldn’t have to point out that this puts the Wi-Fi XOOM (at Sam’s Club, at least) within $40 of the lowest priced 16GB iPad 2, which sells for $499.99. So please, take your complaints about pricing elsewhere. Unless this is some sort of placeholder price (and errors on the sign suggest it is still a work-in-progress), that is.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Unless I’m mistaken that sign says Android 2.0 Honeycomb, and unless I’ve been confused for the last three months or so I’m pretty sure that’s wrong :P

  2. SOLD!

  3. Holy SH*T, I might have to buy this bad boy!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YES!!!!!!!!
    Thank god! I was worried about how long verizon was going to hold the wifi model, but looks like they either didn’t try to hold it up or they did a bad job.
    Plus, I already scraped together $600, so now I can get some accessories. Thanks Sam’s Club!


  6. Thats probably the contract version…. come on.

  7. I cant wait for this to come out!

  8. PimpStrong is unfortunately probably right

  9. Right on Kevin. Stupid price-centric cry babies!!! I’ll be grabbing this asap!!!

  10. Looks great at that price.

    As far as this price being for a contracted version. That doesn’t make sense. There’s no 3G/4G radio. Why would there be a contract version?

  11. @PimpStrong
    1. I’m liking that username
    2. Check out more pics here:

    It says Xoom Wifi on one or two of them.

  12. that’s an improvement, but im still getting the ipad 1 for $350. i dont need a tablet, it’s not replacing my computer, the improved dual core speed may save me total of 5 minutes at the end of a month, and there are 64,900 more tablet optimized apps for ipad 1, not to mention way more games, netflix and 15k more video titles on ios. Maybe next year if android can get some quality apps by then.

  13. So what does everybody think about next Generation tablets? What will be out for Christmas 2011? Quad Core with 1080P video chat? I remember in June 1ghz snapdragons were next gen ultra powerful no lag cpu’s, well they do lag, and 6-8 months later we now have 1.5ghz dual cores. 2 ghz quad cores im calling by JC’s bday.

  14. I will definitely buy one for that price!

  15. @Pimpstrong Who would sell a WiFi tablet on contract? Hit up the link to Droid Life they have pictures that say Xoom with the word WiFi underneath.

  16. Also the Galaxy tab out now dropped price almost 50% in the few months it has been out, will the xoom be 300 bucks in a few months? I really hate paying a premium for latest and greatest then having old technology in 6 months that I cant even sell. That is the game I know…but damn….

  17. I can’t complain at all for $539.99! I’m heading to Sam’s Club in a little while anyway, so this is something I am definitely checking out! $800, no. $540, hell yes. I am hoping this is the case.
    Android 2.0 Honeycomb, lol, I didn’t realize that when I bought a Moto Droid back in November ’09 that it came with Honeycomb.

  18. Are you sure this is not on contract?

  19. No Way!! android phone okay. XOOM @ that price no way – i will be getting a ipad 2 for less

  20. FAAAAIL Android 2.0 Honeycomb? HAHAHAH dont you mean 3.0?

  21. Oh man, might have to buy this and get the hubby to buy and Ipad 2 for my birthday. The best of both worlds.

  22. What would you be paying for with a contract for a wifi version. Unless this post is showing for a 3G/4g version and the display is wrong.

  23. ANDROID 2.0 FTW!!!!!

  24. The base price of the bottom model should be $499 to be competetive anyway. At the end of the day, the average consumer isn’t going to crunch numbers regardings specifications and the iPad 2 is close enough anyway that I think people are going to flock towards that. It is a known entity AND it’s cheaper than the competition. That can almost never be said about an Apple product.

  25. While everyone is getting excited do not forget you have to have a membership to Sams Club which I do believe is $50

  26. How is this already set up in the store if a release date isn’t known yet? Dare I run over to Sam’s Club and see for myself?

  27. Homeycomb..lmao. Guess nobody else caught that.

  28. I just returned my verizon Xoom because of the price and the hassel i was going through with verizon. The Xoom had a little manufactures deffect in the back and i called Verizon to replace it. They were trying to charge me restocking fee. I called Moto and they said no because i baught it with Verizon to replace it with them. It went back and forth about another 2 times when i said Fuk it. And i just sent it back in Cuz i didnt think i was using the tablet all that much and it didnt have that many apps and for 860 dollars i tought i could use that money for something better. Ipad 2 to was announced for 499 that kind of added more fuel to the fire. I already had decided to return it before Ipad made their announcement.
    Also Xoom needs to make some improvements.
    1. Video quality sucked. Try an Avi movie.
    2.Volume needs to be implemented like on windows instead of hard buttons only.
    3.Apps need to improve, Flash is a must.
    I wont wine any more till i get my Xoom back for 539.99
    Sorry i had to get it all out.

  29. The sign says Android 2.0 “Homeycomb” actually.

  30. Found my answer on Droid Life

    “Your right Kellex! Its called “Home office”….a store setup with a bunch of dummy units for all the other stores to copy….I work at sams -__-“

  31. Can I be first in line????

  32. Uh, the 32GB WiFi iPad2 is $599 folks. For $499 you get the 16GB iPad2. The Xoom has 32GB plus a microSD slot that you’ll eventually be able to use.

    Gomez, thanks for the input. I’m still considering a Xoom, but only a WiFi model. I’d prefer that someone I know get one first.

  33. The Xoom is already sold in Sam’s club at there Verizon kiosks for the contract price of 599 so its doubtful that the 539 price is for a Verizon model because they would have announced it as opposed to Sam’s club

  34. Actually if you look close it says “2.0 Homeycomb”. OR Horneycomb. One of the two. Definitely not Honeycomb. LOL

  35. Let’s not forget that this has a GPS while wifi only iPads do not.

  36. Im glad im wrong on this. The additional pics definitely prove the WiFi Xooms existsnce.

  37. @ brad it says 2.0 HOMEYCOMB. whats up with all the damn typos?

  38. That bites. I just paid 599.99 /w contract for my Xoom @ Verizon. Now I guess I got to get two. I love competition.

  39. dork you beat me to it… HoMeycomb? LMAO

    Still… if this pricing holds up, SOLD… and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. No way I’ll get one as soon as it will hit the store. But I realy hope to get one from Amazon for that price and save on tax. Screw iPad it an old tech and screw the Steve J. I hate my iphone waiting to get my hands on Samsung GS2 or at least infuse 4G on AT&T

  41. People, you cannot contract a WiFi only tablet!!

  42. wow it does say homeycomb. wassup wit dat?

  43. If it was on contract, there would have to be something about Verizon on that card.

    And what’s with all the Apple losers invading the Android blogs. You wouldn’t ever see me posting crap at an iPhone blog. Unless you count Engadget as an Apple blog.

  44. Im definitely sold on the XOOM. At 539.99 for 32gb plus also up to 32gb on SD card. Moto’s got Apple beat on the specs and it’ll have Flash which Apple doesn’t even support. Can’t wait for the Wifi only version. Im a huge Apple fan for computers but when it comes to mobile electronics like phones and tablets, Im Android all the way. Vive la Révolution Robot!

  45. For the pricing:
    I am sick tired of people who cannot do the math:
    iPad WiFi 16G: $499
    iPad WiFi 32G: $599
    Xoom WiFi 32G: $599 (list); $549 (Sam’s club)

    so, which is cheaper — for WiFi only version?

    iPad 3G+WiFi 32G: $749
    Xoom 3/4G+WiFi 32G: $799

    I want to know what all those iPad = 500 Xoom = 800 people are smoking, Apple laced Orange?

  46. ^THANK YOU!!

  47. Maybe its a Chinese knockoff which has Android 2.0 and a custom UI named Homeycomb.

  48. @wic Thank you!! Finally someone with some common sense!

  49. COntract for what people???? It’s WIFI.

  50. While I agree with wic in principle …. some jsut dont see it that way. Simple conversation with my wife:

    “I should just get an Ipad2 because it’s so much cheaper”
    “When the WiFi only one comes out it will be closer to $600”
    “IPad is $500”
    “only with less memory, put the same hardware in it and they are the same”
    “why do I care about that? I just want to browse the web from my bed easier and maybe read some ebooks”

    And that’s the bottom line. You can play “apple to apple math” all day long, but you’re making an assumption that no one would ever want the base model… and plenty do. Just not fanatics like us.

  51. hmm so many ipad models and no 4G

  52. Wifi only from Sam’s 16 or 32gb internal? 16gb less fast flash may be why less….

  53. God damn it, I just bought a Nook Color.

  54. @G11
    Tell your wife (and anyone else with her supposed logic) to buy last year’s model used. If all they want is to browse the net and read ebooks from bed, better yet get a nook. B&N had them on sale for $200, and there is a solid Gingerbread ROM out for it (and surely honeycomb coming). People want the Apple shinies and status symbol. Plain and simple. They can justify it whatever way they want (as your wife seems to do), but they want a shiny apple on the back of their devices because Apple has been extremely successful at marketing the brand as “cool.”

  55. Video on my xoom is awesome don’t know what your talking about I bring this thing everywhere and it is fast as hell

  56. Android 2.0 Homeycomb, the new hybrid version.

  57. That price is more that reasonable in my opinion. This is especially if it ships with the same 32GB of space and of course it will have 1GB of RAM.

    This is pretty nice. I am glad we are finally seeing signs of a Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM.

  58. I love android but will be getting an iPad 2…nothing touches that thing…

  59. Hmmm… Xomm upgradeable to 4g, not on iPad2. Xoom weighs 1/2 lb more than iPad 2…anyone care?
    Be careful about the VZW 3g pricing..only 1 G…nowhere near enough. I’m easily over 2G and that’s on a lousy Pre minus! Expect with modest use at least 4G and now VZW may be near $50/mo. Agree?

  60. @g11
    I have an ipad and a color nook. If your wife wants to browse the web and read books in bed I would strongly suggest the nook. Its a lot more comfortable to use. I cant stand the version safari on the ipad right now, No tabs and when you switch “tabs” from the tab page it reloads every time. there are a bunch of other things that really annoy me about ios but I wont go into here (too many to list). The seven inch size really makes more sense for me. Once the nook gets an asop port honeycomb I’ll be totally be happy with it

  61. Seems people still have an issue with the price, still though it’s lower. . . maybe this will make it better.

    $539 for the Xoom = $599 for the same level iPad 2

    Xoom has a lot more RAM – iPad 2 is gimped with a very low amount of RAM (256, maybe 512).

    Add Apple’s proprietary dongles for the iPad 2 $40-$80 – Xoom looks even less expensive.

    Better cameras in the Xoom, HD display, etc. . . Looking better all the time!

    And the Xoom has an SD expansion = unlimited memory = priceless

    Of course . . .
    Honeycomb = priceless!!

    At that price the Xoom is a bargain compared to the iPad 2!

    Don’t say people don’t care about the specs. If that were true Apple wouldn’t have tried so hard with the iPad 2 and they wouldn’t be hiding the specs of RAM & cameras. People look at them and say, that number is larger than that one. . . thus it must be better.

    If you want a cheap POS. . . there are plenty floating around.

  62. I can’t trust a sign that says it’s running “Android 2.0 Homeycomb.” I’ll wait for further confirmation.

  63. *Correction line 6 “No doubt”

  64. This is the same price as the cheapest iPad2 with the HDMI dongle.

  65. I’m Buying it!!!

  66. hey dumb @ss phannymay, #12, if you dont need a tablet, why are you buying an ipad?

  67. why all the hate, cant any of you use what meets your needs and stfu

  68. this is 32 gb wifi version, yes?

    iPad 32gb wifi price is 600 USD

  69. Where, on the sign, does it say that it’s a Wifi Only version?

  70. I don’t care about this price at Sam’s. I will be getting the iPad 2 for $499. First off, there’s no telling when that Xoom will even make it to Sam’s club. Has anyone visited their local store to see if such signs exist?
    It boils down to size for me. The iPad is freaking tiny, man! I need a good couch tab that I can hold and not get tired of holding it. The Xoom is HEAVY!

  71. @d, cause he doesn’t want a tablet, he want a big @ss ipod touch.

  72. I wanted Android 2.0 Homeycomb!

    May be a prank. Not taking seriously. We’ll see.

  73. @Him… Boils down to size for HER too… And smaller certainly isn’t better. ZzzzzziiiiiIIING!!!!

  74. @d #62, like everybody else who wants a tablet, nobody Need needs it. But since we are all gagdet geeks we would like to have one, and a good price will help justify the expense. I’m not going to choose buying that over buying food etc but it’s not useless, I can do 90% of my laptop stuff on here (more comfortably), I can do 80% of my work on here (they have microsoft word compatible doc processors that are touch tablet optimized), and the netflix, games, and other cool touch tablet optimized apps will be the icing on the cake. I can justify buying it a little more than an xbox for example. So I don’t need need it, but it is very cool and it would be useful to me if it’s not too expnsive, basically what every tablet customer is thinking..

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