Samsung Galaxy Indulge Appears on MetroPCS Site, No Longer the Forte


The Samsung handset model number SCH-R910 passed through the FCC recently and we speculated that the handset being called the Forte might be coming very soon, but a new find on the MetroPCS site is making it even more likely. That SCH-R910 phone now has it’s own page, albeit incomplete. There is no picture, but it looks like the Forte won’t be the Forte after all. The 1GHz processor, 3.5-inch HVGA display, 4G LTE handset get the Samsung Galaxy Indulge branding.

Like the upcoming Galaxy S 4G — and unlike all other Galaxy S phones in the States — the Indulge ships with Android 2.2 Froyo. Given talk of a recent delay for the HTC Thunderbolt, the Indulge could also be the US’s first LTE handset when it goes on sale for a no contract price of $399.99.

[MetroPCS via Engadget]

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SOURCE: Verizon Delaying Thunderbolt To Prevent Overlap Of iPhone Return Policy

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  1. Dang you mean to tell me a non contract device unknown on of all carriers METROPCS gets 2.2 froyo before other SAMSUNG DEVICES… WOW TALK ABOUT LOW BLOW

  2. hmm, maybe that was why HTC quickly removed its stance for the ThunderBolt being the first LTE handset to “one of the first LTE handsets” the initial press release said it was the first then they later changed that. seems they knew it wouldn’t be the first, but they are the first on Verizon regardless.

  3. You should buy this phone if you like froyo and never want gingerbread!

    As for myself.. I’m done with samsucks. Horrible customer service. Nine months and still not froyo for the epic? no thanks.

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