SOURCE: Verizon Delaying Thunderbolt To Prevent Overlap Of iPhone Return Policy


Rumors have been swirling about the HTC Thunderbolt and it’s rumored delays and Mobile Hotspot feature. While Skype not being prepared in time for launch was one of the reasons we’d been given by tipsters, we suggested that timing and strategy could also come into play. We’re now learning exactly what that strategy might be.

According to our sources, Verizon is delaying the launch of the Thunderbolt to ensure those purchasing the Verizon iPhone don’t have buyer’s remorse and return their iPhone for an Android. With Verizon’s new (non-coincidental) 14-day return policy, that would put the Thunderbolt launch date at February 24th or beyond to escape new Verizon iPhone owners from returning/exchanging for the TB. New information is suggesting that buyer’s remorse could strike iPhone owners after finding out the Thunderbolt will:

  1. Have Free 4G Hotspot capabilities
  2. Allow simultaneous voice and data

These are two features the Verizon iPhone won’t have. And then in the 2nd Quarter we’re hearing the Droid Incredible will launch with Global 3G connectivity/capabilities… something else the iPhone doesn’t have. It’s possible the hardware has the capability to connect globally and Verizon is locking it down, but that’s another issue altogether.

We won’t likely ever hear the official reason the HTC Thunderbolt is/was delayed, but I would be surprised to find out if strategically timing it around the iPhone wasn’t an issue. The iPhone will move massive numbers and the Thunderbolt already has a large and growing following, so attempting to maximize their sales with timing tactics makes sense. Unfortunately, it could come at the expense of some customers who would’ve preferred to switch back to Android after trying the iPhone.

There are plenty of people that would disagree including the folks at – I can appreciate their point. Remember that iPhone vs. EVO 4G cartoon where the iPhone user doesn’t care WHAT the Android Phone’s features are, they want an iPhone no matter what? I can imagine many of the initial Verizon iPhone customers won’t care WHAT is being launched on the Android side… they just want a Verizon iPhone much like cartoon guy wants an iPhone and doesn’t care about the EVO 4G that prints money.

That being said, I’ve spoken with plenty of people personally who aren’t sure whether to get an iPhone or Android so I know there are a lot of people in between. Verizon is trying to prevent this group from changing their minds. It isn’t cheap for someone to change their mind with restocking, repackaging, phone becoming technically “used”, customer service which costs overhead, and much more.

The iPhone is a great device and all… but obviously Verizon isn’t foolish enough to think every Apple owner will be so happy with their purchase they’d never consider switching to Android. The choice may have been more clear to typical consumers in the past, but Android is now seen on par with Apple if not exceeding them. And if you don’t believe me, let’s see how many people complain about lack of Hotspot, lack of simultaneous voice-and-data, and the DINC2 being able to connect globally when the iPhone hits Verizon on the 10th.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. That article was really long. I still don’t see what happened. Is the thunderbolt deffinitly delayed and if so when is the speculated release?

  2. Verizon, you suck balls. FU Verizon, give me my Thunderbolt and stop acting like a pussy.

  3. Someone making way for an Apple product at the expense of other products? Why does this sound familiar?

    Oh well. As long as it comes out eventually (The Thunderbolt).

  4. relly verizon is going to wipe steve jobs ass while they see how hes been buttfucking at&t’s lineup for years?

  5. also this kind of shit is why i hopped ship to t-mobile for the nexus S when i heard apple was making a cdma iphone 4 for verizon

  6. Also plans are gonna get expensive. I will see what excuse iPhone has when people realize they are dropping calls anyway.

  7. Its amazing how people really don’t care about what else is out there other then the IPhone, and all they want is the IPhone because its an IPhone. Lol. I hope those people hate their 4’s!

  8. I preordered the TB but if Verizon tries to bullshit me by delaying the release, then they will get my middle finger and I will buy the Atrix from AT&T.

  9. Yet again Verizon proves that their loyalty ultimately lies with the OS in which they think will make them more money.
    I feel sorry for Android/Verizon fanboys.

  10. Maybe you should read the entire article and realize that Verizon is doing this to save themselves money not because it helps Apple. Anyway I’m glad to see some friendship but Android and Apple bloggers, it proves that we’re really all just here for the best phone experience not to support fanboism. Well most of us at least.

  11. Its not that the iphone is a bad phone iphone only comes out once every year while androids come out once every 2 months of course android is gonna have more features but in all I can’t wait for that htc pyramid

  12. Between* not but

  13. The entire return policy as a reason is somehow weird….Is the remorse period in CA not 30 days and CA is one of the most dense populated areas?

  14. That makes no sense. That would only cover first day buyers of the iphone lol

  15. Not having simultaneous voice and data is going to be an issue. The more I see about the Big Red iPhone, the more it looks like an epic fail in the making. I’m sure plenty of people will still buy it, then realize they made yet another mistake that they are stuck with. Plenty of information on the web, it’s their choice if they decide to plant an apple tree and get lemons instead.

  16. Android sux crApple balls. HTC superior hardware and superir OS will win all the time. crApple just another dumbass American company that cannot compete on features so must bribe companys to give it edge. crApple will still fail anyway because Android rocks and crApple sux.

  17. Glad the verizon people have to deal with the iphone now. It’s good to see ATT finally get off Jobs’ nuts and start offering some decent android phones.

  18. Here is a simply question not answered by the article. Why would Verizon cared if you returned an Iphone for a Thunderbolt? Is Verizon getting a per unit commission from Apple? If anything Verizon would want you to get the Thunderbolt in the hopes you’d be paying for a more expensive 4G plan. Isnt that where they make their money? From the Plan?

  19. Verizon insider black_man_x already hinted that the simu voice and data on 3G was for the fruit. I am pretty sure it will have it as well. Also, I must of missed something, where did you hear thunderbolt would have free 4g hot spot?

  20. I see the logic in this, the first day buyers are going to be the iPhone buyers that want to get one just because or switch from AT&T. like the ones that Apple said at the launch event “were demanding they release the Verizon iPhone” so it makes sense that Verizon thinks the first day buyers will likely be either the ones that will want to return it if they see another better phone is coming (since they don’t pay attention to Android news etc)

    ThunderBolt seems to be getting the attention of the Android hardcore, whereas the iphone is getting the attention of the “iphone vs EVO cartoon” crowd because they gotta have it! but at the same time they’ll be pissed to know the ThunderBolt will have SVDO, free hotspot and better features that the iPhone doesn’t have and never will until Apple gets some innovation and not just release an update that changes barely anything every year.

    this could also tailor nicely to the Droid Incredible launch day buyers from last year that got a 1 year contract because the 26th (2 days after the ThunderBolt’s new date, is when the upgrades are available and Verizon might let them upgrade early like with the Droid X last year.

    oh the speculation!! :)
    Maybe HTC will announce some new features that will be available on the T-bolt at MWC.

    and if the real reason beyond Skype is the cause, it makes sense to only delay the phone by a week so they can update all the units that are already packaged and ready to ship.

  21. I had the iPhone for one day and already sent it back. Liked my incredible way to much. Can’t wait for the HTC Thunderbolt.

  22. Fuck skype, just let me have my damn Thunderbolt already.

  23. People: ooOOOoo Verizon iPhone… ahhhh…

    Verizon: Unlimited data! Best network ever!

    People: YAY!

    Verizon: *waits 2 weeks* GOTCHA BITCH!

    Verizon iPhone customers: wha? wait… do I have the 4 Gees?

    Verizon: Nope, and you can’t get ’em unless you pony up some jack! Oh by the way, your data plan isn’t really unlimited, it’s throttled, and here’s your insane bill.

    Verizon iPhone customers: NOOOOO! *Looking at bill* AHH! NOOOOO!

    Apple: NEW iPhone 5!

    Verizon iPhone customers: NOOOOOO!

    Google: NEW Android!

    Verizon iPhone customers: NOOOOOOOOOO!

    Google: With Playstation games and superfast graphics!

    Verizon iPhone customers: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Microsoft: NEW Windows Phone 7!

    Verizon iPhone customers: *blink blink*

    Microsoft: With full Xbox games!

    Verizon iPhone customers with Xboxes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  24. Verizon: PS – The Verizon iPhone still has the death grip antennagate issue. PROBLEM?

    Verizon iPhone customers: FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  25. Its Verizon. Never get a level playing field there. They need to follow. So sprint will be the Android flag ship net

  26. i love that pic!! means so much!!

  27. I just switched from the Original Moto Droid to the Verizon iPhone 4 and I know I made a great choice! I’ve been with Android well over a year and had the iPhone 4 for 3 days and I love it! You should all really stop hating on the iPhone and just embrace it. :)

  28. I have been following the iPhone review thread at the verizon wireless forum because I am a considering one for my daughter. The phone is getting a lot of love and very little complaints. I am sticking with my droid but the people who have switched from droid or blackberry are pretty happy. Not sure why verizon feels the need to stifle the competition.

  29. That picture makes me sad.

  30. It could very well have to do with that return window but I don’t think its about loosing money. Verizon can’t have the iPhone launch look bad by return. Or they fear good sales of the Thunderbolt while the iPhone is new and supposed to be the only thing people want to buy. Sooner or later they have to release it though and people will flock for the 4G alone.

  31. It sounds like many of you think VZW is a non-profitable organization. Of course they do thing for a reason. It’s called making money. The reason VZW does not want people to return the IPhone for the Thunderbolt is because they will end up losing money. VZW has to subsidize so much money on the IPhone they will not even see any profit for over a year.

  32. I’ve had my iPhone for two days and I absolutely love it. And I’m coming from a droid incredible. I’m not looking back to android. I think android is great but when u use an iPhone you can see the difference. The overall speed of the phone is great. The camera is 10 times better than the incredible’s event though the incredible has an 8 megapixel cam compared to the iPhone’s 5 megapixel cam. Oh and battery life is great. You guys can be obsessed with all these specs that look great on paper but those specs don’t mean anything in real life usage. I’m not a fanboy of either platform but I will admit that the iPhone just works as it should. Android has awhile to go and I really hope they continue to grow so it will spur competition.

  33. How can a phone be delayed if a release date hasnt been given?? I have preordered my TB and will gladly wait for its release.

  34. Jdog, you sir, are an epic troll.

  35. @Alex. I had an iPhone, and you’ll get over it soon enough! Its new and different to you, but that will ware off real soon. If they actually do something new with the iPhone 5 maybe I will look at one, but they will probably do something really innovative like make it thinner every year or change the bezel, to get all of the apple fanboys buy the same thing they already have. Apple is great when they come out with a new product but fall really short when giving them an overhaul.

  36. This is hilarious. I ask my stupid neighbor why she wants an iPhone and her response is “to play Bejeweled”. I almost wet myself. It is the same argument I had with her and her husband about a computer. They wanted a fast computer so they can send email, web browse, and get on Facebook. I told them to give me $50 and I could install a Linux system that does all of that and more efficiently. Nope, they needed quad core, 8GB of memory, HD video card. All of this to connect to a 10 year old 14″ flat panel Dell monitor. On top of that, they only could spend $300 for it. Well, I told them good luck.

  37. I see nothing wrong here and it makes a lot of sense on VZW’s part. The Thunderbolt is a bad ass device worth enough to steal away iPhone buyers. Thats a GOOD THING! Be lucky enough to have such kick ass options cuz Tmobile doesnt have an iPhone OR a bad ass 4.3″ Android to choose from.

  38. @matt, thats just awesome. Nooooooo lol
    and yep, that sounds like Verizon’s agenda, not only will they make more money on people trying to get a replacement for the iPhone they don’t want, they’ll have word of mouth to spread viral advertising for a better device.

    most people don’t like anything besides an iPhone because its not an iPhone, it doesn’t have the docks, car support, massive amount of accessories. but to mean none of that matters when you can’t do what you want to with the device you now OWN, unlike with an Android device you can, rooted you can do even more like custom roms, themes etc. but with the upcoming ThunderBolt rooting has become less needed since it supports custom themes/skins. not saying it won’t need to be rooted, but HTC gives us one less reason to root because of the new Sense.

  39. I don’t think that the TB will sway those wanting the IP4 from buying it – IP4 loyalists want their dose of Apple and will stay the course IMO no matter what other phones are out there.

  40. give me an iphone with a qwerty and MAYBE i’ll switch…still rockin my OG droid

  41. Good things come to those that wait.

  42. Let see, here is an idea, instead of pissing off the people who know they want the Thunderbolt, release both phones at the same time, and give the people the choice. Verizon has turned into a monarchy, thinking THEY must decide what the people want, and THEY have decided that EVERYONE MUST want the POS iPhone. Hey Verizon, I”ve LEFT you for the freedom of SPRINT…Can you hear me now!?

  43. @ tech, not on that spotty network.

  44. Although it is possible the Thunderbolt gets delayed to Feb. 24 I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt it has anything to do with VZW wanting to make sure iphone buyers can’t return it and switch to Android. That sounds like some Android fanboy theory. Why? Because the ONLY people that would work on are the people who buy on EXACTLY Feb. 10. It won’t work on those who buy it any day after. So are you really saying they are going to delay a product by that long just to target the iphone buyers of Feb. 10? Child, please.

  45. LOL! You fandroids and your iPhone hatred/envy are hilarious….

  46. @CTD I agree 100%. Plus, why would Verizon wait until now to decide to push back the release date? They’ve known about the iPhone release date for a long time now. Why would they all of the sudden say “Oh, we can’t release any competition for the iPhone…let’s push back all other release dates so our customers can’t return their iPhones”. Just doesn’t make sense. If that was their strategy, then they would have come up with that MONTHS ago, not 6 days before the release of their “Android Flagship”.

  47. @DroidDoesnt…..Both operating systems serve a purpose. The Apple IOS is for people who want an easy, user friendly service. Android is for the Tech people who want open source and the ability to fully customize their devices. The vast majority of people just want an easy to use device that gives them a certain “status”. But us Tech nerds don’t want to be in line with the vast majority, we want to be individuals and lead ourselves in our own directions. Thats why both sides of this iPhone vs. Android war feel like they are on the winning side. Competition, it’s a beautiful thing….if only Verizon would figure that out and release the DAMN Thunderbolt!!!

  48. @CMAC Unlike what the article says, I don’t think it has anything to do with people getting an ios then wanting an android os device. They want to give the thunderbolt a fighting chance – sales wise. I think its just a way to let the excitement over the iphone die down a little before sending the thunderbolt into the lions den. The iPhone casts a large shadow.


  50. I figure I might as well judt wait until I can get a phone on a one year contrat….I’m doin just fine w/ my rooted and romed droid. I really wanted the thuinderbolt, but all this crap is makin me wana wait…..

  51. @MrTruthiness….Maybe you are right, but then why would Verizon make plans to release the Thunderbolt on the 14th, then change those plans last minute? They’ve planned these release dates for a long time now. If you are right, then Verizon should have thought of that MONTHS ago. I think this whole article is wrong. I think a technical issue is holding up the Thunderbolt’s release date, not competition.

  52. @ C MAC:

    I get that….I just don’t understand the pure hatred of Apple. I’m an Apple “fanboy”…..but I don’t hate Android (the DroidDoesnt moniker is just for fun). In fact, every time I see an Android phone I can’t help but think that Apple feels quite flattered because it’s obvious that Android’s UI and OS were greatly influenced by Apple. I just don’t get then pure hatred. Android has stumbled upon a business model that works for them (28.7%-25% lead in marketshare over iPhone). Apple has a business model that obviously works for them (Apple commands a whopping 51% of all smartphone profits from just one phone). It’s a thin line between love and hate…..

  53. And what exactly shows android is moddeled after ios?

  54. First off FUCK YOU APPLE!!! This is all APPLES fault. They want there product to be out there with compatition what so ever. So they tell verizon not to have any phone that col take sales away from them. Then people will be locked into a 2year contract and be stuck with it. Then sales for Thunderbolt will be much lower. Now they want to slow down are speed becuase of apple iphone. FUCK YOU APPLE!!!! APPLE knows just how to screw companies!!! People always say APPLE is for the people. Well they really are not so who ever is smoking the Apple needs to stop.

    Tell everyone not to get the Iphone and get the thunderbolt.

  55. @Alex the original Droid is to be compared to the iPhone 3g.
    You can’t say iPhone 4 is better if you haven’t gotten a phone with a 1ghz processor.

    And why are people going for the thunderbolt? Evo already did it. :/
    Bionic 4 the win!

  56. @Droiddoesnt….I actually agree, and I don’t hate Apple. I own an Ipod Touch and I love it. There are a lot of people that just HATE Apple, and I think you are right, it’s because Apple is widely accpeted and it gets all the attention and media hype. But as a wise man once said “But if they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up”-50 Cent

  57. @chris, the evo is not the thunderbolt. Apples to oranges there.

  58. Thats dirty…..and good business move by Apple if that pulled the strings on this…lol
    Post #52 says it best. Apple stock holders shouldnt be really caring about iPhone market share until its gets as low as Win Mo’s.
    I wish I did have stock in Apple right now…lol

  59. Post #54
    Exactly. The Droid 1 is a relative dinosaur now. Less Ram, slower cpu, less features than an Incredible, Droid 2, Droid X, Fascinate..
    Not saying the iPhone 4 isnt good. But saying you got an iPhone 4 coming from a Droid 1 and loving the iPhone 4 so much isnt really saying much.

  60. LOL @ Fuck Apple. I’m loving this comment board. Best one yet. Good job stirring the pot

    Now what if the Thunderbolt comes out as scheduled and this is all proved to be BS?

  61. @ Nlsme:

    Ok, here we go again….

    1. Android’s use of multitouch modeled after iPhone
    2. Android’s use of accelerometer modeled after iPhone
    3. Andoid’s use of proximity sensor modeled after iPhone
    4. Android’s swipe gestures, tapping, pinching and zooming modeled after iPhone
    5. Android Market modeled after App Store
    6. Android’s app store business model (70-30 split between developers and Google) modeled after Apple
    7. Android’s new found support of in-app purchases modeled after Apple

    See, this is where I lose respect for fandroids. You can enjoy your Android phone. Thats fine. I would also add that many of them have features not included on the iPhone. But to try and pretend that the core of Android as it exists has not been derivative of Apple then you are being intellectually dishonest. I just looked at the preview of the LG Optimus 2 on this blog. Can you look at that video and HONESTLY not see the influence of Apple??? Please stop fooling yourself….

  62. Lemme guess, they both have cameras. Modeled after iphone. They both make calls. Modeled after iphone. They both use wifi, modeled after iphone.

  63. Lol! See, that comment right there shows me that you understand exactly what I’m saying. Having a camera, making a call, wifi are all pretty much standard features on phones across the board. Multitouch, proximity sensor, visual voicemail, on device App store, are all features that were brought to market on phones by Apple (notice I didn’t say that multitouch was CREATED by Apple; they were the first to use it in this manner). Such a sophomoric response……

  64. Yes, Apple did release the first capacitive touchscreen smartphone(most of the features you listed is a result of that), nobody is denying that. And yes, capacitive touchscreens does have the most potential in terms of apps for smartphones, nobody is denying that. I still don’t see what your point is.

  65. Forgot the ringtones modeled after iPhone. Not to mention that iPhone invented the internet!!!

  66. @ Ace Curry:

    Read posts 52 and 53 and you’ll see what my point is….

  67. The more I think about this, the more I blame Phandroid, Engadget, BGR, Android Central, etc, etc.,,, for the feverish revolt. Verizon actually NEVER announced a release date for the Thunderbolt, it was only SPECULATED via gossip, and fueled by the intense need of these bloggers to be 1st to break the news. Yes I fell for it, and focused my rage at Verizon, but you media mongers need to accept the blame on this one and apologize.

  68. I have no issues waiting just tell me the damn date verizon!!! your not the “only” kid on the block, might be the best… but not the only. i need a new phone and i will not except your “iphone” bull$hit. i want the best and i am perpaired to pay for it, but “wait for it then delays all the damn time funk that, and funk you verizon wireless”. havent you learned your lesson?

  69. Yes, apple did bring certain features first, I would hardly say android is “modeled after ios”. The os is completely different. So to say android os is modeled after ios is a fail. The markets are completely different. So to say that the market is modeled after the app store is also a fail. Your statement was the os and ui, so to bring up business models is a moot point, but if you insist, those are also completely different. So, again. FAIL.

  70. *Nlsme continues self-deception*

  71. All Apple did with iOS was to add a bunch of features that were the next logical step in what a mobile OS should be. Android and others have taken that a step (s) further, now we are going to see Apple add more and more features that Android is going to make standard. Example multitasking and with new dual core rumors for the iPhone 5 that might mean that widgets are coming, maybe. I have a ipod touch and I use a Nexus S, at the moment they are both 50/50 with features and functionality. I don’t speak for all android devices only the pure android experience.

  72. @droiddoesnt….My great great great great great Grandpa built the 1st chair. So la-z-boy is just a wannabe, copycat, chair making company.

    Just because you did it 1st doesn’t mean you will always to it best. Props to Apple on what they have accomplished, but in 2010 Android phones have made vast improvements over Apple. I’d say there are several Android phones that are better than the iphone, in both specs and OS.

  73. Hey, I admitted apple brought certain features to market. But, to say. Android is moddeled off of ios, to the point that apple should be flattered? I think your delsional.

  74. @Android Fan.. You hate America because your own country sucks so bad. You’re full of hate and jealousy of a country that is so much better than that insignificant pos you call home you fucking peasent. Now go fuck yourself with an Iphone you stupid foreign pos. USA #1 and always will be

    PS Iphone sucks ass

  75. @DroidDoesn’t

    Oh yeah, well how about you try to buy an app off of iTunes and have it just install to your phone over the air?

    Thought so.


  76. You people are funny who are going to jump ship to AT&T because of a week or two delay. We have known about this phone for months now so what is two more weeks. If you are THAT impatient, you deserve the AT&T network. Relax and get you HTC TB in a couple weeks!!!!

  77. Atrix/Bionic , the first to be a dock-able cell phone that acts as a Laptop or media outlet , TRY THAT WITH A iPhone .
    ANDROID light years ahead of iOS .

  78. EVERYBODY: Read comment 67. Excellent!!!! VZW has never actually released a date, so is this really a delay by VZW?????

  79. If we gonna mention copying….lets not forget about the LG Prada
    Thats the first capacitive touch screen phone…not the iPhone
    Look at the UI on the LG Prada, Look at Android…now tell what is Android more modeled after..
    For those that dont look it up, the LG Prada came out 6 months before the original iPhone.
    All those firsts you list for the iPhone, if no other company uses them….the iPhone really wouldn’t have any competition…lets be real…

  80. Guys, this is a troll. Don’t feed the troll. You make him so happy that’s he touching himself watching all the concerned users trying to rebut him.

    If people won’t listen to logic, then let them remain deaf to the world.

  81. PEOPLE NEED TO EDUCATED them selfs and do search on what they purchase . This world is full of people that skip that important step and jump on something they are going to regret in the near future. Hope fully verizon is not “in bed with apple” like at&t is .

  82. Oh God not the Prada argument again????

    I’ll go back to a conversation I had on this very blog a couple of months ago and make the very same point:

    Apple began creating the iPhone in 2005, two years before it came to market

    If someone, ANYONE, on this blog can find proof that LG began working on the Prada before that, I’ll shut up…..(remember jroc??)

  83. @ Brad 2:

    Did u know that your phone is less secure because of that??? If a hacker can hack into your google account he can download malicious apps to your phone WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT????
    Thought so….

  84. wow,
    this is really all great reading material. I had an iPhone 3GS, the device itself was decent (mostly played bejeweled on it) but i had to jailbreak it to get it to function the way i wanted it. I currently have the HTC Incredible and love it so much that i got my wife one. Android has surely surpassed iOS and with the multitude of phones with the UI there is really no argument. On the Thunderbolt, i agree that it is the media’s fault because i have searched high and low and didnt find a link where Verizon actually confirmed a release date. I will patiently wait for my Thunderbolt to be released. iPhone users get the iPhone for status, Android users get it for functionality… its as simple as that.

  85. @DroidDoesnt
    It has in the links LG filing patents in 2006. This is the question I have, can you just make up some patents in a few months and file a patent? Or do you have to be working on it already?
    Its very similar to the iPhone, may have filed patents before Apple, has been worked on for a period of time; no internet proof yet but I dont think you can design a OS, UI and phone in a matter of months…the Prada didnt just fall outta tree…
    Hey DroidDoesnt, what year was the first iPhone patents done?

  86. Wait a min….those are not the patents for the Prada….thats another LG phone…lol

  87. Until I find more info…look at it like this: LG was already busy patenting their next phone while getting ready to unveil the Prada.

  88. Its really funny how people are getting mad That Verizon is doing this…its a completely understandable business strategy. For all the fans out there That keep up with the mobile news, if they know That they want the Thunderbolt, then they will wait for. If they opted to try the iphone first, they have 14 days to try it and if they don’t like it, then they can return it before then and wait a few days to just get the TB instead…

  89. @67. tech40 wrote on February 9, 2011
    I have to agree. We are getting angry over the maybe delay, but until Verizon officaly tells us a date then we can not really say they delayed the phone. We can all speculate, but we just have to wait.

  90. It is smart that Verizon added the IPhone to the equipment line up. Verizon customers have been waiting for many years, and Verizon listened.

    Before the IPhone announcement, Verizon announced the pending release of the 4G LTE phones.

    Verizon gave their customers a choice. Why should Verizon be bashed for making a smart business decision?? Why should they release two highly anticipated phones within their return policy?? Verizon loses money with EVERY return.

    Verizon does not need the IPhone…they got it for their customers….but, Verizon is also a business. So tell me what smart business would set themselves up to lose money with launching two highly anticipated phones so close?


  92. the 24th would be the 14th day and they would let you return it

  93. Wow.. everyone knows Verizon’s in and out 1st the return policy changed LAST month pre- IPhone4 for those of you that know it all… and 2nd who the hell cares if Verizon was a monarchy and didn’t listen to what people wanted then they would have NEVER gotten the IPhone in the first place. I swear some of you waste too much time trying to find a conspiracy when in actuality there isn’t one. THREE WORDS FOR YOU— GET A LIFE–

  94. Yeesh, all this drama. Verizon made a strategic move at the expense of customer satisfaction, the people shall speak and that will be that. As for VZW IP4 owners who want to trade for a thunderbolt, it sucks, but you’ll have to suck it up and trade for something (slightly) lower like a DROID or Fascinate. As for me, I’m just glad on I’m T-Mo. I’ve got a G1 for now and when I get my HD2(or vibrant, or g2, still on the fence) off craigslist, I can happily just throw android on the nand, pop in my sim card and there’s my upgrade.

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