Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Headed to Verizon, Says Wirefly


Just days before Sony gives us all the details neatly packed into a single presentation, we are continuing to hear more on carrier plans for the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. We learned that all of the UK’s major carriers will receive the device, and now comes a hint on at least one US carrier that might pick up the Play. According to Wirefly’s website comparing the iPhone to the Xperia Play, the new SE device will land on Verizon Wireless.

As the launch of the new device approaches I am getting anxious. Do we have another N-gage on our hands? Or is the world ready for a combo handheld gaming console and Android smartphone by now?

[BONUS] Speaking of the Xperia Play, here is an elongated, extra-creepy look at the ad SE ran during the Super Bowl:

[via BGR]

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  1. I an ready for it provided its a good phone with dev support! And please pick this up t no or I’ll be forced to leave you once we’re through!

  2. I don’t think it’s at all fair to compare the N-gage to the Xperia Play.
    From what we can tell(and imagine) the Play will have a lot of good quality games on offer, that’ll be downloaded over-the-air and the phone will be a very competent smart phone, too. The N-gage used physical cartridges(or memory cards) that required you to take the battery out of the phone to insert.

    Given that the new Playstation games store(or whatever they end up calling it) will be available to this phone, other Android phones running Gingerbread and above and the next generation playstation portable(and perhaps the PS3 and maybe even Sony laptops, for all we know, though that’s unlikely) I can see this phone and the store as a whole doing really well.

  3. Too good to be true, i won’t believe it till I see it

  4. I was sooo very ready for the Ngage back then…
    I fancied splinter cell and tony hawk in 3d graphics…
    And liked the idea of a gameboy with telephone.
    Now I play SplinterCell on Android – without having a gameboy keyboard!
    Touch screen controls work fine for me, and for anything else I would rather have a full querty keyboard wich I can use for playing than 10 Keys:
    It adds a lot of size compared to little use.
    Then again – It’s just me.
    I have been wrong with the Ngage back in the days…

  5. Anyone know what carrier could potentially carry the Sony PLAY in Canada yet?

    I heard t-mobile will pick it up but Im not sure if it’ll work unlocked elsewhere where i am.

  6. I want this but i like t-mobile’s coverage in my area, hopefully it will come to TMO

  7. @ Ali: Rogers

  8. SE making a CDMA phone? Has hell frozen over?

  9. I want this phone for TMO also. I’m torn between this one and LG Optimus 3D, but if either one is not on TMO, then I might have to import :p

    But generaly speaking I don’t think it benefits SE to be available to one carrier. It does benefit the carrier and they might grease some palms for an exclusive but long term would hurt XP. On the other hand Sony did state their game market will be availble to other 2.3 devices, maybe we will see more adopt a gamepad over keyboard. The store may be Sony’s focus and not so much XP.

  10. Sony Ericsson on CDMA network?!? That would be awesome (if they upgrade Android as new versions roll out). My best phone (before Android) was a Sony digital phone on Sprint. I’d definitely consider the device if they release it on Sprint.

  11. Who wants to spend hours squinting at a screen to play video games on a phone? I have a hard enough spending more than 15 minutes playing Angry Birds. I don’t see this phone being a huge seller.

  12. I for one hope this is does NOT go to T Mobile, they get enough phones anyway. Bring it Verizon!

  13. If this comes to Verizon I’ll sure as Hell look into it. I’m not too much of a fan of PlayStation games, but this would mean a whole new experience with emulators. Let’s hope the hardware can back the phone up, though.

  14. How the hell do they KNOW? All Sony Ericsson phones are GSM. Verizon IS NOT GSM.

  15. @DOOM

    Thanks bro. You have ne idea the frequency of the PLAY? Am I gonna be able to switch it onto WIND for example? AWS?

  16. what?….tmobile has too many phones?
    you serious guy? verizon got the iphone5 the incredible the eris droid 1 and 2 their getting the bionic they have the xoom they have the pro….man whatever tmobile has one of the worst line ups
    hd2 & 7? psssh mytouch 4g ok ok g2 but thats about it
    we need this phone…
    this your last chance tmobile dont make another magenta blunder!!!!!

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