Google’s Gundotra On Nokia/Microsoft Rumors: “Two Turkeys Do Not Make an Eagle”

Vic Gundotra has been a bit quiet since he did a bang-up job presenting at last year’s Google I/O, but in light of rumors of a pending Nokia announcement on Friday that might involve Windows Phone 7, the charismatic Googler has unleashed a easy-to-decode tweet with his opinion on the matter.

February 11th would be this Friday, and those two turkeys smell and awful lot like Nokia and Microsoft. This comes after Nokia CEO Stephen EloGuess any speculation about Android on Nokia should promptly find the nearest window and exit from it.

[via Engadget]

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  • Roz JC

    Lol. Nice tweet.

    And I think there’s something wrong with your last line, sir.

  • Mike C

    No, but Eagles do eat Turkey’s :D

  • My Galaxy

    Its know behind the scenes that nokia fear android more than any other phone OS and are look to do some cool stuff with future phones, but getting in bed with M$ isn’t really going to do it for them, why not just release one android phone and test the water out, worked for motarola, samsung and HTC.

  • Firelight

    Vic was throwing Nokia’s comments back at them. He didn’t originate it:

  • Lee

    That would be a good metaphor if we were talking air planes but if we are talking cell phones, I think most people like to eat(consume) turkeys over eagles.

  • aleis

    good find fireflight.

  • Mark WaitingItOut

    I love my Cannon.

  • Dvrcowboy

    Its just illegal

  • Nlsme

    I like “androkia” more.

  • Mark WaitingItOut

    Nokia needs something! My first mobile phone was a Nokia. Now I have a Droid and love it. (What was I saying about Cannon??)

  • Storm14K aka Phil

    Bout time this cat comes back on the scene. I was hoping he would be at Google I/O to lay the smack down again lmao. There should certainly be plenty to lay down if the numbers don’t show the doom and gloom the Verizon iPhone is supposed to spell for Android.

    And he is right to turn that quote around on Nokia. What sense does it make to save your sinking ship by trying to save another sinking ship? It just adds to my belief that there are alot of butt hurt folk that are mad that Android didn’t flop like they thought it would.

  • aleis


  • Sense

    That basically kills the Nokia-Android possibilities.

    Oh well good luck Nokia.

  • Manus

    Y doesnt nokia just make a custom nokia skin For their android devices.

  • Tarik

    So Nokia is complaining about losing ground and they go ahead and join a sinking ship?

    Well, if it makes sense to them…let them be I guess.

  • leroy

    looks like a little faggit

  • Richard

    Nokia and Microsoft… Perfect together now they can get rid of one another… they can drive down the road to nowhere and pick up research in motion on a one way trip off the CLIFF

  • Shingi70


    you do know that Nokia has only lost ground in the U.S. right. The international market is the one that matters the most and Nokia is still number 1 everywhere else. Also sells of WP7 devices have been really good, its been talk that M$ is going to overstep rim for the number 3 spot.

    its kinda like how in the U.S tmobile is the smaller carrier but in reality Tmobile is the largest international carrier and could buy the other 3.

  • http://phandroid The Big One

    This is just like when Sears took ove Kmart. They turned two struggling companies into one huge struggling company. I think Android on Nokia would be cooler than snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad 2

    LOL @Richard’s comment above, genius!


  • Jouten

    The Big One: “This is just like when Sears took ove Kmart. They turned two struggling companies into one huge struggling company.”

    Yeah, but now they will be too big to fail and we will bail them out and give their execs a golden parachute while we are at it!

  • Myria

    Honestly the tweet is infantile and should be beneath someone representing a major corporation — made even worse by the kindergarten-level “they did it first” excuse.

    That aside, I came home from walking the dog the other day to find four wild turkeys in my back yard eating stuff that had fallen from the bird feeders. They were annoyed at my dog barking at them so they wandered off to the treeline where a flock of geese were and promptly kicked their butts, making the whole flock fly off.

    Don’t underestimate turkeys, they’re tougher than you’d think.

  • ari-free

    Nokia sure knows how to pick a winner,h? Whatever happened to Maemo or MeeGo or whatever OS they were hoping would take over the world?

  • ari-free

    Firelight wow Vic is so good that he is familiar with every tweet ever made by Nokia

  • msgnyc

    Nokias’ OSs have been Open Source for so long, I just can’t see them doing a complete 180 and going to Microsoft. I’t just so weird and wrong in so many ways.

  • Mike Silva

    Nokia hardware used to be high quality, but since Andriod came out, only 2 reasons make me move to a new smartphone:
    Pure Android experience, and zero Micro$oft code in it ;)
    So either Nokia step up or will keep in my forgoten reaml…

  • alex

    Lol very true

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    I disagree I think this could be a huge strategic advantage for Nokia and MS. Nokia needs an ecosystem solution to go on it devices, MS needs a company that can make good hardware. I see some great things coming out of this partnership (if true).

  • StevO

    MS and Nokia can jump on the Android train. Why go against it?