Olive Telecom Brings Gingerbread to India with the OliveSmart V-S300


Somehow, very quietly, Olive Telecom in India has produced a smartphone that looks to be tfirst outside of the Nexus S to feature Android 2.3 Gingerbread. There is something fishy about the report from The Times of India, which features the above pictures of the OliveSmart V-S300 with Froyo rather than Gingerbread. Provided that is simply a marketing mock-up blunder, this handset appears to be anything but a joke.

With a 4.1-inch screen, Snapdragon process, and HSPA+, the slim handset measuring at 9.9mm thick is a real power house. Add a 5MP rear camera and front-facing camera and this phone runs with the best. It’s enough to make us envious of the folks over in India, if only for the fact that it would mean more handsets with Gingerbread. The phone is priced just south of $500 in US money, or Rs 20,000.

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  1. Looks good even if it doesnt have gingerbread. I guess companies are coming up with some good stuff. May be advertise them in the upcoming cricket world cup and get some air time as it will be watched the world over especially here in the states when you are talking $$$$$

  2. The back looks kinda like an Acer Liquid Metal lol.

  3. Looks Good !

  4. Nice find. HTC-like specs from a no-name! AND GINGERBREAD! Hopefully vanilla. If only the display was Super-LCD or Super-AMOLED

  5. Something is weird here. If you check out the sideview pic in the middle. There is a piece sticking out on the top right, which I presume is the camera glass. However on the back view on the right, that piece is at a different height.

  6. Doent look half bad actually.
    pjv, I see what your saying. Probably just mock up pictures of the device tho so.

  7. It is a rebadged Huawei X6

    I wonder if this will be late like the X5 which has still not arrived in the market despite a Jan 2011 retail date in multiple countries?

  8. As mentioned above, it is just a rebadged Huawei X6, but whereas the X6 was announced with Froyo built-in(since that was the latest when it was announced), Olive (or Huawei) are promising Gingerbread.

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