LG Revolution Will Be First 4G Device to Offer Voice-Over-LTE


Verizon mentioned during their initial 4G LTE announcement that the plan was to eventually move over to voice-over-data for calls placed on their network. While 4G phones like the soon to be released HTC Thunderbolt won’t feature the functionality, it appears the LG Revolution will be the first in Verizon’s lineup to feature what they are calling VoLTE (Voice over LTE). This will open up their network for simultaneous voice and data usage, a thorn in Verizon’s side for sometime, but one that is being addressed with VZW’s 4G lineup.

The HTC Thunderbolt will have the capability over 3G thanks to technology inherent in the phone, but Verizon won’t be advertising it. However, we’re sure once the Revolution with VoLTE starts getting hyped up it will be a major focus.

[via CNN]

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  1. I want.

  2. I was expecting them to have voice over lte but wtf LG??? i need specs for this bad boy before i decide i want it!!!

  3. Where’s the dual-core? That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from getting this phone.

  4. Specs: 4.3″ WVGA, Qualcomm’s 1GHz (latest one), 5MP camera w/ 720p video, 1.3MP ffc, 16GB built in storage, HDMI out. No clue on RAM. But everything else looks very similar to the Thunderbolt.

  5. Here’s the specs of the Revolution for those that don’t know: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/LG-Revolution_id4981

  6. Looks like Anroid phones are becoming the “first” more and more. I’m just glad I love my G2, I’d hate to have to decide on a new phone right now, too many mind blowing devices available or just around the corner.

  7. meh. 4″ is the sweet spot. and dual-core…
    hope they’re pricing these devices appropriately. like $99

  8. if it was dual core and 8mp camera i wouldnt mind it, how is the rooting and custom rom and kernel community with LG??

  9. I like the LG 2X so much too…why couldnt they pull a Samsung and have the same phone on the other carriers? At least the Bionic and Atrix are dual core…
    But this here….I wanna see if LTE gives better reception. If it does I will stay with Verizon. If not, I gotta go with another carrier for better phone service.
    This sucks…when i got the Droid X I was sure it was the phone I wanted. Now? Too many other options I’m considering this time. Android, the carriers and phone manufactures are not making it easy this time….lol

  10. “This will open up their network for simultaneous voice and data usage”
    Couldn’t you already do voice over CDMA and data over LTE at the same time?

  11. I wonder how this would affect the offerings or prices of plans for an LTE-only device. Would one even need a voice plan?

  12. What do you want to bet they still charge you for “minutes”?

    I want data only over LTE and I will use my own VOIP provider.

  13. I’m guessing its pronounced like volt? I could be wrong but following the lightning theme it would make sense.

  14. Did LG develop their own VoLTE stack or did they buy it from somone? As far as i’m concerned there are no available VoLTE clients on the market yet (that supports the whole standard).

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