Regional Best Buy Outs Thunderbolt and XOOM Launch Dates (14th, 24th)


Release dates, Verizon! We want release dates! Much has been rumored since CES regarding two of their upcoming devices – the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola XOOM – and we’ve been seeking validation for both of them.

A FaceBook post from a Best Buy in Grand Rapids, though, suggests the HTC Thunderbolt will see a February 14th release date – just as we saw in several earlier leaks and just as we heard from several independent tipsters.

The Motorola XOOM received a date too: February 24th. We figured this would be pretty close to the Thunderbolt considering training and marketing materials for the tablet were sent out at around the same time. And they’d confirmed late February all along, anyway.

But we still don’t have official confirmation. It’s a recurring theme with Verizon, unfortunately, but we’ve learned to deal with it. Don’t be surprised to see them announce the Thunderbolt’s landing date just a couple of days before it launches. [via Droid-Life]

[Update]: Aaaaaaaand the post is gone. That pretty much confirms it’s true. ;)

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  1. I want them both, but damn I wish those dates were switched…

  2. The Xoom date is interesting. At my work yesterday we had Verizon reps there and they assured us the Xoom was releasing the 17th. So VZW stores might be carrying this for a week before BB.

  3. Hopefully the Xoom is released on the 17th. However, Verizon is losing some major marketing time if it hasn’t started released date advertisements.

  4. I’ve also heard the 17th for the Xoom based on an apparently leaked Best Buy screenshot.

  5. Preorders on the 17th. In stores on the 24th.

  6. @ sean

    That seems logical. The thing is if we are this damn close what about a damn PRICE! You can’t tell me that motorola hasn’t already decided what the price of this tabelt is going be. I mean we know there are going be super bowl ads. How the hell you going promote a tablet, and tell people buy said tablet if they don’t know how much it’s going set them back!?

  7. Be cautious.

    Motorola probably won’t support this any better than they supported their Cliq XT.

    Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s Motorola… it’ll end with you having a useless paperweight.

  8. All I can say is… my tax return better get here quick… :)

  9. Still say they missed the boat with the Xoom release date. They should have pushed hard to have it in the stores when the people come in to see the new Verizon iPhones. Many are getting them online but there will be some who want to see them in person at the stores. Make them have some serious decisions to make when purchasing a new device.

  10. I can’t wait. Even at at $700, this doesn’t look like a bad deal. I can’t wait till we can hack into. I would love to use this thing as a LTE hotspot when it becomes available.

  11. @Hugh

    Don’t be dumb, not only is the Cliq an old device with outdated hardware but Motorola released a statement that they felt 1.5 was better for the phone than 2.0. This is Motorola’s flagship tablet, Verizon’s flagship tablet, and one of Android’s first tablets with a tablet OS. The Xoom will be supported.

  12. Dumb question as I believe this has been covered already multiple times, but could someone remind me what the expectations are about the wireless network the initial batch of Xooms will be on/capable of? I know it’ll be 3G (and WiFi) to begin with, but are the first units expected to be upgradeable to 4G down the road? I think I recall that they were, although doing so would require sending the device in for servicing. I could live with that; what I couldn’t live with would be a device that could never be upgraded. Thank you in advance.

  13. @Hugh

    Ugh, yea sure a “useless paperweight”. How in the hell does something become a useless paperweight just because it’s OS doesn’t upgrade? It still works as a phone/tablet/ doesn’t it? You got your money’s worth didn’t you? Technology updates, it always costs money to keep up with the latest. Get with it man! But it certainly isn’t “useless”. Maybe a device with 1.5 on it will have far fewer apps, but I can tell you, my apps are all designed to run on 1.5 on up. And 2.1 forward have so much better fixes and features that they won’t be gone anytime soon now. Consider yourself an early adopter.


  14. Yea, what he said!(Brad)

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