Android #1 On Google’s Periodic Table [HYDROGEN]


If Google were to make a periodic table of their APIs and Developer Products, where would Android be on the chart? Nerd Alert: Google DID make a periodic table for APIs and Developer Products and Android assumes the position of Hydrogen, the very first element in the periodic table.

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What purpose does this serve? Not much beyond feeding you nerd hunger. It does offer a convenient table of contents to find various APIs that may be of use. For those interested here is an actual periodic table:

And with that I retreat to my labratory where I’ve got a beaker of bots brewing.

[Thanks JBart!]

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  1. Congrats to Android Developers.

  2. I like how the periods actually match up, at least for chrome :P

  3. Get a job u useless author

  4. panda… i like panda… do you guys like panda?

  5. Wow. Where are the lanthanide and actinide series? And I’m not seeing the trends for the groups or periods. . Google needs to do research. Just kidding. That’s the chemist in me talking.

  6. Lol juno whats up with you and panda?

  7. “Labratory,” really? Where’s that, next to the libary?

  8. V8 should be right at the top, under Chromium. The order is weird…

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