Rubin: No Specific Carrier is a Big Game Changer for Android


In a rather interesting overview of the higher-ups at Google in the wake of a strategic re-alignment of the tech-conglomerates big brass (an extremely interesting read you can find over at Business Week), Andy Rubin, head of the Android Team, states his lack of anxiety about the impending release of the iPhone on Verizon, a carrier instrumental in creating much of Android’s success. Google along with Motorola teamed with Verizon for the launch of the Motorola Droid, the first Android handset to experience a cultural impact that could begin to rival the iPhone’s following.

Many have speculated the iPhone will detract from Android’s sales on Verizon, but Rubin states, “I don’t think any specific carrier in any one region is a big game changer for us.” Instead he points to success globally in places like Japan where Android is starting to drum up some serious interest.

The same article also reveals that Google Music, a service that Rubin is also heading up, could again be close to a launch. In fact, it could be here as soon as next month. Sources close to the project insist that deals have yet to be inked with any major record labels, seriously drawing into question if a launch within the next few weeks would be possible.

The full article is definitely worth a read if you want to hear more about how Google is attempting to unify its various projects into a singularly focused entity under a restructured leadership that features Larry Page as CEO and Eric Schmidt as Executive Chairman.

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  1. Come on google music!

  2. I hope google music launches soon. And lets get Gingerbread on my G2!!

  3. Iphone 4 is a great device but cdma version is pure junk. Ofcourse youll be able to talk in more places but when atnt launches its lte network the atnt iphone expirience will improve drasticly. Verizon has great coverage in a lot of places but I dont think to many ppl need iphones in north dakota. But ofcourse theyre marketing will make them a ton of money off the iphone 4. Its what verizons great at.

  4. IPhone sucks balls. Josh root your g2 and u can get gingerbread 2.3 rom.

  5. Not having deals with the players involved didn’t stop them from launching Google TV.*

    *I’m not suggesting this was a wise strategy, mind you.

  6. Iphone is for stupid ppl josh we all know this! You know the guy who owns a pc and clicks on the adds that say your pc has spyware??? So he downloads it, then bitches he got a virus. So he takes it to bestbuy to get fixed but ends up walking out with an ipad they sold him. he takes it home excited to go on his favorite websites. But shortly after getting home he takes it right back. hes perplxed as to why he cant download flash to view his favorite porn website.

  7. I hope Google music has a subscription service like the Zune Pass. I might finally consolidate all my devices.

  8. GMusic was supposed to be released with Gingerbread!

  9. @Matt,
    Almost everything you posted is largely irrelevant…

  10. @ matt and scott- grow up and enjoy waiting for froyo and gingerbread

  11. @Keller Yeah I do remember them saying at IO that they were showing off an early build of Gingerbread.

  12. @JaylanPHNX I had to post on this just because of your comment. I never even thought of that idea. That would be the best thing ever I love the idea behind the Zune Pass, thats why I was always hoping that the Zune would pick up more steam then it did.

  13. Everything else I’ve read said Google Music is also going to be a cloud service like Audiogalaxy, allowing you to stream your music collection, if you launch without sales partners you can quickly show user base and labels won’t turn down an established service. So launching before label deals makes complete sense.

  14. Had an iphone. It was a toy. Good games though. I would still take my evo over an iphone any day. I would go to Wp7 before I get another iphone.
    Looking forward to game developers spending more time on android.

  15. @ Matt: hey, buddy, tell us what you really think of Apple fanboys!

  16. Why did phandroid write the title of this article the way they did? Andy is clearly stating that No specific carrier ISNT a game changer.

  17. How come none of the so called Android news sites are demanding hard numbers from Best Buy and Google on the number of Nexus S units have been sold ?
    There is a major story there if someone is willing to dig for it.


  18. @going home : the nexus S is a dev phone. so of course samsung didn’t sell a lot of NS, but this is not the goal here.

  19. @Bela-Deep thoughts by Jack Handy.

  20. @going_home Maybe because Google said that the Nexus phones weren’t really about making a ton of sales. They are made to set a standard for all Android phones for what an Android phone should be and for providing the hard core fans a non-bloatware Android experience (without having to root).


  22. Andy Rubing… “call me”

  23. @matt…. You would THINK that there is no use for an iphone (or any other smart phone in north dakota) wouldnt you?

    But think of it this way…. How much high speed internet is available there? How many people have access to instant data all day at work?

    Living on a farm for a year with my Droid, I can tell you that my phone kept me in contact with the world…through streaming radio, emails, messengers, etc etc… and we even had pretty darn good 3g coverage. Smart phones will be ubiquitous everywhere….not just in the city, where people sit at a internet connected computer.

  24. Well consider that the large part of the service is to allow user to upload there current music selection, I can see Google essentially being able to launch the service tomorrow if they wanted to, a pissed the music industry off big time.

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