T-Mobile G-Slate, Dell Streak 7, & Vibrant 4G Release Dates Leaked

TmoNews stumbled across a nice helping of release dates for several tablets and phones to be offered by T-Mobile soon. The Dell Streak 7 will be available February 2nd for $299.99, the G-Slate by LG will be available March 23rd, and the Vibrant 4G is said to be coming February 23rd – just as we heard before. Any of you taking a day off for any of these devices? Might want to hurry up and take care of that.

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  • Keller

    G Slate is the only one anyone is interested in.

  • John

    what about the sidekick 4g?

  • http://nexus404.com/blog Kevin Schram


    Really? Have you talked to everyone about that?

  • Keller

    Yep, Everyone T. Jones and I agreed that the G Slate might be cool. We’ll see how it compares to the xoom though

  • austin

    the g slate isnt the tab from that korean music video the logos in the wrong place O.O

  • An UrgeTo Dance

    I want to know the specs for the G-Slate and the price. If it is comparable with the xoom it will probably be about the same price but I am sure hoping for it to be cheaper and that they make a WiFi only version.

  • Sammy

    What’s the specs for the vibrant 4g?

  • Jeff

    Who takes the day off to get a new phone? Seriously.

  • Wilco

    Greedy bastards are going to want a premium purchase price on the G-Slate, AND they are going to want $30 to $50 a month for a data plan.

    I’ll buy it for $499 with no freaking data plan.

  • Blest

    Im startingto think that tmobile prides itself in sucking with the worse phones. All of these other hot phones and we get Nexus-S(Nexus1.5), The Vinbrant 1.5(basically) And the dell streak. Wheres something revolutionary like…..the Evo?
    Atrix? Maybe even the Bionic.

    If it wasnt for your cheap contracts T-mobile. I’d dead our relationship and break up with you.

    But My Sexy Nexy keeps me happy at the moment.

  • g1-and-only

    word up blest, word up, oh dont forget optimus 2x, i cant wait

  • 3rd_input

    +1 to Blest’s comment.

  • Frigadroid

    Los Angeles Times Reporting from Seoul — South Korea’s technology czar was meeting with reporters a few weeks ago when talk turned to smart phones and the choice faced by tens of millions of tech- savvy consumers here: whether to buy Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4 or Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy S. Hwang Chang-gyu admitted that he owned both phones. Then he dropped a bombshell: He actually preferred his iPhone, calling it “more convenient” than its homegrown competitor.”The reason we couldn’t make a smart phone like iPhone is that we don’t know how to shoot ahead,” he said. Interesting comment coming from a former scamscum executive he should know….

  • DieHard4

    Dude Tmobile can’t always be leading with android, it just can’t heppen. Tmobile came out with first ever android then pleased us about 1.5 years later with first SGS, G2, and mytouch 4g. Until 3-4 months ago, mytouch 4g was considered to be the fastest and best phone out till date, with first second gen scorpion. Give it a another 6month or so, and tmobile will have something out that beats out all the competitions. If you can’t wait, go somewhere else

  • Tommy

    I’m just waiting for the g slates price, I fear if they don’t release it soon, and apple doesn’t release the iPad 2’s specs, I will just end up getting a xoom due to my impatience and want for a tab.