Froyo for Samsung Fascinate Reportedly Leaked, Being Cooked Up as a ROM


If you didn’t believe Verizon and Samsung were working toward getting Fascinate users Android 2.2, then we have good news: one developer – punkkaos (who was once known for his Droid Eris ROMs) – revealed through his Twitter account that he does indeed have a leaked build. “You can’t have it yet,” he says, so we assume it’ll pop up as a ROM soon enough. Keep an eye out on XDA and his Twitter account for further announcements, and let us know if you hear anything using that contact form at the link above!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. finally!

  2. Yep. +1 for devs, another “f you” for samsung.

  3. It’s sad to have to rely on a leak and a ROM dev to keep a phone as great as the Fascinate up to date. Oh well, lets hope it actually works!

  4. Kaos knows his shit and has been working hard to understand all the code. If you read through his old post and knows his work, you would have known he had a 2.2 Fascinate for a while now. When he finds it ready for release, it will work nicely but from what I have seen of his comments, there is a lot of shit to work out.

  5. I bet JT is working on removing crapware etc.
    Hopefully CM soon

  6. theres already a CM6 port for the fascinate, its in alpha.

  7. Oh, it will work. And I would bet my house it will work better than anything from Samsung. I’ve been following the work of punkkaos and jt… they are GOOD at what they do.

  8. ^–by kaos no less

  9. @Scriz It’s a leaked Samsung ROM.

  10. I’m salivating already :) Bring on the Froyo nom noms!

  11. @Scriz
    I just saw it at xda
    link to the thread if you are interested in Kaoscinate ROM

  12. Just FYI to all, punk.kaos has had a CM6 ROM in Alpha for the Fascinate for 2-3 weeks now. This leak will only help speed up the progress, as it brings support for JIT, some codecs, hardware drivers, etc. We could probably see a beta build within another couple weeks or so. Oh, and jt1134 has an alpha build of AOSP Froyo going for the Fascinate as well, released within the last week or so. Both should be in beta soon enough, with Gingerbread nipping at their heels.

  13. WOW!!! Great News…………do I dare even type……….hmm AT&T Captivate froyo (official) anywhere…………yeah thought so………..

  14. This is pathetic. I have froyo on my Vibrant already but I think the manufacturer should be the ones to release updates, not the carrier. All Galaxy S phones should be updated at the same time.

  15. @Scriz: Hm, if it wasn’t for Samsung, there wouldn’t even BE a leaked ROM. :p It’s mostly carriers who slow down the update processes. So in this case your post should read, “an F u to Verizon”. :)

  16. Gingerbread on DINC is what I have… love me some gingerbread. Froyo? Didn’t that come out a year ago?

  17. Hope kaos doesn’t get punk’d by Samsung and Verizon, seeing how he made the news for having a leaked build and it’s a trivial matter for them to trace his ip address.

  18. Hope they don’t make trouble for jt either

  19. skynet……you are a moron and no nothing about android dev. you know what. maybe they can just look up punk kaos in yellow pages as im sure thats his legal name too. dummy

  20. Said it before and I’ll say it again – Expect Fascinate updates to run on a schedule similar to the first Omnia -about every six months for official releases with a leak or minor fix in between.

  21. yeah what Scriz said!!!

    +1 for devs, another “f you” for samsung.

  22. Thankyou Jesus!!!! I have learned my lesson never again will I purchase Samsung anything.. I don’t care normally about updates they nice to have but in this situation the phone is,horribly,buggy so to hold back on us like this!!!

  23. @Skynet: Those guys definitely aren’t stupid. There are ways to hide your real IP address. I’m using one of those methods right now as I’m writing this post, and they’re very effective.

    If JT or kaos are really paranoid, they could choose to not make any online postings unless they’re on a public wireless network, like at a library or motel or the local Starbucks.

    I’m confident that they’ve taken prudent measures to shield themselves from detection by Samsung or Verizon.

  24. The real problem is that we don’t just get OS updates straight from the OS creator (Google)! Instead, Samsung adds their bloatware, crap, and tweaks the way things work first. Then Verizon gets their turn to add bloatware and crap, tweak some more, and turn off good features (Google Search & Maps) and replace them with BS (Bing Search & Maps). The whole round robin is ridiculous! That’s what was so great about the Nexus: straight from Google, no BS.

  25. Will Verizon release an official Froyo for the Fascinate? Tmobile already did with the Vibrant.

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