Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Priced, Dated by Play – £459 SIM-free, launching April 1st


Play’s just published their pre-order plans for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in the UK – you can pre-order this thing for £459 now and get it April 1st. (Yes, I know: that’s April Fool’s day. Get your jokes out in the comments section below.) Head on over to Play right now to pre-order it SIM free if you’ve been impressed by all you’ve seen of it since CES. [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Americans are so spoiled. 850 for this, yet 800 is too much for the xoom.

  2. so, this is the reason why sony ericsson F ucked Up providing an update for its xperia series on time. They will rather put their time developing new phones than providing updates and support to their customers.

  3. @Nlsme No, it’s tech overpriced here in UK. I wonder what would you say when Xoom will be 600-800 £ in UK ;)

  4. That us Americans are lucky.

  5. And it isnt just the uk that sees prices like these.

  6. Yeah, but nobody sane will really buy it at that price. You just need to buy it directly from your current network provider. The Desire was still allegedly £430 about a month after it came out, and O2 sold it SIM free to existing customers for £270.

  7. Wasnt the point. Point is, unsubsidized, that phone is more then the “overpriced” xoom. Yet all us spoiled americans want to do is wha wha wha. I quoted overpriced because that is not my view. I will say that phone IS over priced, and us americans are lucky.

  8. I think the real points are:

    a) The Xoom is Motorola
    b) The Arc is Sony Ericsson
    c) http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9204779/Android_upgrades_Manufacturer_comparison_?taxonomyId=75&pageNumber=1

  9. But point taken nonetheless. I think the tablet complaints stem from the fact that we all desperately want to one-up Apple on the iPad but have no way of doing it when the price difference is so ridiculous.

  10. At our exchange rate it is. Don’t know about anyone else from the UK but wherever and whenever I’m abroad, I always buy tech simply because it’s cheaper :)

  11. The xoom is a newer, more powerful, more capable device that costs less?

  12. @Nlsme
    you said it.

    Why is this so expensive? I think SE is really trying to not get more customers!

  13. That is a perfectly consistent price with other high end handsets in the UK and before anyone else does the pointless dollar conversions remember 20% VAT is on that price and the american prices never include sales tax.


  14. Please don’t joke about SE release dates. My X10 is still hurting from its long delayed 2.1 update -.-

  15. That matters because. Even after 8% sales tax, that isbt nationwide, this phone is STILL more expebsive. The point remains. Idiot.

  16. people are making a big deal about nothing as usual. this is the same price as practically every other recent smartphone. The Desire Z, galaxy S and Milestone 2 where also 459 when they where released on Play. people are used to the subsidized prices so when they see the real price of a phone they shout “overpriced”. phones are expensive but theyre not cheap to manufacture and produce. and early tech adopters always pay more. The price will come down pretty quick though. and youll find it cheaper at Handtec and Expansys. by the time this is released itll probably be available for at least £399 sim free.

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