Cartridge Phone Concept Lets You Switch OSs Like a Video Game

Concept phones are a love/hate sort of thing: you love what they bring to the table, but you hate the fact that you might never see it materialize. The latest shows an HTC-made “Cartridge Phone” that would allow you to switch between several operating systems – including Android and Windows Phone 7 – by switching cartridges in and out. In a perfect world, we’d all want that phone. I’m not even sure if it’s technically possible, but licensing issues alone would get in the way. But if someone is able to make a reality out of this, let me know: I’ll be the first in line. [Yanko via Android Community]

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  • Keller

    Mabye Android and iOS or Android and webOS. But WP7? Really? WP7 is garbage

  • chris

    I dont see how this is any easier than a dual boot system. the only thing I can think of is it would be faster than having to reboot, or save on battery life if you were to run both os’s in the background.

    I like the idea, aim high, but I dont get it.

  • Ban

    So its like the hd2?

  • Lucian Armasu

    Android and Meego. Both are free and open source. It’s the perfect combo.

  • Keller

    Also, is it or does this Mock Up look kinda like and HTC version of the Sony Ericcon X10

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Cant see why we couldnt have it a multi-os boot up running off a partitioned 16gb internal memory chip or 8gb dedicated memory.

  • Danny

    @ Ban. HD2 has been out for almost a year, and runs windows 6.5.

  • Matt

    I see more of a “Choose your OS” activation screen on first boot where and the OS is downloaded directly onto the phone.

  • Ban

    @Danny and android, and ubuntu, and meego and windows phone 7.

  • Frank

    I agree with u

  • simon

    Absolutely no need. Sure, physical media that are inserted into readers still exist, but the purpose of that is that you’re buying that media separately over time. You’re also not carrying it around with you. We all know that the real joy of using SD-reading flashcarts in the DS is that you don’t have to carry games with you anymore.

  • Mekkel Richards

    How about a cartridge for a power level exceeding 9000?

  • Jeff

    This would be great in the sense that you wouldn’t have to keep buying new accessories every time you get a new phone. This is more like a car concept, where you can replace parts instead of the entire vehicle.

  • sputnick

    Atari should make this phone.

  • ILikeBubbles

    ive never been one to switch OS’s really (unless it’s my boyfriend’s HD2) i’m more than satisfied with Android, although the hardware looks very sexy!

  • SwampFox

    The pet rock sold pretty well too… haha, why not just dual boot through the boot loader?!? Anyone taking this as ‘news’ needs to realize this is just a graphic design done by someone and is not a concept by anyone close to being a real manufacturer. Shame on you for not saying such a thing, Quentyn! CHECKING AND STATING SOURCES OF THINGS LIKE THIS IS IMPORTANT ON A ‘NEWS’ SITE. :p

  • Omar

    Surely the cartridges are superfluous. Just dual boot. Or run both in parallel using a mobile version of xen. Battery life not withstanding of course.

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah this is exactly what the HD2 is currently doing. Would be nice to have something officially supported but I don’t see that going past a Dev mock-up

  • tropicfay

    I think it would be sweet to be able to build your own cell phone and add all your own specs/OS/cell phone provider… and then upgrade it kinda like a desktop…. that would be pretty sweet lol

  • carmendiva

    The best of both worlds :) I’d love something like this…Android is great and all b.c of it’s apps but I do like my user experience with WP7 so i would definitely buy something like this

  • Jeremy

    Cool hardware!

  • Kyle

    If this phone is powerful enough, spec wise, I’d get it just for Android. :D But I’ve heard good things about WP7, maybe nice to have when I want to play around. Or I could do that thing they call root! :)

  • King

    Yeah, yeah, we know the HD2 does this already, but it’s because WinMo sucks! So running Android as an alternative is a win. Now tell me WHY THE FUCK I would want WinMo on my Evo??? HUH???? Anyone?????

  • Zack

    This thread is trollolololish.
    WTF Man. ಠ_ಠ

  • Thomas

    Can’t wait to start blowing and beating them like the ol’ Nintendo 64 game cartridges…

  • TagruatoCorp


    That’s what she said.

  • kappy79

    What if we stick in game genie, will it mess up so the system won’t work unless the cartridge is in the game genie?

  • myron

    @thomas .Ommmgg i remember those days LOL

  • Paul

    I agree, from the back and face down it looks exactly like a silver Sony Ericsson X10. A dual booting phone would be much easier. But I do like th suggestion that you buy a phone for the specs only then upon first boot you are asked which OS you’d like.

  • mrjoeyloke

    I would buy a phone like this astat!

  • RR

    Even if they can’t get the functionality, they can at least make phones which look like that. Every phone has the same old boring candy bar design.

  • Mac

    It’s certainly “technically possible” and what it looks like is irrelevant. There’s nothing magical about the flashable ROM already inside your phone. The sensible form factor for the “cartridges” would be a simple read-only SD card (for retail products). Cheap and easy to manufacture, stick it in a slot and restart. It’s basically the modern version of booting from a floppy or CD.

  • Covert

    man why don’t we have more chrome finish phones…. thats looks fucking sexy