Eric Schmidt: LTE, Mobile Money, Cheap Smartphones are Google’s Priorities


Eric Schmidt recently penned a guest article for the Harvard Business Review in which he focuses on the aspects of technology Google is focusing on to help their business grow. With Google’s presence as a straight-up tech company rather than simply a web search company growing thanks in large part to Android, the company’s emphasis on mobile is apparent.

Schmidt outlines Google’s top priorities as “fast networks” (in this case LTE), the spread of NFC technology and “mobile money,” and inexpensive smartphones that will reach users of socio-economic conditions that typically prevent them from owning such technology. We see the last point as more capitalistic than altruistic. If Schmidt is able to reach the billions of people he is talking about, the ad revenue would be nothing to scoff at.

It’s all part of what Schmidt calls the “big mobile revolution,” and you can read the whole thing for yourself at the source link below.

[Harvard Business Review via Engadget]

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  1. Google has come a very long way in recent years, due mostly to the Android OS. And with that, has given Steve Jobs and the iOS a run for its money. Somebody needed to knock that SOB down a peg or two. I’m glad it was the fine people at Google. Keep up the good work and I will always remain loyal to Android and Google. Thanks for everything thus far.

  2. so, they are working to support only one network, and it’s the most arrogant of the four..

  3. @John 3 networks actually. Obviously Verizon…then also Metro PCS and AT&T are going to switch to LTE.

  4. John the Lesser,
    LTE is a 4G upgrade path of GSM. Verizon using LTE was surprising in that their 3G network was CDMA. LTE is currently deployed by Verizon true but AT&T is in the process of an initial deployment of a LTE network to be rolled ou this year. T-Mobile, assuming they can find a way to produce the capital, are also looking at LTE for the Long Term, though currently they are playing with the HSPA+ because A) LTE is still infantile and ill-supported in phones currently. B) HSPA+ is a cheaper upgrade path currently for decent spead gains (though the inherent latency is grater)

  5. One network? What?

    Verizon – LTE
    AT&T – Moving to LTE
    Sprint – Wimax but they have announced that they are “easily” able to move to LTE.
    T-Mobile – Ummmm. HSPA+ But…they have a pretty spokes-model.

    LTE will be the network technology of choice for the two largest carriers in the country and the third has already said that they could switch. Know what you speak of or pipe down.

  6. Wish we would get bloody LTE here in the uk :o(

  7. there’s more to the world then the USA. LTE is pretty much the global standard for the next generation networks.

    For wimax you basically you have the sprint/clearwire abortive network in the US, some dink network in korea and maybe a few other experiments in the rest of the world.

    in the mean time carriers elsewhere are falling over themselves to announce LTE is the plan.

    Beyond that it seems in the US the feds are likely to define LTE as the preferred network for public safety bands carved out of the 700mhz spectrum that used to belong to TV.

  8. @ john the lesser: you may be shocked to hear that most people in the world do not live in the US. GSM and WCDMA networks are going with LTE… so, Google is making “most of the world” a priority.

  9. Google doesn’t stop amazing me. I’m a huge fan of technology, but unfortunately many large tech firms eventually succumb to greed and the consumer suffers. How brilliant that Google has created this ecosystem of win win scenarios for technology and the consumers. I as well feel a tremendous loyalty for Google and Android. Heck if not for Google I would never have been motivated to learn to program.

  10. WTF!!!
    Cheap smartphones? For people in socio-economical conditions where they cant normally own the technology. Thats great, you cant find food on a daily basis but hey $%^# might as well check my smartphone to see if i got an email…Cause data networks strech across 3rd world nations.
    Going to the troll cave before i explode…

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