Follow-Ups to the Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, and HTC Droid Incredible in the Works?


After a holiday season that saw an onslaught of Droid-branded handsets, CES remained pretty quiet on the Droid front. Aside from the pretty awesome Motorola Droid Bionic, the only other potential Droid revealed didn’t get the branding: the Motorola XOOM tablet. But worry not about the future of the franchise, as insiders are telling DroidLife that follow-ups are planned for the the Droid X, Droid 2, and even Droid Incredible.

There is no telling how far out the handsets are, or if they will be 4G equipped. A strong lineup of Android handsets using LTE suggests otherwise, but the full scale of Verizon’s 4G strategy is not yet known. The rest of the specs are up for debate as well. And while now the handsets may be referred to on internal Verizon timelines by names like the X2 and Droid 3, it is still no guarantee they will see the light of day, even if by a different name. Given the strength of the brand and how it virtually propelled Android single-handidly to the success it has today, we are saying the odds are good more Droids are in our future.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Interesting. I had thought that the HTC Thunderbolt was the replacement to the Droid Incredible and the Droid Bionic was the replacement to the Droid X.

  2. And my waiting is extended….

  3. @Ramen noodle, i would have thought the same thing. lol
    Eris to the incredible to the thunderbolt

  4. This is silly. The DX and Dinc have no replacements. The Bionic and Thunderbolt are new phones from Motorola and HTC, but they aren’t “replacements”. That’s just silly.

  5. Last August there were rumors that we would see new Motorola Droid phones be released around March or April. Who knows?


  7. Yea you right, i hate the fact that they lock the bootloaders. If i wanted an apple product i would go buy one. I will stick to my Droid 1 for now.

  8. Yea I think I may just wait it out too.

  9. HTC doesn’t lock shit down, so stop. Droid branding btw means no bing nonsense.

  10. Motorola bacons out saying that they are looking for their new phones to bw developer phones again. So hopefully that may be good. As well on their support forums the Droid x ” locked bootloader” is marked as a “implemented”

  11. Does a locked down bootloader make it impossible to install a Cyanogen Mod or just a lot harder/riskier? If I understand correctly Motorola has started locking the bootloaders since sometime after Droid 1 but HTC still doesn’t? Will LG or other manufacturers do this. I love my Droid 1 but will have to abandon Motorola if the locking prevents me from accomplishing what I need to.

  12. No Cyanogen Mod on phones with locked bootloaders.

  13. Where’s Gingerbread for the 2 and the X?!?!

  14. Lock Bootloader means the following!

    1. Makes root a bit more tricky to get, but can be done!

    2. Yyou can still install custom roms, just not custom kernels!

    3. Making a rom for a phone with a locked bootloader is a bit more difficult also, the install is more difficult too! Wrong stuff in the install zip could cause a brick and the same with setting the permissions wrong.

    4. Not being able to change the kernel means if your on 2.2 and you want to put a custom 2.3 rom on that needs a new kernel, well your SOL! <- this is the main problem it causes!

    2.1 kernels are different that 2.2 kernels, so a phone with a locked bootloader can not upgrade to 2.2 even if they have root until the phone manufacturer releases the update themselves so the kernel gets updated.

    That is the problem with locked bootloaders and what headaches they cause.

    Lock the bootloader any way they want, we can still get root and change roms, but are limited in doing so!

  15. just to be clear locked boot loader doesn’t mean anything to rooting. It only effects roms.

    If you just want to root so you can use apps that require root – like barnacle or Titanium backup (limited use perhaps without a custom rom). Then you can get root access no problem.

    it takes like 2 minutes to use rageagainstthecage to gain root on a droid pro as an example.

    Some folks want root not so they can play with new roms all the time but just to be able to use any app they darn well please. and for them the locked boot loader doesn’t mean you are hosed.

  16. @Frank
    Yea HTC does lock shit down. They just not as good at it as Moto…lol
    Dont forgot the G2 issue when it came out. It was looking hopeless for a while there.
    Only thing with HTC they have an actual developer phones, the ADP 1 and 2, and technically the Nexus 1.

  17. Thunderbolt is the follow-up for my Droid Incredible…

  18. @jroc no they really don’t. Is it shipped locked? Yes. Is it incredibly easy to unlock? You bet. HTC has been known to be developer friendly and easy to unlock.

  19. @frank, they were shipped BY htc locked. Ergo, they really do.

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