Jan 20th, 2011

Eric Schmidt recently penned a guest article for the Harvard Business Review in which he focuses on the aspects of technology Google is focusing on to help their business grow. With Google’s presence as a straight-up tech company rather than simply a web search company growing thanks in large part to Android, the company’s emphasis on mobile is apparent.

Schmidt outlines Google’s top priorities as “fast networks” (in this case LTE), the spread of NFC technology and “mobile money,” and inexpensive smartphones that will reach users of socio-economic conditions that typically prevent them from owning such technology. We see the last point as more capitalistic than altruistic. If Schmidt is able to reach the billions of people he is talking about, the ad revenue would be nothing to scoff at.

It’s all part of what Schmidt calls the “big mobile revolution,” and you can read the whole thing for yourself at the source link below.

[Harvard Business Review via Engadget]