Samsung Vibrant 4G Document Leaks, First HSPA+ 21 Smartphone for T-Mobile


In case you haven’t heard, T-Mobile really likes their network. They said so at CES. They also said they were upping the speeds of their HSPA+ 4G, and a new leaked document confirming the Samsung Vibrant 4G (before known as the Samsung Vibrant Plus) shows that the Galaxy S phone will be the first to take advantage of 21+ Mbps downlink speeds. Another update that will please new buyers and surely irk current Vibrant owners is the addition of a front-facing camera with Qik video chat and Android 2.2 out of the box.

Other then the aforementioned additions, the phone should be about identical to the current Vibrant on T-Mobile’s network, save for the inclusion of the movie Inception instead of Avatar to demo Samsung’s media services. T-Mobile plans to devote a lot of advertising dollars to the Vibrant 4G and we’d be surprised if the handset didn’t signify the end of life of the original Vibrant, unless of course they plan on knocking that one down to under $100 and keeping it on shelves a little longer. Check out more images at the source link below.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. so to get froyo you have to get a new phone….great lol

  2. Put out the same phone with the same specs just add a FFC and 4G??? It sounds like Samsung is taking pointers from Apple, make a couple minor changes and the fools will be turning their pockets inside out to get one! “I don’t care, I want the white one.” XD

  3. The Samsung Vibrant is my first and last Samsung phone!!! This company pissed me off so bad promising us 2.2 last summer when they were first selling this phone. It’s been 8 months and Samsung still hasn’t kept their promise. Instead they want me to buy another one of their crappy phones, who’s gps is probably just as bad a the original Vibrant!! Never again Samsung, you have lost a customer forever

  4. I’m sure this one will get the same awesome support Samsung is known for!

  5. This phone is disrespectful to all Vibrant owners. Especially someone who lets say got one for Christmas and doesn’t know this thing is about to drop… This phone should be just like the ones ATT and VZW are getting and have a 4.5″ SuperAMOLED “Plus”! screen on it. Samsung and/or T-Mobile must really want me to just blow another $500+ in order to get FroYo(which my Vibrant should already have), a Front Camera (WHICH THE VIBRANT SHOULD ALREADY FUCKIN HAVE), and a 4G Radio(which they could have just waited and put one in)

    The good thing is that the Nexus S is out and it will probly do better than this Vibrant Plus…

  6. wow that sucks…att better not release a captivate plus…i want their next galaxy device to be the galaxy s2

  7. Yup. Samsung is lame. The Nexus S is the only phone from Samsung that should be bought.
    And it’s sad this has a working 2.2, and the original Vibrant does not.
    “Support your products before you make new devices”, will be written on their company’s grave.

  8. If you havent rooted by now its your fault…go buy a fcc for 25 bucks and install it whala!

  9. It confuses me that this is not any different than the original Vibrant. Just added a little speed in data and a camera. Looks the same physically, same screen type, and specs. I would think they would add a plus screen. Maybe the carriers have their choice in what they want in their revised Galaxy S phones. Because AT&T has a huge screen with the new Super Amoled Plus, clocked a little more to run at 1.2ghz and front camera and more mp in the back. Verizon has a 4.3 and its LTE, Super Amoled Plus, and front cam. I think verizons is still clocked at 1ghz but still a hummingbird isn’t bad. I wonder if Sprint will get a revised Epic without the keyboard. That would be in treating. I mean what can you add to it to make it revised? It already has a cam in the back, front, keyboard. If anything a group update and a plus screen.

    I really wonder what the Galaxy S2 will be like because I have a feeling Sammy doesn’t want to get to close to the successor specs.

  10. And y’all are surprised that Samsung is pulling this, why?

  11. S0, since 14 Mbps is 4G, I guess this phone will be called 5G?

  12. I want Froyo, but then I want Gingerbread and then I want ice cream and then… and then… and then…
    I don´t understand why the people want to get the last Android right now, enjoy your phone…
    That is like digital camera, always you will want the last camera.

  13. To support HSPA+ is just a firmware upgrade, correct? So when this is released, we just need to rip out the modem files and put them on our Captivates and stock Vibrants to take advantage of any HSPA+ network….

  14. @ Chimphappyhour – its not Samsung. T-Mobile has ordered this phone this way AND T-Mobile has not put 2.2 on the origional Vibrant. This is not Samsungs fault.

  15. Pimpstrong – And yet the older MyTouch3G models seem to be getting Froyo when the Vibrant doesn’t seem to have any in sight. Odd ;)

  16. Honestly I do believe that ditching the original Vibrant for this is quite shameful but as for the 2.2 update just root and load a custom ROM honestly other than the Nexus One (and the Nexus S when ever it gets an update) are the only phones that will see updates in a “timely manner”. I have the MyTouch 3g 1.5 and they are just now prepping to roll out an OTA this month but thanks to Cyanogen and the XDA community I have been running Android 2.2 for months now and will soon have 2.3 for that phone. ;) Or ill pick up this one and root it running a ROM built around the Nexus S because it actually is a nice device.

  17. As much as I want to boycott Samsung and their stupid, stupid ways of not upgrading their OS, 21 Mbps has a nice ring to it. I was thinking my next phone would be the Optimus 2x but it will really come down to the dev community on this one. If it looks like there will be decent support (CM7) then 21 Mbps and Super AMOLED trump Tegra 2 in my books unfortunately since I will root the phone and load custom ROMs

  18. LOL boy after this foolishness from T-mobile I think I done with them.

  19. Screw this phone and get the nexus s, nobody needs 21 mbps. id much rather have regular 3g and gingerbread which is awesome. also I got my nfc chip so when that tech blows up I’ll be all over it and you chumps will still be paying for things with your credit card. I’ll be swyping my phone all over the place!

  20. @joedon3: HSPA+ is not just a firmware update. The actual hardware is different. The original vibrant can never do hspa+.

  21. Who wants to put money down on the fact that the GPS on this device won’t work either.

  22. I wouldn’t blame this one on Samsung. I say that because we all know that the carrier has a say on what phones they get. In fact, the phone maker says this is what we have .. The carrier takes it or says I want these changes made.

    Looks like T-Mobile wanted a low cost phone that has enough power to attract new customers and this would do it. Most of the consumers won’t care if a phone only has a 4″ screen because it’s big enough, while still small enough to fit in the hand and pockets. The SAMOLED also looks fantastic and on a smaller (4 vs 4.5) screen, I doubt the average consumer can tell the difference between a SAMOLED and SAMOLED Plus.

    I think it’s a trade off T-Mobile made to keep the hardware cost low on a phone that can do pretty much everything… I just hope the GPS is fixed.

    BTW, personally I wouldn’t touch this phone or any Samsung phone … Their after sales support just SUX and even their hardware seems to be sub-par. I don’t care how good the specs/features are, if those specs/features don’t work as advertised (broken GPS).

  23. Apparently the talking points about it not having a cheap plastic case and having a GPS that works got cropped out of the photo.

  24. After Shitting all over Galaxy S customers in the U.S Samsungs asshole must really burn.

  25. Guys it’s not TMo, its Samsung. Samsung didnt get froyo on other carriers either. They are notorious for not supposrting their phones. Whats that samsung with that cube UI. It still has 1.5 or 1.6, mean while the 2 year old HTC mytouch 3g has froyo. Samsung and Motorola(who is not as slow but despises root) are not the companies you want to go with if you want upgrades and customizations. I had G1, N1, and now G2, no complaints, love htc. Also, keep in mind that custom UIs from manufacturers(sense, blur, etc) will significantly delay updates.

  26. This is to people with the original Vibrant! If you go and buy this stupid ass phone than you are as retarded as the companies who wanted to put this abomination back on the shelves. This is not and will never be an iPhone, why the hell does samsung try so hard to accomplish what apple did.

  27. crazy people!!! this is nothing more then an upgrade to the Sphone over seas and if your mad that company’s release new products threw out time and space. your in for a upset life do you complain when car makers do the same thing? if you want cool tech first move to an Asian country

  28. thank you Jon Po!

  29. The good thing about this phone is that now there’s absolutely no excuse for Samsung not to release 2.2 for the Vibrant as this phone is basically the same phone. We should see 2.2 before this phone is released. And yes, I’m holding my breath till it happens.

  30. When all of you whiners get 2.2 on your Vibrants (assuming the Samsung haters on here all have a Samsung phone), what will stop you from whining about not getting 2.3?

    Do you honestly think that 2.2 is THAT much better than 2.1, or will you just never be satisfied with what you have?

  31. Actually 2.1 is that much better than 2.1. Its not that us Vibrant owners are whining and want every version of android to be released,but we do deserve the update we were promised. For months Samsung has given us different timeframes of a release,but still no update. Push backed everytime. Last time they said “by the end of the year”. Still no update. And for those who keep saying its Tmobile’s fault,not to burst your bubble but Samsung is the one saying “they are still testing Froyo”.

  32. How many more customers dose samsung need to pull the wool over the eyes before they stop . Yes i was a behold 2 owner when it was released more than a year ago. Did i learn my lesson about getting a samsung phone . YES I did. why AFTER hearing how samsung treats their customer do people still fall for it and buy a new phone from them .IT angers me how may fools fall for this. I have told all my friends and acquaintance not to purchase a samsung phone because in the long run they will be disappointed. So far they have listen and thanked me for it. Samsung give android (google) a bad name .

  33. Samsung is piece of crap!! This company only knows how to make good tv’ s. I don’t think mobile phones are their expertise. Don’t buy their phones.

  34. Ive said this before ill say it again.the consumer should not have to hack or root device to get a simple upgrade we were promised and we have a right to complan.samung should be sued.

  35. I’m very happy with my Vibrant. Adding 4G capability requires different hardware. Period. Sure there have been some snafus (*cough GPS cough*), but T-Mo probably has as much or more to do with the lack of 2.2 than Samsung.

    Remember, 2.2 supports tethering, and T-Mo really wants people to pay to run their laptops on the T-Mo network, due to the major bandwidth usage difference.

    Makes sense to me. I don’t want my bandwidth to be slow because someone else doesn’t want to pay for DSL.

  36. This is basically a Canadian Vibrant, they giving us.

  37. http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/12/samsung-mobile-boss-confirms-galaxy-s-successor-galaxy-tab-road/

    Hopefully this is what will actually come out because what’s posted in this topic is a stupid stupid thing to do. We Android user’s arent in a distortion field and we wont buy the same phone just because it has 4G and some new tech (NFC) most of us cant use, dont need or just plain dont care about.

  38. I’m never buying a Samsung phone again. Can’t upgrade us to 2.2, I guess they saved it for the 4G version but you still be stuck on that while everyone else is running 2.4.

  39. It still blows my mind that this is coming out so soon after the Nexus S, which is not even an HSPA+ phone. Seems to me they should have been released the other way around and the Nexus should come equipped with HSPA+21.

  40. I’m a current Vibrant owner. I am irked.

    Not at the upgrade itself; I’m not eligible for a new phone yet anyway, I’m doing fine with 3G, and I’ve not really missed an FFC yet. I’m just irked at the still-missing 2.2 update for my Vibrant, and the increasingly common lockups I’m having with Google Maps. If this is “just” a Vibrant with a new radio, then a 2.2 OS image for the original Vibrant should not be that difficult.

  41. everyone crying about not getting 2.2. Take 5 min. to root your phone and get a 2.2 rom like the rest of us have for months. Otherwise just stop crying!

  42. Talk about shearing the sheep. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Never, ever will I buy another Samsung product and will be leaving T-Moile as fast as I can.

  43. Just root your phone and and get 2.2 through cyanogenmod. I may consider the Plus if I get a release date by the end of Jan. Otherwise I’m just going to go with a Nexus S. You all have the tools available (xda,cyanogenmod,and the likes). I know some of you are a little intimidated by the process but with no experience and step by step instructions I rooted and moded my g1 in a matter of minutes. Stop blaming businesses for acting like businesses. Their purpose is to make the largest profit possible. If you are surprised by this you probably think that having a job is a right and not a privilege. Get off the side of that road my mobile beggars……..stop waiting for that handout. ROOT ROOT ROOT for the home team……by the way….you…are the home team.

  44. ive seen this on other topics about the vibrant, so whats a fcc?

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