It’s a Little Late, but Froyo is Available for Captivate Owners on Rogers

Back in November, Samsung gave us a timeline for the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Canadian versions of their handsets. Then, they said mid-December would be its supposed landing date, but urged folks not to get too excited as that date could easily be pushed back. It was. And now it’s January 11th, and right on the heels of Verizon’s iPhone 4 getting announced, Rogers’ Captivate carrying customers will be happy to learn that their version can now download and install the upgrade through Kies. Here’s a PDF file chock full of the information you’ll need to get started. Now that we have one more down, we only have about 9 more to go. Let’s keep it moving, Sammy! [via Android Central]

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  • Scott

    Holy Crap, it’s February!

  • Eric

    Wonder if there are any changes made from the leaked versions running on xda? Time will tell.

  • Crystal

    (face palm)…. and AT&T in the US….?

  • Nicholas Moline

    Unless you live in a different time stream it is January 11th…

  • http://None peep

    peep wrote on February 11, 2011

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Sorry about that guys. Didn’t get even a minute of sleep on my way back from Vegas.

  • Jon Po

    Just root the damn phone and apply a ROM like Axura which is extremely fast and very reliable. It has Android 2.2 and the works plus all that damn bloatware is gone. Why wait for and old update on a old device that Samsung has already abandoned. U.S customers are shit out of luck, another Behold 2 fiasco.

  • James

    I’m with AT&T in the States. I’m beginning to believe it’s more of AT&T’s fault we don’t have Froyo yet.

  • jc29

    lol, better late than never ^^

  • Mike

    Samsung sure is missing out on a lot of revenue from that Media Hub thing that may or may not work with the update. I’m sure they want to get this out for their US customer as soon as possible, which isn’t soon enough.

  •   ҉ƻ1҉;..

    Awww. I really like the Captivate out of all of the Galaxy S smart phones, I think it was one of the better except without FFC & Flash.
    Will there ever be a successor to the Captivate?

  • Darkseider

    Ummm… AT&T Captivate? Hello? Anyone?

  • J Kane

    Just upgraded to 2.2 on my Rogers phone. Works great. Browsing is very fast and the phone seems much less glitchy. I guess Samsung cleaned up some of the TouchWiz code with this release.

  • Michael

    I really hope the Cyanogenmod guys get CM7 for Galaxy S devices released before Froyo is rolled out to US Galaxy S owners. I’d really rather not have to endure more BS from Samsung or T-Mobile.

  • jrgougeon

    I’ve done the upgrade and it works great.
    Nice to finally get Froyo.

  • ToastnJam

    People keep blaming Samsung and it’s not their fault. Samsung sent 2.2 to the carriers first part of December. It’s the carriers fault you don’t have 2.2, not Samsung. Do yourself a favor JonPo said and root. It takes all of 15 minutes to do and then you won’t have to worry about when where and why it’s not here yet.

  • Travis

    Root and install custom; easy till Odin screws up and you’re left with a brick to call warranty on

  • robertgarza

    Can you install this update on american ATT captivate? i getting sick and tired of waiting. I rooted my phone but i dont know much about custom roms and i dont know to flash them or whatever.

  • jc29


    I highly suggest that you visit XDA forums. They have indept methods to update your phone. My Vibrant on Nero 4.1 runs so dang fast it’s unbelievable. Good luck~