Motorola XOOM: Hands-On Android Tablet [Video]

The Motorola XOOM is an interesting beast. Unfortunately, it wasn’t completely unleashed at CES 2011: the demonstrations were on actual hardware but the software was a “test” and rather than demo them live, they simply selected videos on the device that emulated how the tab would operate. It DID however make for an incredibly smooth demonstration experience:

The Motorola XOOM will join the Galaxy Tab in the land of popular Android Tablets, but Motorola has a bit of an advantage on the XOOM as it runs Android 3.0 honeycomb which is optimized for the tablet experience. One of my favorite optimizations is the tabbed browsing of the web, which is much more like a desktop/laptop experience, and in my mind is an obvious and simple addition that greatly imporves the XOOM’s use.

They also show off maps which, although very cool, seems more like a gimmick and cool factor addition than a practical case scenario. I mean, how many people actually use the “Street View” feature on their current phone or even desktop, aside from trying to find one of your friends around town picking their nose on camera?

I also like the scrollable widgets, and to be honest, wanted to add that feature to our Phandroid Application for our news widget before I was told it would not work because of Android’s limitations. Not any more it seeems, with Android 3.0.

A few of the keyspecs of the Motorola XOOM include:

  • Android 3.0
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Dual-core 1GHz processor
  • Currently 3G, upgradeable to 4G
  • Rear 5MP camera
  • Front 2MP camera
  • 720p video recording
  • 1080p video playback with HDMI video out

There is no doubt that when it’s available early this year, the Motorola XOOM will attract a lot of attention. Will it attract yours?

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  • Phases

    Yes, yes it will attract my attention. Course I can’t afford it but I’m excited to see a real competitor for the iPad hit the market.

  • chogardjr

    Yes it will.

  • JAG

    This one is a real competitor for the iPad!! I like it!

  • joedon3

    Too bad we couldn’t see the real speed of the device because he was just playing videos. I’m sure its fast and all, but is there any menu lag? I guess we’ll have to buy one to find out.

  • ekt8750

    It’s really nice but they really need a wifi only version cause there’s no way in hell I’m giving Verizon a dime of my money for their overpriced data service.

  • MikeB

    Yeah if a wifi only version hits markets I’m down. Motorola brought the A game this year.

  • Tony

    Now THIS is a Tab. This is the type of device that makes me reconsider actually snagging me a tablet. Very nice.

  • alex

    This is exacly what i was waiting for

  • Chimphappyhour

    “rather than demo them live, they simply selected videos on the device that emulated how the tab would operate. It DID however make for an incredibly smooth demonstration experience”
    I suspect any manufacturer there could make their products look great if they all did this.

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Smashed potatoes on the ipad

  • Jeff

    Needs a wifi only version before I will buy one.

  • moses

    This is gonna be THE Android tab of 2011. Amazing.
    On a side note, Will the galaxy tab get a honeycomb upgrade?

  • Drew

    I thought XOOM was an international money transfer service… confirms this. Hmm…

  • beezy

    How is there a limitation on scrollable Widgets? Is it just on the stock home screen? Sense uses some and so do third party apps like launcherpro and adw launcher.

  • Zuhkov

    Several of the biggest non-standard launchers support scrollable widgets. I know ADW and Launcher Pro do, and I believe Zeam does as well. I have a whole host of lovely scrolling widgets on my ADW home screens.

  • teardropcity

    As a Galaxy Tab owner, I don’t think that Samsung will officially upgrade the tab to Honeycomb, given their history updating Android phones, and the fact that the non US Tabs, have phone capability, which Honeycomb appears not to have. However, I do think XDA will be able to. One thing though, as that it seems alot of the tweaks are more eye candy and making stock what 3rd party apps on Android already do, which will be great in terms of competing against the iPad, but so far does not make me ache to have it on my Galaxy Tab.

  • jmax

    I don’t care how much it costs. I’m buying it and mounting it in my car! Honeycomb is revolutionary, and I can’t wait to be a proud owner of a Xoom. This makes the iPpad look childish.

  • Kaz

    Yeah, if there is a wi-fi only, it will attract my attention…

  • a

    What a lame name..

  • a

    ..but the OS looks great :)

  • Bobbin

    will there be a “nexus” tablet? Or is this it?

  • drizzo

    who uses street view? People who need to know exactly what building they are going to when travelling. I would’ve been screwed without it during my New Years trip

  • Side Saddle JimBob

    How about a Wi-Fi version released at the same time as the 3G model? I could care LESS for a damn tablet tied to a carrier. Is not a damn cell phone!

  • Paul T

    Wifi only. Please.

    Someone mentioned GPS on another article… is this true?

  • Paul T

    Clearly I’m an idiot this morning. I mean to say.. someone mentioned it NOT having GPS. Is this true?

  • Paul T


    (pulls trigger of imaginary gun to my head)

  • Pimpstrong

    XOOM! There goes the funds in yo wallet.

  • Dave

    A wifi-only tablet running vanilla Honeycomb with timely updates direct from Google would attract my attention. Anything else, not so much.

    Also, regarding Street View, yes, I use it. If you’re going somewhere new, it’s helpful to figure out where to walk when you get there. I find I can usually make out addresses on buildings in the images, so it’s perfect.

  • MayorMcCheese

    Completely agree with the need for a wi-fi only version. If it exists then I will buy

  • The_Omega_Man

    @Paul T – I am not sure how well Google Maps would work on this without a GPS…

  • ckeegan

    Geez, you wi-fi only people need to shut the f up. seriously, it’s not happening. also, what’s going to stop you from paying full retail without a data plan, assuming data plans are even required or subsidize the price in any way? they certainly don’t change the price of the galaxy tab. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it, simple. On another note, hello barometer in the xoom, what are you for?

  • ckeegan

    in regards to no GPS in the Xoom, whoever said that in the article you’re referring to is clearly an idiot. there is no possible way they would leave gps out of this. it’s got a freaking barometer, but no gps? doubtful. also, they certainly wouldn’t be making a big deal out of G-Maps 5.0 if this thing didn’t have it.

  • SteveR

    Does it have a removable battery? How long does it last while playing video?

    A removable battery is essential for a device likely to be used many hours per day – both to get you through the day AND because frequent recharging eats batteries. I’m on my 3rd battery for my Moto Droid in a little over a year.

  • Paul T

    I had the same thought, but I was just confirming. Think I’ll go back to bed now.

  • ter77

    its ugly

  • Soni Erhie

    Here comes Droid Xoom to lead the army of Android tablets. I can’t wait, let’s go. Android on the march again.

  • David

    Is it gonna have a phone???

  • tomw3141

    I will most certainly be getting one, and probably a data plan too. And will be getting a Droid Bionic when it comes out, and switch all my service to Verizon because they have Motorola and the best network. Poop to Jobs for signing up with ATT. Kudos for Mot for signing up with big red.

  • will

    how much does it cost???