Official Motorola XOOM Videos: Introduction & Making Of XOOM


People can’t get enough of the goodies coming out of CES, and Motorola had arguably the biggest announcement thus far, outing the XOOM, Droid Bionic, Atrix 4G and CLIQ 2. The XOOM tablet, while expected, is perhaps the most interesting because it is Motorola’s first ever android tablet AND it runs Android 3.0.

I tracked down the official introduction and making of the XOOM on YouTube and thought you consumers who can’t consume enough would want to consume it:

For those who can’t attend CES, don’t worry, Phandroid has your back, showing electronics to consumers directly from the Consumer Electronics Show all day today! Stay tuned for coverage.

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Motorola XOOM: Hands-On Android Tablet [Video]

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  1. Finally a Tablet I may consider…

  2. The best tablet ever, yet…

  3. As cool as it is I won’t be buying it unless it comes in a sub $500 WIFI only flavor. Sure I could buy it off contract but why pay an arm and a leg extra for an added 3G radio I’m most likely NEVER ever gonna use.


  5. 2:11-13 screen looks all scratched! A possible worry.


  7. Looks great, but so did the Droid X when it debuted. It has proven to very buggy and frustrating for many of we early adopters. I will not buy another first gen device from Motorola given the terrible customer service. If they come out with 2nd gen 7″ wifi only XOOM, (agree with sub $500 price point) that has a proven track record, then I’ll consider it.

  8. Any words on Wi-Fi only? I am not interested in having to pay 3 data plans: home internet, phone internet and tablet internet?

  9. Does it have a removable battery? How long does it last while playing video?

    A removable battery is essential for a device likely to be used many hours per day – both to get you through the day AND because frequent recharging eats batteries. I’m on my 3rd battery for my Moto Droid in a little over a year.

  10. What, no USB storage connectivity???

  11. i want a 7.5″ xoom. it looks too big to take with you in the car or at school/work.

  12. really you think they would have all that info right now there just announcing it. Your third battery damn what the hell do you do with your phone. (Set on vibrate ohhh)

  13. Will it come to Europe too?

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