Motorola CLIQ 2 Pictures Sneak Out


cps-motorola-cliq-2-frontAnd guess what, it looks just like the CLIQ. Nothing about this device should make anyone want to pull an Eric Cartman and freeze yourself on top of a snowy mountain in anticipation of this device; if you do, you deserve what you get. I suppose they put some honeycombish lines on the keyboard, but don’t count on that as a sign of things to come. In fact, I would say expect it to launch with Eclair and get itself a taste of FroYo in September 2011.

Expect this device to come with a 5MP camera with flash, Bluetooth, WiFi and everyone’s favorite: MotoBLUR.

My predictions for this device:

  • One month after launch: Dismal sales, T-Mobile still pitching it like BLUR is the only way to socialize.
  • Two months after launch: T-Mobile slowly moves it to the back of the brick and mortar stores. Promise upgrade to Android ?? within coming months.
  • Four months after launch: Launch new color, see results of month one.
  • Seven months after launch: Loyalty Department begins giving them away to customers.
  • Nine months after launch: Launch CLIQ 2 XT. Rinse and repeat.


Expect to see T-Mobile at CES, next month, sporting this device as well as a January 19th launch date.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

Call me pessimistic about this device, just don’t call me from one.

Tyler Miller

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  1. o.o

  2. Are there any official hardware specs? Screen size/resolution, processor, ram/rom? Not that I want one, still happy with my HD2. I’m just curious if my friend with a Cliq should be interested.

  3. Anyone with a Cliq that would be interested in this has brain damage!

  4. anyone who has a cliq should not get this one? had one for a week traded it for a brand new mytouch, couldnt deal with the cliq, gross.

  5. I had a Cliq 1. Never Motorola again. Never.


  6. Holy ugly keyboard!

  7. What’s with the alligator styled keyboard? Oh that’s right it’s a Cliq so it’s one of T-Mobile’s I’m uninformed so sell me this stupid thing phone.

  8. I have several non-tech friends that have the CLIQ as their first cheap smartphone and they all love it. I mean, that IS the point of the CLIQ after all.

  9. I’m still using my Cliq partly out of stubborness. The Eclair update at least allowed me to switch to Launcher Pro and run more apps.it now does what it does fairly well. That being said, I agree. Anyone who already owns the original and wants its sequel is either a masochist or bat guano crazy.

  10. Hellll no for the cliq mytouch 4g all day

  11. No more Motorola phones for me for the moment… Too many issues with my Cliq XT

  12. Stay away from motorola! I had the cliqXT; after 6 months of broken promises of an update, it’s still on 1.5! I finally gave up and got a G2 (which is awesome).

    No way on another motorola product. They never tried to do anything to mend customer relations either- fail!

  13. Wow, Tyler you really sound curmudgeon in this article. You sound like just like an Apple tartlet hating on Moto’s Cliq. Yes, given the horrible support and Motoblur was a huge mistake. But guess what? Not everyone is interested witgwith phones having the highest specs possible with the latest updates. I’m pretty sure they’re targeting this for teenagers new to smart phones and not developers at XDA. Stop sounding like such a dick and give this device a chance. Who knows, it just might surprise us all.

  14. If you want a good phone, get a good phone. Not a low-end model. If you are here, it probably means this isn’t the phone for you. See @8.Black Kristos. This is for people who want cheap and simple….and who think a keyboard like that looks cool :) also, @ the moto haters, the droid line is pretty awesome, I don’t see how a categorical condemnation can be made based off of a subset of their phones. Though I guess can accept it given that their good phones are ONLY on Verizon….

  15. As said before, never again.

  16. Why would suggest avoiding Motorola as a whole because of one phone you didn’t like? That’s like saying I’m never going to use another Motorola device because the screen resolution on my w385 flip phone brick wasn’t high enough. Have you even used the Droid, Droid 2, or Droid X? Those phones have had a lot of success and are used all the time. There’s no reason to boycott a company solely because you didn’t like one of their products, and a product that wasn’t even meant to be a powerhouse spec-wise. While you’re boycotting Motorola cell phones, you might as well do away with cable boxes, modems, police scanners, and why not NFL football since the coaches use Motorola headsets.

  17. @jradicle11 Don’t take this the wrong way..just an example. So if you or anyone you care about got into a bad car accident in a Chevrolet vehicle because of a faulty part, car totaled and all? Would you still buy another Chevrolet product ever again? I would think not since they would have left a bad taste in your mouth & no more trust existing in the company that made said vehicle. I know cars arent cell phones but it the same concept of putting your trust into a product backed up by a good company then getting screwed in the end. Doesnt matter if it was a low end product or their high end product. It’s still THEIR product. Quarter after quarter they (Motorola) kept selling their Cliq with a promised update to be rolled out “very soon”. Cliq users were PROMISED an update that didnt surface for a year! Heck Moto even discontinued the Cliq & wiped there hands clean of their first product that consumers took a chance on Moto. Moto is supposed to be known as a very reputable manufacture people have known to trust. Trust is now down the drain and promises never kept until it was too late. Well that’s how many Cliq users feel..I know I’m still one of them.

  18. I honestly like the way it looks and know some people who once they got 2.1 on their cliq like the phone now maybe everyone should wait and find out specs of phone and ya it might be a lower end phone but if it has a decent screen size and a 1ghz processor and 2.2 it should be a pretty good phone

  19. only thing good out of the droid line is the original, the rest suck. moto sucks, HTC BAY BAH

  20. after owning this awful motorola cliq and cliq xt i decided not go get motorola whatsoever and look at this cliq… it’s ugly!!! y can’t they release milestone to t-mobile instead?? only good android phones that motorola made was original Motorola Droid (Milestone) that’s it and i think motorola has far worse support then samsung (i have samsung vibrant right now well i flashed the froyo rom on mine so its all good) but look at the current cliq and cliq xt it’s still runs on android 1.5!!!

  21. nooooooooooooooooooooooo,not you again.



  24. I got the cliq xt, worst phone experience ever.only thing thats good about it is the camera.youre slow to even consider buying after the cliq fiasco

  25. The only thing I liked about the clique was motoblur and that only worked half the time. Found better apps that do for me what motoblur was supposed to do.

  26. Honestly, I think if they gave it a different name that more people would buy it. Motorola got a bad reputation after what they did with the Original Cliq. I’m stuck with one for a while, and I now have no warranty because I needed 2.1, so I rooted months ago.

  27. @Blob: so, uh, what happens if you’re someone like me, a 16 year old at XDA who really needs the most powerful and updated device? :D

  28. Agree 100% with posts 8, 14, 16. Agree somewhat with post 17.
    As some have said, its not a high end smartphone, know that before you get it and all should be good. Ppl mentioning bad support from Moto, again the Moto Droid line up on Verizon has had better support than any other Android phone on Verizon. Just going by the Verizon situation and the Cliq situation…you get the picture. I can see some being upset with Moto about the Cliq, but as a company as a whole? I cant see it.
    As for the Droid being the only good Android phone from Moto. I think those that say that never had an X, or their X had issues. Even the Droid 2 and Pro have decent followings.
    I understand what someone mentioned about not trusting a specific company. I would never get a Samsung PHONE again. Ever. And the last Samsung I had was the Omnia 1. Never again Samsung, never again. And I really wanted to try the Fascinate. Now their TV’s and monitors? I would get them all day every day…lol.
    See how I didnt completely dismiss Samsung as a company as a whole?

  29. I mention Samsung cuz bad support from Samsung followed them from the Win Mo days. And I just had a bad experience with the Omnia 1 compared to the Droid and Droid X.

  30. It doesn’t look any different from the first Cliq. I had the Original Cliq & it was an okay phone until Motorola sent that crazy bugged out update, but there’s no point for anyone buying this phone because there probably isn’t any new features or anything like that, except for a flash on the camera that may not even be on there. It really doesn’t make since for them to release it period. They might as well put the Original Cliq back on the shelves with an updated Firmware. T-Mobile is starting to go back to their old ways. Hopefully there’s some good features but I gave my Cliq up for my G2 =) && I love it!!!!!!!! #It’s really fast

  31. Without seeing the specs, it’s hard to know what to think of the device, but for me as an original cliq owner, no more phones with proprietary BLOATWARE UI crap like Blur. Blur is laggy, bloated, partially functional crap that is the reason they took forever to get the original cliq off 1.5 and why the cliq xt is still stuck on it. No more phones with blur.

  32. ^But, that’s not the case with the X and Droid 2, maybe Droid Pro too.
    The Cliq has an older version of Blur on it. Its either that or Moto just supports higher end phones better. I hope its not the latter cuz that wouldnt be right.

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