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A couple of weeks back we got initial word to expect a Playstation app for Android. It would initially launch for Europe only but eventually it would make its way elsewhere. After the rumored Christmas launch came and went we were left sulking for more information, or at least I was.
Now we are getting word of a January launch, and first adopters should expect a “setting up shop” experience. Expect to be able to interact with the PSN, browse games from the PS2, PS3 and PSP platforms and view and compare trophies with your friends. Really, once you get a trophy feature, what more do you need?

[via Sony Insider]

Currently on round two of F:NV, round three will be hardcore melee. How about ya’ll?

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  1. I think this really needs Remote Play capability for audio/video. Maybe as a non-free Plus version. Would probably also want PSP emulation for a non-free version.

  2. cool, lets get this going..

  3. So the PS app will let you look at stuff but not play. Really? Who the heck wants to look at e-trophies? This is pointless. Why the heck is Sony concentrating on this useless app and a handset for kids when they could concentrate on a gaming application? Talk about missed opportunity. It is like install-other-OS-gate all over again.

  4. I really want to see steam on Android.

  5. Is this app competing with Xbox Live on WP7? It sounds similar. Except for that gimmicky 3D avatars that is.

  6. How about letting us use the phone as a bluetooth keyboard???

  7. Xbox live is better

  8. Hopefully I can email other PS3 members and respond to friend requests as I would love to be able to do this remotely away from my PS3

  9. thatd be great!

    @John “How about letting us use the phone as a bluetooth keyboard???”

  10. John, great idea

  11. @Hulk smash

  12. Ok now we need an official Xbox app, the balls in your court Microsoft. Get back fanboys I own all the current consoles.

  13. Is there a way to use to phones bluetooth as a headset. That would be real nice, if you would just plug the wired headset you your phone and use it as the headset for gaming.

  14. @Hulk smash, complete fail, xbox live sucks, why pay for what I can get for free from ps3 and is a thousand times better than suxbox.

  15. This is a waste imo. If I wanna play a decent PS3 title, I’ll do it in the comfort of my home, ON my PS3, using my 1080p 42″ plasma. Not on a four inch screen with cramped controls. This is why Angry Birds is so popular. You can play it for 15-20 min at a time while on the subway, waiting for your carmel latte, etc. all the while enjoying it. And, you don’t need to squint to view it or fumble with lame phone controller setups. Just my opinion of course fwiw.

  16. As for Hulks comment. I own all 3 consoles as well and while I admit Xbox live DID dominate in the beginning, PS3 quickly caught up and now easily surpasses it. Although I DO still enjoy my Halo campaigns on a regular basis! :)

  17. PS3 lacks the user friendliness of Xbox LIVE. I hate not being able to form parties out of game. On Xbox, this was never a problem. But on PS3, you have to be in game in order to talk to somebody via mic/headset. They really need to address this. It’s a major downfall. Aside from that, PS3 kicks Xbox’s ass in the reliability department. Plus, PSN is free. So go fuck yourselves Microsoft.

  18. Your kidding if you think the PS3 crappy online gaming experience is even halfway as good as the Xbox 360

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