Dec 29th, 2010

cps-motorola-cliq-2-frontAnd guess what, it looks just like the CLIQ. Nothing about this device should make anyone want to pull an Eric Cartman and freeze yourself on top of a snowy mountain in anticipation of this device; if you do, you deserve what you get. I suppose they put some honeycombish lines on the keyboard, but don’t count on that as a sign of things to come. In fact, I would say expect it to launch with Eclair and get itself a taste of FroYo in September 2011.

Expect this device to come with a 5MP camera with flash, Bluetooth, WiFi and everyone’s favorite: MotoBLUR.

My predictions for this device:

  • One month after launch: Dismal sales, T-Mobile still pitching it like BLUR is the only way to socialize.
  • Two months after launch: T-Mobile slowly moves it to the back of the brick and mortar stores. Promise upgrade to Android ?? within coming months.
  • Four months after launch: Launch new color, see results of month one.
  • Seven months after launch: Loyalty Department begins giving them away to customers.
  • Nine months after launch: Launch CLIQ 2 XT. Rinse and repeat.


Expect to see T-Mobile at CES, next month, sporting this device as well as a January 19th launch date.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

Call me pessimistic about this device, just don’t call me from one.

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