Motorola XOOM, What is it?


Pocket Now has been sniffing around the trademark paperwork and noticed that Motorola has been busy claiming rights to “XOOM” all over the world. To date it has been spotted in the U.S., Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

While this will raise the antennas anytime it happens, coming so close to Motorola unveiling the first Honeycomb tablet at CES, it’s hard not to put two and two together, hopefully adding up to four.

Little is known about the device aside from the obvious Honeycomb software and expectation of a Tegra 2 processor. There are two additional details that are safe to claim, however:

  • You want one
  • It better launch with a WiFi only version

[via Pocket Now]

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  1. Detail #1 will be directly affected by detail #2.

  2. If they are calling it XOOM! then I think it will launch with Verizon LTE and they will claim that it is the fastest tablet on the fastest network. Thought everyone knows T-mobile is faster and actually has devices that can run on it. Lovin the G2.

  3. Most certainly. Detail #1 will only exist if detail #2 is true. I see these becomming 2 in 1 details. If its math…it would be detail #3. Or Rule #34….whichever you prefer!

  4. shuttup Skwarkowski… you could have kept that to yourself

  5. What Paul said. No WiFi only, no deal.

  6. We need it to have Verizon network and WiFi to be able to compete even thought it will blow the Ipad out of the water still have to be able to use it anywhere you want.

  7. how do you pronounce it? ‘zoom’?
    glad to see the EU, let’s hope for a UK launch and a cheapish price :)

  8. What is it ?…. one more bootlocked sh*t
    Stay away from moto, they do not give respect to their consumers

  9. @ Theone t-mobile is faster in maybe one city because you have 3 other people on the network. enjoy your discounts, broke asshole

  10. Don’t like the name at all

  11. Totally only buying the Wifi only model – use ur phone as a hotspot if you really need the 3g stuff anyways.

  12. Well they probably won’t keep the Olympus name because of the camera manufacturer. And isn’t their goal to pull off a Galaxy-S type launch for that phone, across multiple carriers ?.. where are the Olympus leaks ?

  13. Xoom pronounced “Zoom”, all right.

    Xoom pronounced “Exhume”, not so much.

  14. Lol you say that cause your on T-mobile…but if you Google it Verizon 4g blows T-mobile…and the rest out of the water …buddysir

  15. @Choz:

    I thought the exact same thing!

  16. Lucky to me, i livbe in holland, and i buy that thing just without simlock in a legal store!

  17. And that means i have 3G, but no provider, what means i have a WiFi only version!

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