Instagram Looking to Migrate to Android


The popular iOS application, Instagram, has just milestoned at 1 million users after only three months of availability, and it’s looking for a change in scenery with an expansion into Android. It took only a week to get 100,000 users. To compare numbers it took Foursquare a year to reach one million and Twitter lallygagged their way to that number in 2 years.

Instagram allows users to run their photos through different filters and painlessly upload them to various social and image websites to be shared.

Since their release three months ago, they’ve been gaining momentum like a freight train. Scoring fist fulls of cash, landing partnerships with the likes of Twitter and National Geographic and are currently focusing priorities on an API.

Instagram, you would be a welcome addition to our family.

[via Tech Crunch]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I’m sorry – what does this app provide beyond what my phone + picasa album already do?

  2. iPhone users must have shitty camera software because Android’s comes with filters and the hooks built in to choose whatever app and method you want to share it instantly. Why replace built in functionality with something that will take more time to learn and utilize?

  3. well shoot if I didn’t already have Camera360, FxCamera, Retro Camera, and Vignette I might get excited for this… I always enjoy hearing about iPhone exclusive apps hopping over to Android though

  4. What does this do that I can’t already do and more?…

  5. Oh, the iPhone has a decent default camera as well, and a good number of filter apps in the store besides Instagram.

    What Instagram does is make it very easy to take a picture, use a number of (high quality) filters and then share that image on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. all at once. Because of how ‘Share’ is built into the Android Gallery app as an option, I doubt Instagram will become as insanely popular on Android as on iPhone. But their filters are /extremely/ nice — better than most I’ve found in the Android Market to use on my Droid — and so I don’t think they’ll fall flat either.

  6. Cool. Looking forward to testing it out. I like picplz too.
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