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Let me tell you a little story. Way back when Google first unveiled Google TV I felt drawn to it in a way that I generally don’t feel about new technology platforms. Even sensing that it might be a bit too ahead of its time and therefor a big flop, I knew I wanted to be in on the television revolution. When I brought home the Logitech Revue and got it set up on my TV, the folks living with me obviously were not in on said revolution.

Fast forward a few months and they are all hooked on Google TV thanks to the Logitech Revue. Which says something about Google TV. For the moment it caters to a fairly specific set of TV and media users: those who do not get the lion’s share of media consumption via only one format. Google TV is for the user who downloads movies and shows on their computers, streams video from the internet, does a fair share of traditional television viewing, and wants them all in the same, easy to access place.

Maybe its limited availability, cost, and the tendency for networks to eliminate access to their streaming shows have put a slight damper on Google’s plans to reinvent your television viewing experience, but with future updates and expansion of the platform as long as Google TV can ride out its first wave there is a promising platform ready to flourish.

The Pros:

  • Unified search allows you to locate shows, actors, channels, or anything else you could search on your Android phone or computer easily and in one place. TV and move search results pages point you to where you can watch, stream, or access exactly what you want to see when you want to see it.
  • The dual-view picture in picture mode makes surfing the internet while staying on top of your soaps easy as pie. It’s all there on one screen.
  • Logitech Revue offers a complete solution for video chat and media streaming, so access to content immediately expands beyond the scope of what is already available out of the box.
  • Bookmarks and feeds let you follow your favorite channels, webpages, podcasts, and more.

The Cons:

  • Lack of Android Market is felt. With it’s launch GTV might be unstoppable, but for now the limited selection of applications on the Logitech Revue hurts.
  • Logtiech and Google need to work to bring on more partners. This includes both major networks permitting their online shows to stream via Google TV, as well as service providers creating the same seamless link featured when used with Dish Network. As it stands, Google TV integrates with other services like Comcast perfectly fine and still allows you to search for shows and control your set top box, but Dish allows for the searching of stored DVR shows, something that would be greatly appreciated from other providers.

The Bottom Line:

We don’t think you should fear the early adopter status of Google TV on the Logitech Revue. Even if the platform were to go bottom up (which we don’t see as happening anytime soon), you’ve still bought into a great interface for connecting all of the media that drives our lives back on the screen that started it all: the family television.

If you already have a PC connected to your TV to watch downloaded content and surf the web, use and Xbox, PS3, or other console to stream Netflix and other media, or find yourself googling the things that pop up on TV as you watch constantly, than by all means this is for your. The Logitech Revue is the perfect solution for someone with a current Hi Def setup looking for a little extra pizazz in the television department.

Kevin Krause
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  1. Nice review…and I love my Revue. Heres to hoping we see Android Market soon. :)

  2. Failure to browse shares on my NAS without some sort of server is a big downer.

    also, being able to DVR from the revue to my NAS would be a nice feature.

  3. Good review. Have you tried out the Chrome Web Store? I was wondering if the Chrome Web apps would work on this bad boy?

  4. Google TV is the best thing that happened to my TV. I used to have my computer hooked up to my TV via HDMI, but it so much better just have one device to watch tv, watch netflix, stream video from my network and browse the web. Plus the wireless keyboard is so thin, light and functional.

    The great thing is, you can just turn on your TV + cable box and not even use the Google TV interface if you don’t want to. Just use your cable remote and everything still works fine.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of apps the market will bring.

  5. nice review… got my developers revue in the mail 2 days ago and i love it… it is so amazing!!!!!!

  6. Why don’t you actually describe the product? Costs? Are there subscription fees? Is this product simply a way to get to YouTube and websites from your TV? Does it play games? Or is it a sort of DVR?

    I guess I’ll simply have to read reviews at other sites if I would like to actually understand what this is, what it costs, how I might use it, what it’s development path is, and what some of the competing devices might be and how they might compare with this device.

  7. I was awarded a Logitech Revue from Google and it arrived yesterday. I opened it up today (with fervor) to connect it to my TV. Instructions were simple, but I immediately ran into a problem. I have cable service through Comcast. I have digital box for my main HDTV and digital adapters for my other household TVs. The problem is that none have an HDMI port for connecting the Revue. So I called Comcast and told them that I need to switch out a set-top box for one with an HDMI port. Comcast explained that the only set-top box with an HDMI port is their HD-DVR box. I don’t subscribe to HD programming nor do I have DVR through Comcast because I have TiVo (which is leaps and bounds better than Comcast’s DVR). So in order to get the set-top box with an HDMI port to connect my Logitech Revue, I have to rent the DVR for an additional $16/month…almost twice my monthly rate with TiVo. Plus that doesn’t even include HD programming because that is yet another charge! Unfortunately, I still can’t get service with U-verse or I’d switch in a heartbeat. Comcast is the devil!!!

    So nothing against the Logitech Revue, just be aware that while Google TV is free, the cable companies know all too well how to make you pay [them] for it.

  8. I really want to get a Revue, but the major networks blocking of online streaming (the main reason I want it) is probably going to force me to get a nettop computer instead.

  9. @chris They have a hdmi set top box model RNG-100. They will make you pay the HD fee of $7 per month for it. I got the Revue from Google also. The experience is good. I hope with some of the regulation changes, you can have future models with a cable card and dvr built in to a google tv box.

  10. @Josh,
    My point: If Phandroid calls it a review, why not actually review it? I can find the information, but that dribble wasn’t close to being a review. More of a mention.

  11. @mark thanks! i’m definitely going to call them back and see if i can get that model#.

  12. Netflix app definitely needs a bit of help still. The colors are all washed out and it just doesn’t look nearly as good as it does on XBox or on Wii. Just got my set today :)

  13. been a logitech guy since my first trackball in 1998.

    been a google guy since about 2005.

    as soon as the price drops or i get s’more bucks, i’m getting one.

    i got bandwidth and i got dish network.

  14. just got mine for xmas, amazing and awesome. plugged it in and instantly got a software update. although i thought it was common sense, maybe considering some of the assinine comments ive been reading that logitech should put on the box “HDTV and HD Cable only”….and the other awesome comment about them dropping the price, its not expensive!! u guys are crazy

  15. @Wilco why so serious? It is a review, and I think a pretty good review at that. I’m sorry you are too handicapped to search google for the TV cost.

    You just wanna hate on Phandroid, then go ahead, but honestly dude I don’t think you would like GoogleTV doesn’t seem to be something you would understand.

  16. Can you PLEASE read your content before you post it? There are so many spelling and grammar errors it makes you look like your 12.

  17. I just set up my Logitech Revue Google TV box last night and after a few phone supported helpdesk resolved issues(lost internet connection when on Pandora, and skip in video/sound on HD channels)I feel that is well worth the $229 price tag when purchased at COSTCO.I learned that the helpdesk was in Canada and that they are not familiar with some of the apps as they are not available in Canada. The dual screen isn’t true, you only get a PIP small screen of the TV when also on line and you can not reverse the two as you can with TV PIP.I especially like the application search by category function and the What’s on” search. If you choose this function and then choose sports it will give you a complete listing of all sports programming currently on and the time remaining in the event and those that will be coming up in the next hour or less. Your TV really becomes both a HD TV and the largest screen laptop possible with touch of the button access to both. I hope the keyboard/remote is sturdy as this may be one possible drawback. The Revue accessed my Comcast setbox DVR easily which was a question that I had.I look forward to online upgrades and more Apps like the promised Hula Plus.

  18. @k00k: Maybe you should have checked yours over before you posted. It makes you look you’re 12.

  19. As a DISH employee I have been able to get my hands on the Logitech revue box and use it quite a bit before I got my own. I love watching YouTube videos or just searching the web during commercials. Also makes searching for shows even easier if I am not sure when something is airing. It’s only 179$ if you are a DISH subscriber. Well worth it.

  20. Looking for some advice from the group. Does anyone have the Revue system set-up with an HD antenna instead of a cable/satelitte provider? If so, how’s the combo working or not working for you?

  21. @ Chicago, the Revue was designed to work with an existing pay-TV providers receiver. That’s where most of the functionality comes from – the universal search checking the guide to see what’s coming up, etc.

  22. The spelling issue was posted in December, why haven’t you corrected it?
    It REALLY does make it seem like you’re twelve.

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