Dec 22nd, 2010

Egg on my face, I went from Motorola gets first crack to let’s see what HTC has to offer and now it’s who will win the race to be the first LTE device?

Gizmodo just received yet another screenshot of a potential Verizon LTE handset, this one hails from Samsung:

According to Gizmodo’s tipster and what we can spy in the photo here a few details we have to offer:

  • LTE
  • TouchWiz
  • Zero Bing
  • Front facing camera
  • …FroYo?

Looks like they’re wasting no time getting on with their old tricks of dated software. However, seeing as this device isn’t even official we should cut them some slack, for now. Also, the “4G” symbol differs from what we saw coming from HTC; a symptom of TouchWiz or Sense?

With any luck we will find out what all of this is about come CES, and get information on LTE devices from Motorola, HTC and now Samsung.

[via Gizmodo]

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