AT&T Customers Now Have Carrier Billing Option in the Market


market-attGood news, AT&T customers! You’ve just joined T-Mobile in the “bill my carrier account” club for your Market purchases. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the hangups customers have with attaching a credit card to any sort of account.

Naturally this could very well be a double edged sword. I’m talking to you awesome parents out there who gave your kids an Android device, of course. I’ve never been involved with AT&T so I’m not sure what kind of protection AT&T offers to block these sorts of transaction. Erring on the side of caution, it may be best for you parents, or whomever, to take any necessary precautions to prevent a heart attack when you open your next bill. Be it calling AT&T to prevent any potential charges, or prepping a switch and hanging it over the mantle in a stern warning to anyone on your family plan.

Android Developers Blog says they have been rolling out this change along side the general market update over the past several days. Any of you AT&T Phandroidians have an experience on the topic to share? Good or bad.

[via Android Developers Blog]

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  1. Hmmm………I have AT&T yet do not see this option. Rooting my phone must be the reason. Anyone else?

  2. I haven’t rooted my Captivate yet and I have the bill my account option.

  3. @Rob.. Thank you that is probably it. I am running a rooted Captivate with a modified ROM so my phone shows up as a i9000 SGS.

  4. Streak with DJ_Steve’s custom ROM – do not see this option. So you must need to be totally stock.

  5. “Hopefully this will alleviate some of the HANGUPS customers have with attaching a credit card to any sort of account.”

    I see what you did there. >_>

  6. Mmm…interesting! I really don’t see kids with high end androids at att. Lol. No flash on captivate= no night photo on facebook, sony is old= kids want new, dell is too big= kids don’t want to carry a novel around. just joking.

  7. Have to agree, no exciting Androids on ATT. ALSO since Bckflip update to 2.0, Yahoo and a few other sites now see it as a Defy and it’s not rooted.

  8. Rooted Telus Hero on AT&T, that option is not there for me.
    I really don’t care though, I prefer using the Google checkout standard option.

  9. WooHoo-excellent for the Aria, stuck on 1.5-yawn…

  10. Or Whadya it the MOTO line: Backflup, double yawn…

  11. Or was it*

  12. Well, to even out your good news to AT&T customers, those of whom are New Yorkers, I just spent the whole day speed testing AT&T versus T-Mobile on my Nexus One and Nexus S side by side and got some eye-opening, but not surprising, results. Wonder if any of your Frisco readers would be in the mood to spend a day doing the same…

    Doug Simmons

  13. I admit it puzzles me that people want this, just because people tend to be on family plans, and it’s a hassle to figure out who pays what on each bill if it differs month to month. Or, even worse, making someone else pay for your apps.

    I guess it’s good I feel that way, though, since my Captivate’s nowhere near stock.

  14. Hmm, why is it that when I bought NFS Shift last night it was $0.99 but up there it says $4.99? Interesting, maybe it was a sale?

  15. Tried to purchase an app with the At&t billing. It pretty much froze and never completed. Purchased with my debit card instead.

  16. Where’s the official paypal support !!! and we all know that Android’s offering is mediocre on AT&T, there are thousands of Android users out there craving for the paid Android market and they think they offer better profitability compared to AT&T’s billing option

  17. I’m rooted and it isn’t an option for me.

  18. sad really. i hate att with a passion.

  19. ATT SUCKS PERIOD……….and I agree w/ dork

  20. Anti-DeathStar, Stevie Jobs & anything starting with “i” It’s just not proper. I agree with dork & jc.

  21. I agree with Dork & JC!

  22. Lol, thought it didn’t save.

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