Dec 23rd, 2010

From the first glance it looks like HTC is continuing to build up the hype towards some mystery device we are hoping to have revealed January 6th. But on closer inspection things just don’t want to add up.

For starters, the site is hosted on I did a quick whois on this domain, it was registered back in 2007 by a telecommunications company called based in Australia. Now, does handle mobile marketing, but why use such an out of place domain? A domain that I could find no other web pages on.

Second, usually when a website wants to sign someone up for updates they do so via email, not here. They want your name and mobile phone number, nothing more. The fine print says you will receive only two SMS messages from this service. I doubt that all of the information to be had on January 6th will fit into 320 characters.

Third, and lastly (or at least what I’ve found), navigating to the “WHERE TO BUY” link takes you to a paltry page listing the major U.S. carriers. No links, no information just five names and a back button.

I’m going to re-disseminate Engadget’s warning with this one: Don’t enter your information into this site. If HTC has something to unveil at CES, you can bet your next paycheck it will be covered well enough by the blogging world that you wont need SMS updates. Something in my gut just says don’t do it!


Ok, this is the official deal. All is well again. Interesting how many of you decided to jump down my throat for asking you to exercise a little common sense. The research I did, did not provide any link from HTC to the website. If I had said “go for it” out of the gate, and this turned out to be a hoax that negatively affected everyone, I can’t imagine how quickly everyone would be calling for my head.

[via Engadget]

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