HTC Teasing Us Again? Bring Your Grains of Salt


From the first glance it looks like HTC is continuing to build up the hype towards some mystery device we are hoping to have revealed January 6th. But on closer inspection things just don’t want to add up.

For starters, the site is hosted on I did a quick whois on this domain, it was registered back in 2007 by a telecommunications company called based in Australia. Now, does handle mobile marketing, but why use such an out of place domain? A domain that I could find no other web pages on.

Second, usually when a website wants to sign someone up for updates they do so via email, not here. They want your name and mobile phone number, nothing more. The fine print says you will receive only two SMS messages from this service. I doubt that all of the information to be had on January 6th will fit into 320 characters.

Third, and lastly (or at least what I’ve found), navigating to the “WHERE TO BUY” link takes you to a paltry page listing the major U.S. carriers. No links, no information just five names and a back button.

I’m going to re-disseminate Engadget’s warning with this one: Don’t enter your information into this site. If HTC has something to unveil at CES, you can bet your next paycheck it will be covered well enough by the blogging world that you wont need SMS updates. Something in my gut just says don’t do it!


Ok, this is the official deal. All is well again. Interesting how many of you decided to jump down my throat for asking you to exercise a little common sense. The research I did, did not provide any link from HTC to the website. If I had said “go for it” out of the gate, and this turned out to be a hoax that negatively affected everyone, I can’t imagine how quickly everyone would be calling for my head.

[via Engadget]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Im gonna assume its simply a 4G Phone for Verizon.
    Have a Nice Day.

  2. Maybe you guys should move the link to the bottom of your warning instead of the top of the article. People don’t always finish an article before checking out links and of they don’t see your warning before visiting the site they may enter their info thinking “hey, phandroid posted the link, it of probably legit

  3. agreed with poster above. also if ANYONE is dumb enough to get burnt by the sms thing. your a fucking idiot. LOL

  4. Yeah, I’ll just de-clickable it.

  5. Android is number 1 in top tech happenings of 2010 by

  6. whrs the new htc sense on my desire.. grr

  7. @vin this has nothing to do with your desire! Haha anyways thats ganna be the incredible hd first 4G lte phone for big red (verizon)

  8. Its for AT&T!……….Yeah right…

  9. Meh. Nobody wants their cheap aluminium crap. I want a titanium back.

  10. I want to see some real speedtest from Verizon customers after they get at least 10 different LTE phones. They should do like T-mobile and post a bunch of speedtest pictures to Facebook because actions speak louder than words. If they can continue to get those fast speeds even with millions using their 4G network that will be very impressive. My Nexus went from 7 to 5mbps after T-mobile added more cities to their HSPA+ coverage but that is pretty good considering they have more than 17 devices using their network.

  11. And none of these are actually 4G… Actual 4G is a 100mbps network which none of the carriers come close to.

  12. You have HSPA+ on your Nexus >_>?

  13. @AGx I have access to it since it is just advanced 3G. Check out this Nexus S vs Mytouch 4G video it shows that even phones that are not fully HSPA+ capable on T-mobile are still fast. I get 5mbps all day long, how many phones on Sprint or Verizon can get 5mbps on their 3G.

    skip to 10:45 for the speedtest.

  14. The site IS legit. It’s the HTC mobile site linked directly from their home page. Look at the bottom of their site for “Mobile Version”

  15. Looks like a HTC Android 4G capable tablet.

  16. Engadget has since updated, confirming that the URL is official and linked to HTC’s website

  17. You can access the page VIA then go to the mobile browser page…are you sure it’s not an ok link?

  18. Engadget already confirmed its an official HTC site.

  19. This better have a Tegra 2/dual core CPU, because LTE speeds are useless without fast page rendering as well. Take a look at this example of Playbook (dual core) vs iPad (single core) browing to see why:

  20. HTC’s on a roll. The Evo’s a hit, The G2 would be more of a hit if T-Mobile would advertise more, & soon the MyTouch 4G is a hit too. And did I forget they are steady releasing the first 4G phone 3 times! (Sprint, T-Mobile, Soon to be Verizon) all we’re waiting on is AT&T which nobody likes anymore because there service sucks with expensive plans. #The BIG THREE
    1. Verizon
    and when T- Mobile amps up their network next year maybe they will take 2nd place n hopefully in the future they pass up Verizon

  21. Don’t go all “chicken little” you paranoid nut-jobs out there, a little education will cure your paranoid delusions. This is an official site. The Mnet Group who own the domain design websites and market products for cellular users. The site is not designed for your desktop, it’s designed for a cell phone browser. The Mnet Group is used by HTC because they have the expertise to design a marketing site that will be viewable on virtually all cell phones with a browser. Many companies use Mnet Group for this because this is their expertise and HTC, for example, doesn’t need to learn how to design a web site for thousands of different phones out there. They just give their marketing information to Mnet Group and they take care of delivering it in a way that all cell phone users can access.

  22. Not sure why Phandroid and Engadget are telling people not to put their info into the site.
    This is a legit HTC site. Go to and scroll to the bottom. Click Mobile site and it takes you directly to this page.
    Does anyone ever check their info/sources anymore nowadays or do you just copy/paste other peoples articles?

  23. No need to guess which phone it might be. It’s not like we haven’t had leaks of info from various sources. Remember we aren’t supposed to know about the new unfeature packed evo and other Verizon LTE phones. This is for those who are clueless.

  24. G2 > Evo & Mecha(thunderbolt, incredible hd what the hell you want to call it.)

  25. Well, kudos to phandroid for exercising some caution here. People can be mindless, and the author was correct in stating that if they had said, “go for it, enter your info,” and the site ended up being malicious, everyone would be calling for a head on a platter. Thank you.

  26. Everyone saying that they aren’t true 4g, the ITU has come out and publicly said that even though WiMax, LTE, and HSPA+ don’t meet their original definition of 4g, they now consider them 4g because they are the forerunners of the tech that will meet their 4g specifications AND they all three represent huge leaps forward from what 3g could do even a year ago.;1n

  27. I am going to say the phone is the mysterious Verizon HTC Merge.

  28. I dont kno why everyone hates att I switched from an og droid cuz verizon burned me with a 1k bill like ive seen them do to alot of people verizon has great coverage but its way to high cost

    Plus isnt att’s 4g gunna be backwards compatable with 3g phones? Thatd b a huge advantage and you know their coverage will be the only one competing with verizon In my town sprint n tmobiles 3g is sketchy if there while on my cappy it nnever drops as with verizon

  29. @dazedbugs: It’s no wonder you has a thousand dollar phone bill. You’re pretty (being nice) ignorant / uninformed if you think Lte will work on a 3G phone. Did att tell you that to get you to switch? LoL

  30. @dazed
    Verizon isnt really that high and you are an idiot to think their 4g will be backwards compatible. Not to mention the fact that at&t doesnt have unlimited data but good luck

  31. @Ct
    the merge has a keyboard, if you paid any attention to this site you would have known that and also that this was the so called mecha/inc hd/thunderbolt

  32. @Dazed…Verizon’s current 4g aircards are “backwards compatible” in the sense that wherever there is no 4g signal you will still pick up 3g. But not the other way araound. I would assume att will have that sort of backwards compatiability. I really hope that’s not what they told you to get you to go to them cause you got hosed.

  33. @Chris who knows it could be the merge we don’t know thought because its under a blanket but I think its the Inc HD

  34. when you click evo 4g and then where to buy on the page it directs you to sprints store locator

  35. might be the htc knight or speed or w,e its called evo with a key bored

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