Mana Chronicles Heads to Android Today



That old-school feeling RPG from iOS – Mana Chronicles – has been released in the Android market today. It was originally promised for December 15th, but Christmas has come just a bit early if you were anticipating this one. Cost of admission is $2.24, but that will hardly seem like a dent if you’ve been looking for a good RPG to play on your Android handset. Kevin checked it out in last week’s AppCast, if you didn’t see. Check that out to get an idea of what to expect and be sure to free up some room if you opt-in as it’ll cost you nearly 30 MB of space.


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  1. The developer doesn’t answer e-mails about problems with their apps. I e-mailed them two weeks ago about Phoenix Spirit’s lack of a quit option (outside of hitting the home button) and they still haven’t answered.

  2. Does it store only on the phone or can it be stored on your sd card?

  3. Well, that doesn’t seem like a problem. Definitely not urgent. Doesn’t excuse them not answering but they may be dealing with more “urgent” emails/questions/etc than about quitting.

  4. @AGx

    With it continually running in the background, if I return to it later, the controls and sounds are all screwed up. To the point where you can’t attack anything and sit there hapless while you die. That’s the problem. It only happens after trying to quit.

  5. @Lewis
    as with anything that doesn’t have a quit, and i know it’s a pain, but if you go into manage applications you can force close from there. this should solve your attack problem for now.

  6. is the game any good?

  7. Seems like they used some sprites from Ragnarok Online.

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