[Update: Hoax] Motorola DROID X Gingerbread Update BLURless? Video of Leaked ROM Suggests So


Whoa. Looks like Motorola and Verizon have been hammering away at the Gingerbread update to bring it out for the DROID X. According to BGR, someone got their hands on build number VZW-TestKeys-280657 which carries baseband number BP_C_01.09.07P. It would appear that he’s running Android 2.3. We know, we know: easy to fake.

And with a little elbow grease and an alternate home launcher, most phones can “look” like Gingerbread. But I’ve yet to hear about a ROM like this on any of the DROID fansites and there’s a lot here suggesting the software is real.

But look beyond the darker tones, the greener accents, and the pretty animations: there’s no BLUR. As I said, LauncherPro could change all of this on any phone and this could easily be fake, but if it turns out to be real, those who aren’t big fans of MOTOBLUR’s aesthetics might not need to deal with them much longer.

The video maker says that the core functionality is still there, but most of its work is done in the background and doesn’t get in the way. That would be great compromise as the latest version of BLUR does provide some cool security and power saving technologies that other folks would otherwise have to get from the Android market. What’s your take?

[Update]: Judging by some of your comments, this certainly is fake. The version numbers are the same as on current 2.2.1 builds, and the animations are from a ROM called Apex, apparently. Good eye, folks! But we still hope Verizon and Motorola follow in these footsteps for their official upgrade because BLUR is still an eyesore.

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  1. Watching this video makes me really mad I have a Vibrant

  2. The new animations look sweet. Droid x looks nice running stock Android.

  3. I call BS, but I would be happy to be wrong.

  4. knowing motorola andverizon… they will find a way to fuck it up even if it is stock

  5. Definitely 100% fake. The system version is the exact number of the latest OTA from verizon for the X. The animations are from Apex, not part of the stock Gingerbread UI.

  6. also i call the bs card to motorola cant do something that right anymore

  7. That is no gingerbead. That’s just an ApeX rom running on top of 2.2.1. Shame on him for the fake. I have the same rom.

  8. ITS BS. he is running launcherpro. the 3d app drawer from LP+ was there. the animations are from apex and the system version is the same as mine. people hane to much time on their hands

  9. looks just like my pohne right now and i could edit the Build prop in 2 seconds with a reboot. it would read the same exact thing i will post later this morning.. Hahaha if this is true very cool But 2.2.1 Works great right now… I cant complain tho most people are waiting for 2.2.. Also @Austin Moto just locked there bootloader.. Doesnt make there quality fall at all nor did it affect the sale of products or Stock pirce… lol happy networking (SLAM)

  10. The only thing that makes it not seem fake is that you can see the status bar icons change from grey to green when he opens the browser. I believe I read that they change to green when you are logged into a Google account, but there would be no way to fake that on 2.2… unless he wrote a custom framework (I think).

  11. Damn….. Samsung Sucks! good thing there are some good devs out there to port this for us!

  12. Yes, this is ApeX 1.3 and LauncherPro.

    Should have done some homework before posting your “scoop”

    On a positive note: all that you saw is available right now :)

  13. I kinda wish I had the apex rom for the Incredible :(

  14. Gingerbread??? BS
    You can clearly see the 2.3.340 at the one min mark.

  15. I can’t believe Phandroid of all places got snookered by this. The HTC Sense like widget should have been a dead giveaway that this was a fake. HTC would sue so fast.

  16. @T Man we have to entertain it, at least. We did so fully knowing it could be fake, and we still approached it with a skeptical mindset. My desire to report it was based solely on BGR’s belief that it was real.

  17. blur suck motorola should hire the guy from laucher pro to do there ui

  18. I have gotten that update OTA, but it keeps failing when I try to install. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m rooted, but I thought it would just unroot my phone if I did an update.

    Have to work today but I will have some more answers tonight.

  19. I can not believe this got posted, there are no test versions floating around right now, at least none that is ready to be tested on a production device. When there is a viable test firmware, you know where to find it and who will have it.

  20. “Don’t ask where I got, uh…, this from, or where my sources are, uhm… I’m not gonna disclose, uhh…” sounds like Milton from Office Space. When I first read this, I was thinking Apex 1.3! Looks cool, though, not sure how I feel about the bugs.

  21. I knew you were most likely talking about the Apex ROM before I was done with the first paragraph

  22. You really should pull the video at least and don’t give this guy anymore views…better yet, pull the whole story..kinda lame.

  23. Once again HTC and sprint will be the first to bring this out just like froyo…..of course after the Google phones. But cm7 on my evo will be a totally better version than stock.

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