LG Star (SU660) to Be ‘Optimus 2X’ in Korea, More Videos Uncovered


In a press release (in Korean) concerning the bundling of Italian composer Ennio Morricone’s original music (and a few new ringtones and tunes) into the LG Optimus Mach, the South Korean branding of the LG Star (SU660) was revealed. It will go by the name LG Optimus 2X when the dual-core smartphone drops in that area of the world. A quick Google search turned up several YouTube videos of the handset that, if I’m not mistaken, haven’t gotten much attention due to the lack of the ‘LG Star’ name.

Here it is compared to the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S:

Using its HDMI-out capabilities:

And scoring some impressive numbers against the Galaxy S:

There are a few more videos from the user zinna0000 posted within the past few days mostly showing off more HDMI-out capabilities. The phone is set to launch in Korea within the next couple of months, and we expect to see a lot more of it going forward.

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  • Khan

    Totally awesome

  • Burko

    And people are wondering why you need dual-core devices…… proper HDMI out…. Wow.

  • Eloquence

    Me likey!! Just please don’t get rid of that dedicated search key when you export it to America!

    Remember, we like that Menu-Home-Back-Search configuration.

    Thanks, bye!


  • Jim

    Dear Santa, please let this come stateside soon. And please let it come to Sprint. I know it’s against the odds since we never get good phones, but pleeeaaaasseeee

  • G1AN

    Nice to see that the iPhone4 alone was sluggish in comparison with those 2 other smart(er)phones!

    nicely done,

    and credits to LG for showing some muscle herein..!

  • Zi

    wow. Star beat galaxy S just like that.

  • moo

    Very nice! Dual core phones are setting a new standard that I hope all highend phones meet in 2011. This bad boy isn’t even running on Gingy. I would love to see these test with Gingy installed.

  • Pimpstrong

    Video number 4 is a sneak peek of using your phone as a controller and playing your game on the TV via DLNA. And I don’t mean a mirror image, I mean only buttons on the screen. Playing some old school Nintendo and Genesis like that would be awsome.

  • Pimpstrong

    Also, that phone is nasty! I want one.

  • jdog25

    Wow I wonder if Samsung will sue LG just look at the bottom row of icons, status bar, dots for screen your on. I am not Samsung fanboy either because I only use stock on my Nexus. Why would LG copy a skin that most people say is ugly and most people agree that they will make up an excuse about updating to Gingerbread even after Google said any phone could handle it. LG worded their last statement so that it would get everyone off their back for a few months until they could make up a new lie.

  • jdog25

    The more I pay attention the more I see that they are trying to compete with Samsung, they want to get people who like the Touch Wiz UI and show them a more powerful phone. I will call it their Touch Wuz UI.

  • 3 Phones

    If Sprint cant get Android phones from Motorola, then Hesse best be Camped out in front of LG’s headquarters.

  • uly

    So this proves that the dual-core makes your phone run SLIGHTLY more smooth than the iphone?

  • http://handheldusers.com Amir Rafieian

    Galaxy S locks on 56fps,,,,,,, the real power is more,,,,

  • Wesley

    What’s up with the 2nd video…a bit crazy:)

  • Mitch

    Dang. Are you sure its not the Samsung Star? The Bottom row of the two phones are the exact same. Pretty much the same icons. Also, the status bars are black.. I thought those were samsung things.

  • Estaban

    Blatant copy cat of a blatant copy cat. What an embarrassment to the android community.

  • jer

    Can’t wait to see Tegra2 showing up in HTC and other phones by summertime! This is like Nexus One last December. It was the first taste of upcoming badassery for 2010. Now we see this and all I can think is how there will be some really nice upgrades out in time for my yearly re-up.

  • Nick

    As Amir said, the Galaxy S phones are limited to 56fps so it’s not really a good comparison.

  • kingkurry

    wow… the comparison is so fake. The page on the LG star had already been loaded. They were just switching to it. Also, the galaxy s and iPhone 4 both had their brightnesses turned down, to make the screens look bad. Also, the new UI is just a cheap knockoff of TW.