MetroPCS Announces Availability of Huawei Ascend for $179



MetroPCS is adding to its Android lineup, but don’t expect the additions to bring a real power hitting smartphone to plate for the carrier just yet. Today they announced the availability of the Huawei Ascend, an Android 2.1 handset with a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen and 3.2MP camera. The Ascend, initially available via Cricket, joins the LG Optimus M on MetroPCS. Pricing is fair on the pocket at $179.

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  1. Any guess when they will come out with a decent Android? I just broke my feature phone and want an android phone with half decent specs and a screen resolution that is usable. Are there any rumors about anything coming out very soon? Otherwise I might have to get a contract!

  2. Beautiful phone. Thanks Huawei for not making a typical boring black slab.

  3. i agree. someone finally thought of the exterior design!

  4. This phone is old as heck. It’s identical to the T-Mobile Pulse that launched ages ago (and had terrible software).

  5. This is a great device.I messed with the one from Cricket and its pretty solid, although I did speed tests on cricket and the most they seem to get in uploads is 800kbps which is still good but Cricket is most certainly behind in the cell phone game.
    People that complain abot looks rather than functionality are stupid. The Huawei Ascend while a solid device it materials feel so cheap but ay yall wants looks.

  6. This is a good phn the only ppl who say it ain’t either are mad cuz they stuck n a contract wit a high ass bill or jus simply a computergeek tht has nuthin. Else to do with their$$

  7. I just bought an Ascend for $99 after an $80.00 instant rebate at MetroPCS on 12/19/2010.

  8. to canary57…how do you like your phone? i am also looking to purchase it for $99 at metropcs as well

  9. I cant find it at the store near by :(

  10. there are sold out everywhere. oh Snap!

  11. Has anyone found the android at metro bcuz everytime i get to the store the dont have it.

  12. I just got this phone and its GREAT! It works like a charm, im not too high maintenance when it comes to phones, but damn this is a good driod, it does its duty, and im new to Swype and well…. im in love! lol

    Theres tons available in North Hollywood,CA the sale only last til the end of the week, after it goes back to 180$.

  13. I bought the Ascend a week ago and I’m happy with it overall. Need to find away to stop unneeded apps from running and draining battery and I hate that you have to access a menu to disconnect from phone calls. On screen keyboard could be a little wider. For $99 however it’s a lot of phone for the money.

  14. i just bought the ascend i have to say i Looove it its way better than the verizon phone i had plus no contract awsome!!!

  15. I work for cricket we have a floor demo. Ive played with it a lot….. pretty good for a first time android user. Its laggy at times and kind of slow when im trying to do something fast. its NOT multitouch so that kind of was the reason why i didnt get one. Pretty good phone and no one has come back to complain about it yet, so i might say they are pretty happy with it. But i rather wait, im using Metropcs and they have the ascend too and the LG but also…. not multitouch and the LG doesnt support Flash unless you do some fiddling with it, so yeah im waiting for something new before i decide to switch to another company.

  16. I just bought the Metro Pcs Ascend online yesterday and there sold out alreday again today. and the sale goes off on the 1st.


  18. I am thinking about going to get this phone tomorrow… i need a cheap phone thats worth the money and this looks to be it :)))

  19. Is it still $99?

  20. nevermind, just read the above

  21. This phone is great! And totally worth the money for those of you who missed the sale of $99.00 this phone is worth the $179 that Metro is asking for it. It works well with my iMac home PC thru the Wifi it also worked well downloading music to the phone not to mention all the free apps you can get from the droid mkt. Awsome Phone Highly recommended.

  22. I have had the ascend for a week now. Its taken time to get used to it. It has been very functional so far.

  23. The special price for Huawei from metro will end Jan 31, 2011…go to an authorized dealer if your having trouble finding it.

  24. I’ve been using the Ascend for several months now. I’m quite happy with it. It does everything I ask it to do and more.

    It kills me that people can find anything to complain about when it comes to current technology. As a kid, many years ago, the Ascend would be merely science fiction. Every last one of these phones, even the ones you bitch about that are too slow or whatever, are simply amazing.

    If you can get the Ascend at $99 with no contract and an all you can eat phone/data plan for $55 a month, you should jump on it yesterday. Your phone might be a bit slower than your buddie’s iphoney but you’ll have more money left over after paying your monthly bill.

  25. I had a jailbroken iphone.i liked alot but always had problems with the jailbreak.and apples restrictionsis bad.i was looking for a new phone and I just got this.its bad ass.mp3 ,video ,dolphin hd browser.and free music.and im watching a movie on it now.cant complain.i got the blue chrome with black case and it,looks better then iphone.i just need to figure out how to tether with internet.peopke hate on this phone cause the price.my sis got the htc the new one and I would take this one any day.and 200 aint cheap for a phone.thats a 360 or a gas and electric bill.these guys really made a good phone and im happy thanx.

  26. @ peter
    Im with u on that.there mommy pays there bill and all there friends got a iphone.i can do way more with this.and my iphone bill was 100 a month.this 55 a month and more features ill take any day.this phone is underated ugh.

  27. I have been with MetroPCS since 2007, and have been waiting for them to offer a smart phone. I purchased the Ascend about a 10 days ago.
    I really like the phone, especially when I consider the cost. The functionality is sometimes a little slower than I would like, but for $99 after rebate, and $50/month, it is brilliant. My main reason for purchase is the ability to browse with html, facebook, email, and text. The Swype keyboard feature is great, though takes a little time getting familiar. The availability of apps is great. I really enjoy the ability to watch streaming video.

    All in all it is a great first Android, as I become more familiar with it’s capabilities, I believe I will enjoy it more. The next Android I buy may have a faster processor and the availability of flash.

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