LG Optimus One Rockets Past 2 Million Units Sold

LG Optimus One

It’s a good thing LG announced yesterday that Gingerbread would be coming to the LG Optimus One, otherwise they’d be dealing with what is now just over 2 million owners of the handset inevitably complaining about their outdated OS version. That’s right. LG has just given word that the 2 millionth Optimus One handset has been sold.

That is just 25 days after they announced the handset broke the 1 million mark 40 days after release, a pretty remarkable feat. Chalk it up to the low cost, quality product, and take no prisoners attitude that has brought the handset to nearly every corner of the globe on almost any carrier you could name. Impressive.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  • sucklefish


  • MT Rob

    Wonderful phone, bought 2 for my daughters. The phones have been glued to their hands since they got them. I think they sleep with the phones in hand.

  • JuAndroid

    I gotta say I am very impressed with this little device. Very similar to my old CDMA Hero, but much more capable. Is anyone at XDA supporting it?

  • Bela

    Having a hard time deciding between this and the EVO. Still have time to take my EVO back. The thing that is plagueing my mind is the cost savings. I’d slash $10/mo off the monthly bill right away, not to mention best buy has the phone for free right now, so that is another $200 in my pocket. Over the life of the phone (likely 1 year premier upgrade), that is $340 savings.

  • Dougau

    After Ally I’m done with LG anything….

  • Fred

    Optimus is very impressive indeed.

  • Raul

    At first the phone loosked really bad presentation wise.. but now, I actually love the rubber-finish and the overall looks.. they’ve grown over 3 days.. (yep.. i bought this 3 days ago)

  • The Trekkie

    Love mine. Just absolutely love it, just need to get used to the onscreen keyboard.

  • Peej

    Get the Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) if you live in the UK instead. It has wifi and a better screen res (800×480) for the same price (£100 pay as you go on Orange). It can also be unlocked for free in about 2 seconds on the internet (just Google it, it is extremely easy to do yourself for this handset).

  • Peej

    Oh right, optimus one also has wifi ^^ still, the San Fran/ZTE Blade is a better handset :)