Kelley Blue Book App Appraises the Android Market



When it comes to buying and selling cars, the Kelley Blue Book might as well be considered the bible. An always trusted source when it comes to appraising the value of a vehicle, the new Android application is the perfect companion when shopping around for your next ride. Containing pricing and vehicle information for new and used models, local dealer information, and a widget for tracking the value of the cars you are interested in. The hope is with the app you can buy educated and save yourself some cash in the long run. That’s something we can get behind, especially around the holidays. Get it in the Market now.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Just in time about to get a used honda!

  2. Geo metro convertible is the best car period! 60mpg!

  3. Personally, I think the Kelley Blue Book values are sometimes way, way off …. but it’s a fantastic concept for an app. It’s always good to see well-established companies making useful Android app offerings. Especially when they’re free.

  4. Not available in Canada it seems. Pity.

  5. “When it comes to buying and selling cars, the Kelley Blue Book might as well be considered the bible.” I think you may be confusing the Kelley Blue Book with the NADA Blue Book.

  6. @Brian: No, they’re not confusing anything. KBB is used by many auto dealers and wholesalers. I personally used it at auctions while buying cars for retailers. Ultimately, it’s usage changes regionally, with some areas using NADA BLACK book, some use KBB, and so forth and so on. The annnual KBB dealer subscription is $200 per license, so I’m sure this app will be well worth it’s price.

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