Is this Honeycomb’s Homescreen? Plus Supposed Motorola Tablet Specs



That 3D live wallpaper and array of slick-looking widgets and icons you see above is supposedly our first glimpse at the homescreen for Honeycomb, and it comes to us via a fella from Taiwan who is claiming to have had some hands-on time with Motorola’s upcoming Android tablet. The device was confirmed earlier this week when Andy Rubin pulled an Eric Schmidt and demonstrated the device in front of a crowd as if we all already had one in our own homes. The insider who got their hands on it claims it will come in two sizes, a 7-inch and 10-inch, with UMTS, CDMA, and LTE connectivity options. All at a price comparable to Moto’s current high-end smartphones.

So what did they have to say of the specs? The device the source went hands-on with featured a 1280×800 display, NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 dual-core processor, gyroscope, 5MP rear camera, and 2MP front-facing cam. It also held 32GB of internal storage and a microSD reader. The hardware seems ready for launch, but not so much Honeycomb. The lucky guy says that still needs some work. All I can say is, thank heavens we can finally have the 3D starfield background I have always wanted.

[via Engadget]

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  1. All I have to say is…… First!!

    No, just kidding.
    It looks pretty good. especially 3D
    If this will work on phone that good then it’s gonna be amezing on no iPhoe or WP7 phone will be able to compete with Android.

  2. @matt
    you should have taken a little more time and worked on your spelling rather then being first haha

  3. looks pretty nice

  4. @Chris.


    Good job.

  5. i wonder how honeycomb will be on phones. will it be altered or watered down, or will they leave it as is?

  6. @matt fail
    @chris fail

  7. I love our community! We are quick, witty and responsive. Who needs television?

  8. Frist Pots!!!


    Tablet loos promising, but what is the uptime?

  9. I’m waiting, but not very patiently!!!! Please release soon. It will look great next to my Nexus & I want a 10″ tablet, sounds like a winner!

  10. @Chris
    “you should have taken a little more time and worked on your spelling rather than* being first haha”
    maybe you should check your own spelling first

  11. I know it’s not the point of the article, but by the looks of it, that live wallpaper is the Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper from We Like CAPS! It’s been available pretty much as long as 2.1 (and live wallpapers in general) have been around.

  12. Not bad, but would like to hear more about new features. 3d background and widgets are pretty and all, but I don;t think that will be the reason I upgrade. Aside from a UI overhaul, what other goods is honeycomb bringing?

  13. This looks like nothing more than a hacked g tablet with cyan or other rom and the starfield live wp. could be stingray with GB, but likely not. JMO

  14. We rarely get motorola products in Europe especially in the UK so am not counting on them.My eye is focused on what HTC is preparing to launch.

  15. @jonatech
    This looks great…The iPad is nice but too closed of a system. Android tablets will eventually overrun iPad.

  16. I hate when all icons have different sizes. Thats better on iOS, because its clean and easy to differentiate.

  17. All I know is that I want a 10″ Stingray with LTE, Honeycomb or not, as soon as possible. Seriously, they better release this thing by mid-March, at the latest.

  18. @gad – I personally don’t see HTC releasing a tablet until next fall/winter at the earliest. Not after the recent comments they’ve made about “watching the tablet market”. What are they watching, the success of other manufacturers? I would buy an HTC tablet in a heartbeat, I just don’t see one coming in the near future.

  19. No mention of wifi only versions which I find unsettling. I don’t want to have to pay for yet ANOTHER data device when I can get data through my home network, a public wifi, or worse case my phone.

  20. @ckeegan- It would be a shame if nothing is released come next summer.Anyway let’s wait and see

  21. Ima gonna buy two of dat

  22. WOW, Holly GOD!!

  23. Well it looks less and less likely that Gingerbread will have native hardware graphics acceleration, which begs the question: will Honeycomb? I’m starting to lose patience quite frankly, and I’ve been an android supporter since G1 launch day. Please get your act together on this important issue, Android team.

  24. waaaaaaant!

  25. agreed riptide. what i want to know is, is there some technical justification for not implementing gpu acceleration that i’m missing? because i really dont understand this.

  26. I also look forward for this tablet but hope they will also offer a plane WiFi N version with no mobile subscription. My next phone will be either HSPA+ or LTE, so I hope subscription to include theethering to share that connection via WiFi. No need to pay miltiple mobile subscription, just need one and share it, then add basic WiFi N devices to it.

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