Google Instant for Mobile Goes Global



Today Google has announced that their Instant Search for mobile has gone from being available only to English speaking US Android users to supporting 28 languages in 40 countries across the globe. You still need Android 2.2 (or higher). Just navigate to the main Google search page on your handset and turn Instant on to start saving all those precious seconds wasted on traditional searching.

[via Google]

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  1. hahahaha

  2. That rhymed :)

  3. really annoying. slows down my searching and eats data pointlessly.

  4. Mine actual doesn’t show. Droid x2.2 in america.

  5. Eats data pointlessly? If this is what it tipping the scale you really have to be right on the edge of your limit. I guess I agree with the fact that it slows things down a bit.

  6. I can afford the data loss, but it’s just pointless. I prefer plain text to html emails, simple fast snappy websites to javascripty ajaxy bollocks. I just don’t appreciate all that bollocks. It provides nothing to me – it just gets in the way of the transfer of information from the website to my browser. I have the same objections on my desktop, only their it’s worse; it seems to replace whatever I’m typing with what it thinks is a relevant link; it’s not – what I’m typing is always more relevant.

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